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Beauty, the saying goes, is only skin deep. The beauty of Nip/Tuck is that it goes deeper, laying bare the complexities and fragile natures often found in patients seeking cosmetic surgery. Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon portray hotshot Miami South Beach plastic surgeons who are themselves in full-blown midlife crises as they confront career, family and romance problems. The series' cutting-edge stories range from funny to suspenseful to uncommonly powerful. The surgeries are graphically bold. The sexuality is rampant.
Genre: Drama
First Aired: 2003-07-22 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 7 (show/hide)
9Hiro Yoshimura2010-03-03
8Edith and Walter Krieger2010-02-24
7Christian Troy II2010-02-17
6Dr. Griffin2010-02-10
5Virginia Hayes2010-02-03
4Sheila Carlton2010-01-27
3Joel Seabrook2010-01-20
2Willow Banks2010-01-13
1Dan Daly2010-01-06
Season 6 (show/hide)
10Wesley Clovis2009-12-16
9Benny Nilsson2009-12-09
8Lola Wlodkowski2009-12-02
7Alexis Stone II2009-11-25
6Alexis Stone2009-11-18
5Abigail Sullivan2009-11-11
4Jenny Juggs2009-11-04
3Briggitte Reinholt2009-10-28
1Don Hoberman2009-10-14
Season 5 (show/hide)
22Giselle Blaylock & Legend Chandler2009-03-03
21Allegra Caldarello2009-02-24
20Budi Sabri2009-02-17
19Manny Skerrit2009-02-10
18Ricky Wells2009-02-03
17Roxy St. James2009-01-27
16Gene Shelly2009-01-13
15Ronnie Chase2009-01-06
14Candy Richards2008-02-19
13August Walden2008-02-12
12Lulu Grandiron2008-02-05
11Kyle Ainge2008-01-29
10Magda and Jeff2008-01-22
9Rachel Ben Natan2008-01-15
8Duke Collins2007-12-18
7Dr. Joshua Lee2007-12-11
6Damien Sands2007-12-04
5Chaz Darling2007-11-27
4Dawn Budge II2007-11-20
3Everett Poe2007-11-11
2Joyce & Sharon Monroe2007-11-06
1Carly Summers2007-11-01
Season 4 (show/hide)
15Gala Gallardo2006-12-12
14Willy Ward2006-12-05
12Diana Lubey2006-11-21
11Conor McNamara, 20262006-11-14
10Merrill Bobolit2006-11-07
9Liz Cruz2006-10-31
8Conor McNamara2006-10-24
7Burt Landau2006-10-17
6Faith Wolper, PhD2006-10-10
5Dawn Budge2006-10-03
4Shari Noble2006-09-26
3Monica Wilder2006-09-19
2Blu Mondae2006-09-12
1Cindy Plumb2006-09-05
Season 3 (show/hide)
15Quentin Costa2005-12-20
14Cherry Peck2005-12-20
13Joy Kringle2005-12-13
12Sal Perri2005-12-06
11Abby Mays2005-11-29
10Madison Berg2005-11-22
9Hannah Tedesco2005-11-15
8Tommy Bolton2005-11-08
7Ben White2005-11-01
5Granville Trapp2005-10-18
4Rhea Reynolds2005-10-11
3Derek, Alex and Gary2005-10-04
1Momma Boone2005-09-20
Season 2 (show/hide)
16Joan Rivers2004-10-05
15Sean McNamara2004-09-28
14Trudy Nye2004-09-21
13Oona Wentworth2004-09-14
12Julia McNamara2004-09-07
11Natasha Charles2004-08-31
10Kimber Henry2004-08-24
9Rose & Raven Rosenberg2004-08-17
8Agatha Ripp2004-08-10
7Naomi Gaines2004-08-03
6Bobbi Broderick2004-07-27
5Joel Gideon2004-07-20
4Mrs. Grubman2004-07-13
3Manya Mabika2004-07-06
2Christian Troy2004-06-29
1Erica Noughton2004-06-22
Season 1 (show/hide)
13Escobar Gallardo2003-10-21
12Antonia Ramos2003-10-14
10Adelle Coffin2003-09-30
9Sophia Lopez II2003-09-23
8Cara Fitzgerald2003-09-16
7Cliff Mantegna2003-09-09
6Megan O'Hara2003-09-02
5Kurt Dempsey2003-08-19
4Sophia Lopez2003-08-12
3Nanette Babcock2003-08-05

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