American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior

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The heart-racing obstacle-course competition of ultra-athletes questing for a shot at the fabled Mt. Midoriyama. This American version of the Japanese show Sasuke (aka Ninja Warrior) televises a series of qualification courses across the nation, with the top contenders going to Las Vegas for the finals on the 4-stage "Mt. Midoriyama" obstacle course. In earlier seasons the show was a proving ground to find (and train) American athletes to send to Japan to compete in the original Sasuke tournaments.
Genre: Special Interest
First Aired: 2009-12-12 Status: Continuing Length: 85 Min

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Season 11 (show/hide)
16Las Vegas National Finals Night 42019-09-16
15Las Vegas National Finals Night 32019-09-09
14Las Vegas National Finals Night 22019-09-02
13Las Vegas National Finals Night 12019-08-26
12Cincinnati City Finals2019-08-19
11Baltimore City Finals2019-08-12
10Seattle/Tacoma City Finals2019-08-05
9Oklahoma City City Finals2019-07-29
8Atlanta City Finals2019-07-22
7Los Angeles City Finals2019-07-15
6Cincinnati City Qualifiers2019-07-08
5Baltimore City Qualifiers2019-07-01
4Seattle/Tacoma City Qualifiers2019-06-24
3Oklahoma City City Qualifiers2019-06-17
2Atlanta City Qualifiers2019-06-05
1Los Angeles City Qualifiers2019-05-29
Season 10 (show/hide)
17All-Star Skills Competition2019-05-26
16USA vs the World 20192019-01-27
15Las Vegas Season Finale2018-09-10
14Las Vegas Finals Night 22018-09-03
13Las Vegas Finals Night 12018-08-27
12Minneapolis City Finals2018-08-20
11Philadelphia City Finals2018-08-13
10Indianapolis City Finals2018-08-06
9Miami City Finals2018-07-30
8Dallas City Finals2018-07-23
7Los Angeles City Finals2018-07-16
6Minneapolis City Qualifiers2018-07-09
5Philadelphia City Qualifiers2018-06-25
4Indianapolis City Qualifiers2018-06-18
3Miami City Qualifiers2018-06-13
2Los Angeles City Qualifiers2018-06-06
1Dallas City Qualifiers2018-05-30
Season 9 (show/hide)
17All-Stars 20182018-05-17
16USA vs the World 20182018-03-11
15Las Vegas Season Finale2017-09-18
14Las Vegas - Finals Night 22017-09-11
13Las Vegas - Finals Night 12017-09-04
12Denver City Finals2017-08-28
11Kansas City City Finals2017-08-21
10Cleveland City Finals2017-08-14
9Daytona Beach City Finals2017-08-07
8San Antonio City Finals2017-07-31
7Los Angeles City Finals2017-07-24
6Denver Qualifiers2017-07-17
5Cleveland Qualifiers2017-07-10
4Kansas City Qualifiers2017-07-03
3Daytona Beach Qualifiers2017-06-26
2San Antonio Qualifiers2017-06-19
1Los Angeles Qualifiers2017-06-12
Season 8 (show/hide)
15USA vs the World 20172017-06-04
14All Stars 20172017-02-20
13National Finals Week 32016-09-12
12National Finals Week 22016-09-05
11National Finals Week 12016-08-29
10Philadelphia Finals2016-08-22
9Oklahoma City Finals2016-08-01
8Indianapolis Finals2016-07-25
7Atlanta Finals2016-07-18
6Los Angeles Finals2016-07-11
5Philadelphia Qualifier2016-06-27
4Oklahoma City Qualifier2016-06-20
3Indianapolis Qualifier2016-06-13
2Atlanta Qualifier2016-06-08
1Los Angeles Qualifier2016-06-01
Season 7 (show/hide)
18All Stars 20162016-05-29
17USA vs the World 20162016-01-31
16Vegas Finals (3)2015-09-14
15Vegas Finals (2)2015-09-07
14Vegas Finals (1)2015-08-31
13Best Runs of 20152015-08-24
12Military Finals2015-08-17
11Pittsburgh Finals2015-08-10
10Orlando Finals2015-08-03
9Houston Finals2015-07-27
8Kansas City Finals2015-07-20
7Venice Finals2015-07-13
6Military Qualifying2015-07-06
5Pittsburgh Qualifying2015-06-29
4Orlando Qualifying2015-06-22
3Houston Qualifying2015-06-08
2Kansas City Qualifying2015-06-01
1Venice Qualifying2015-05-25
Season 6 (show/hide)
15USA vs the World 20142014-09-15
14National Finals in Vegas - Stage 2+2014-09-08
13National Finals in Vegas - Stage 1 (2)2014-09-01
12National Finals in Vegas - Stage 1 (1)2014-08-18
11Best Runs of the Season2014-08-11
10Denver Finals2014-08-04
9Miami Finals2014-07-28
8St. Louis Finals2014-07-21
7Dallas Finals2014-07-14
6Venice Beach Finals2014-07-07
5Denver Qualifying2014-06-23
4Miami Qualifying2014-06-16
3St. Louis Qualifying2014-06-09
2Dallas Qualifying2014-06-02
1Venice Beach Qualifying2014-05-26
Season 5 (show/hide)
21Las Vegas Finals - Stage 32013-09-16
20Las Vegas Finals - Stage 22013-09-09
19Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1 (3)2013-09-02
18Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1 (2)2013-08-27
17Las Vegas Finals - Stage 1 (1)2013-08-25
16Denver Finals (2)2013-08-20
15Denver Finals (1)2013-08-18
14Miami Finals (2)2013-08-13
13Miami Finals (1)2013-08-11
12Baltimore Finals (2)2013-08-06
11Baltimore Finals (1)2013-08-04
10Venice Finals (2)2013-07-30
9Venice Finals (1)2013-07-28
8Denver Qualifying (2)2013-07-22
7Denver Qualifying (1)2013-07-21
6Miami Qualifying (2)2013-07-16
5Miami Qualifying (1)2013-07-14
4Baltimore Qualifying (2)2013-07-09
3Baltimore Qualifying (1)2013-07-07
2Venice Qualifying (2)2013-07-02
1Venice Qualifying (1)2013-06-30
Season 4 (show/hide)
24Las Vegas Finals (6)2012-07-23
23Las Vegas Finals (5)2012-07-16
22Las Vegas Finals (4)2012-07-09
21Las Vegas Finals (3)2012-07-08
20Las Vegas Finals (2)2012-07-08
19Las Vegas Finals (1)2012-07-08
18Southeast Regional Finals2012-06-25
17Southeast Regional Qualifying Round (2)2012-06-24
16Southeast Regional Qualifying Round (1)2012-06-24
15Midsouth Regional Finals2012-06-18
14Midsouth Regional Qualifying Round (2)2012-06-17
13Midsouth Regional Qualifying Round (1)2012-06-17
12Northwest Regional Finals2012-06-12
11Northwest Regional Qualifying Round (2)2012-06-10
10Northwest Regional Qualifying Round (1)2012-06-10
9Northeast Regional Finals2012-06-05
8Northeast Regional Qualifying Round (2)2012-06-03
7Northeast Regional Qualifying Round (1)2012-06-03
6Midwest Regional Finals2012-05-28
5Midwest Regional Qualifying Round (2)2012-05-27
4Midwest Regional Qualifying Round (1)2012-05-27
3Southwest Regional Finals2012-05-21
2Southwest Qualifying Round (2)2012-05-20
1Southwest Qualifying Round (1)2012-05-20
Season 3 (show/hide)
10Part 10 of 102011-08-22
9Part 9 of 102011-08-22
8Part 8 of 102011-08-21
7Part 7 of 102011-08-21
6Part 6 of 102011-08-14
5Part 5 of 102011-08-14
4Part 4 of 102011-08-07
3Part 3 of 102011-08-07
2Part 2 of 102011-07-31
1Part 1 of 102011-07-31
Season 2 (show/hide)
10Episode 102010-12-23
9Episode 92010-12-23
8Episode 82010-12-22
7Episode 72010-12-22
6Episode 62010-12-15
5Episode 52010-12-15
4Episode 42010-12-15
3Episode 32010-12-08
2Episode 22010-12-08
1Episode 12010-12-08
Season 1 (show/hide)
8Episode 82009-12-19
7Episode 72009-12-19
6Episode 62009-12-19
5Episode 52009-12-19
4Episode 42009-12-12
3Episode 32009-12-12
2Episode 22009-12-12
1Episode 12009-12-12
Season 0 (show/hide)
21Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day2018-05-24
20Celebrity Ninja Warrior2017-05-25
19Best of 20172017-02-24
1824/B4: Reko Rivera2016-07-17
1724/B4: Grant McCartney2016-07-10
1624/B4: Geoff Britten2016-06-26
1524/B4: Kacy Catanzaro2016-06-19
14Father's Day Special2016-06-19
1324/B4: Meagan Martin2016-06-12
1224/B4: Neil Craver2016-06-06
1124/B4: Natalie Duran2016-06-02
10Countdown to American Ninja Warrior 20142014-05-26
9USA vs Japan2014-01-13
8Best of the Finals (2)2013-03-23
7Best of the Finals (1)2013-03-16
6Best of Southeast2013-03-09
5Best of Midsouth2013-03-02
4Best of Northwest2013-02-23
3Best of Northeast2013-02-16
2Best of the Midwest2013-02-09
1Best of Southwest2013-02-02

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