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Dragon Ball Z
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Many years have passed since Goku first searched for the Dragon Balls. He is a grown man, with a wife and son. He and his friends have settled into their own lives and, for the most part, things are rather peaceful. Then one day, Goku learns he is really a Saiyan and comes from another planet. Now begins new adventures for Goku and his friends as they defend their home against new, more powerful threats.
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Anime
First Aired: 1989-04-26 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 9 (show/hide)
38Goku's Next Journey1996-01-31
37Buu's Reincarnation1996-01-24
36Granddaughter Pan1996-01-17
35He's Always Late1996-01-10
34Celebrations With Majin Buu1995-12-20
33Spirit Bomb Triumphant1995-12-13
32People of Earth Unite1995-11-29
31Call To Action1995-11-22
30Earth Reborn1995-11-15
29Old Buu Emerges1995-11-08
28Minute of Desperation1995-11-01
27Vegeta's Respect1995-10-18
26Battle for the Universe Begins1995-09-20
25True Saiyans Fight Alone1995-09-13
24End of Earth1995-09-06
23Evil Kid Buu!1995-08-23
22Deadly Vision1995-08-16
21Mind Trap1995-08-09
20The Innards of Buu1995-08-02
19The Incredible Fighting Candy1995-07-26
17Rip In The Universe1995-07-12
16Meet Vegito1995-07-05
15Union of Rivals1995-06-28
14Ready to Fuse?1995-06-07
13The Old Kai's Weapon1995-05-31
12Majin Buu Transforms1995-05-24
11Search For Survivors1995-05-17
10A Whole New Gohan1995-05-03
9Unlucky Break1995-04-26
8Gotenks is Awesome1995-03-22
7Feeding Frenzy1995-03-15
6Trapped in Forever1995-03-08
5Super Moves of Gotenks1995-03-01
4Time Struggle1995-02-22
3Empty Planet1995-02-15
2Buu Against Buu1995-02-08
1The Evil of Men1995-02-01
Season 8 (show/hide)
34I Kill No More1995-01-25
33Unlikely Friendship1995-01-11
32Gotenks is Born1994-12-21
31Out From the Broken Sword1994-12-14
30Return to Other World1994-12-07
29Goku's Time is Up1994-11-30
28The Fusion Dance1994-11-23
27Buu's Mutiny1994-11-16
26Super Saiyan 3?!1994-11-09
25Race to Capsule Corp1994-11-02
24The Z Sword1994-10-19
23Learn to Fuse1994-10-12
22Global Announcement1994-09-28
20Find the Dragon Balls1994-09-07
19Evil Lives On1994-08-31
18Final Atonement1994-08-24
17The Warrior's Decision1994-08-17
16Meal Time1994-08-03
15The Terror of Majin Buu1994-07-27
14The Losses Begin1994-07-13
13Buu is Hatched!1994-07-06
12Magic Ball of Buu1994-06-29
11The Long Awaited Fight1994-06-22
10Vegeta's Pride1994-06-15
9The Dark Prince Returns1994-05-25
8Heart of a Villain1994-05-18
7Pay to Win1994-05-04
6Eighteen Unmasks1994-04-27
5Battle Supreme1994-04-20
4Next Up, Goku1994-04-13
3Vegeta Attacks1994-03-23
2King of the Demons1994-03-16
1The Wizard's Curse1994-03-09
Season 7 (show/hide)
25Energy Drain1994-03-02
24Identities Revealed1994-02-23
23Videl is Crushed1994-02-16
22A Dark and Secret Power1994-02-09
21Forfeit of Piccolo!1994-02-02
20Who Will Fight Who?1994-01-26
19Big Trouble, Little Trunks1994-01-19
18Best of the Boys1994-01-12
17Trunks vs. Goten1993-12-22
16The World Tournament1993-12-15
15Camera Shy1993-12-08
14Gather For the Tournament1993-11-24
13Take Flight Videl1993-11-17
12The Newest Super Saiyan1993-11-10
11I'll Fight Too!1993-11-03
10Blackmail (Filler)1993-10-27
9Rescue Videl (Filler)1993-10-20
8Gohan's First Date (Filler)1993-09-29
7I am Saiyaman (Filler)1993-09-15
6Gohan Goes To High School (Filler)1993-09-08
5Goku vs. Pikkon (Filler)1993-09-01
4Final Round (Filler)1993-08-25
3Water Fight (Filler)1993-08-18
2Tournament Begins (Filler)1993-08-11
1Warriors of the Dead (Filler)1993-07-28
Season 6 (show/hide)
29Free the Future1993-07-21
28One More Wish1993-07-14
27Goku's Decision1993-07-07
26Save the World1993-06-30
25The Horror Won't End1993-06-23
24Cell Returns!1993-06-16
23A Hero's Farewell!1993-06-02
22Cell's Break Down1993-05-26
21The Unstoppable Gohan1993-05-19
19Cell Juniors Attack!1993-05-05
18Android Explosion1993-04-28
17Gohan's Plea1993-04-21
16Faith in a Boy1993-04-14
15The Fight is Over1993-04-07
14No More Rules1993-03-31
13Cell's Bag of Tricks1993-03-17
12Goku vs. Cell1993-03-10
11Losers Fight First1993-03-03
10The Games Begin1993-02-17
9The Puzzle of General Tao (Filler)1993-02-10
8Dende's Dragon1993-02-03
7A New Guardian1993-01-27
6Memories of Gohan (Filler)1993-01-20
5A Girl Named Lime (Filler)1993-01-13
4No Worries Here1992-12-16
3Meet Me in the Ring1992-12-09
2The Doomsday Broadcast1992-12-02
1What is the Tournament?1992-11-25
Season 5 (show/hide)
26The Cell Games1992-11-18
25Ghosts from Tomorrow1992-11-11
24Saving Throw1992-11-04
23Trunks Ascends1992-10-28
22Vegeta Must Pay1992-10-21
21Cell is Complete1992-10-14
20The Last Defense1992-09-30
19Krillin's Decision1992-09-23
18Hour of Temptation1992-09-16
17Bow to the Prince1992-09-09
16Super Vegeta1992-09-02
15Saiyans Emerge1992-08-26
13Say Goodbye, 171992-08-12
12Silent Warrior1992-08-05
11Up to Piccolo1992-07-29
10He's Here1992-07-22
9The Monster is Coming1992-07-15
8Time Chamber1992-07-08
7Our Hero Awakes1992-07-01
6Laboratory Basement1992-06-24
5Piccolo's Folly1992-06-17
4His Name is Cell1992-06-10
3Borrowed Powers1992-06-03
2The Reunion1992-05-27
1Seized with Fear1992-05-20
Season 4 (show/hide)
32Unwelcome Discovery1992-05-13
31Closing In1992-05-06
30Last Ditch Effort1992-04-29
29No Match for the Androids1992-04-22
28Deadly Beauty1992-04-15
27Goku's Assassin1992-04-01
26Nightmare Comes True1992-03-25
25Follow Dr. Gero1992-03-18
24More Androids?!1992-03-11
23The Secret of Dr. Gero1992-03-04
22Upgrade to Super Saiyan1992-02-26
21Double Trouble for Goku1992-02-19
20A Handy Trick1992-02-12
19The Androids Appear1992-02-05
18Goku's Ordeal (Filler)1992-01-29
17Z Warriors Prepare (Filler)1992-01-22
16Goku's Special Technique1992-01-15
15Mystery Revealed1992-01-08
14Welcome Back Goku1991-12-18
13Another Super Saiyan?1991-12-11
12The Mysterious Youth1991-12-04
11Frieza’s Counterattack1991-11-27
10Krillin's Proposal (Filler)1991-11-20
9Brief Chance for Victory (Filler)1991-11-13
8The World Awakens (Filler)1991-11-06
7Extreme Measures (Filler)1991-10-30
6Suicidal Course (Filler)1991-10-23
5Call for Restoration (Filler)1991-10-16
4Fight with Piccolo (Filler)1991-10-09
3Battle in Kami's Lookout (Filler)1991-10-02
2Black Fog of Terror (Filler)1991-09-25
1The Heavens Tremble (Filler)1991-09-18
Season 3 (show/hide)
33Goku's Alive!1991-09-11
32Namek's Explosion...Goku's End?1991-09-04
31Mighty Blast Of Rage1991-08-21
30Frieza Defeated!1991-08-21
29Pathos Of Frieza1991-08-14
28Duel On A Vanishing Planet (Filler)1991-08-07
27The Last Wish1991-07-31
26Gohan Returns1991-07-24
25Approaching Destruction1991-07-17
24A Final Attack1991-07-10
23Namek's Destruction1991-06-26
22Explosion Of Anger1991-06-19
21Transformed At Last1991-06-12
20Power Of The Spirit1991-06-05
19Keep The Chance Alive1991-05-29
18Trump Card1991-05-22
17Embodiment Of Fire1991-05-15
16Bold And Fearless1991-05-08
15Frieza's Boast1991-05-01
14Clash Of The Super Powers1991-04-24
13The Ultimate Battle1991-04-17
12The End Of Vegeta1991-04-10
11The Renewed Goku1991-04-03
10Dende's Demise1991-03-27
9Another Transformation?1991-03-20
8Frieza's Second Transformation1991-03-13
7Deja Vu1991-03-06
6Piccolo The Super Namek1991-02-27
5Gohan Attacks1991-02-20
4Fighting Power 1 Million1991-02-13
3The Fusion1991-02-06
2Piccolo's Return1991-01-30
1Password Is Porunga1991-01-23
Season 2 (show/hide)
35Captain Ginyu...The Frog1991-01-16
34Gohan, Defeat Your Dad!!1991-01-09
33Calling the Eternal Dragon1990-12-19
32Goku is Ginyu & Ginyu is Goku1990-12-12
31Frieza Approaches1990-12-05
30Incredible Force!1990-11-28
29Ginyu Assault1990-11-21
28A Legend Revealed1990-11-14
27Goku's New Power1990-11-07
26Let the Battle Begin1990-10-31
25Recoome Unleashed1990-10-24
24Guldo's Mind Binds1990-09-26
23New Ally, New Problem1990-09-19
22Hidden Power1990-09-12
21Bulma's Big Day1990-09-05
20Destination: Guru1990-08-29
19Unknown Enemies1990-08-22
18Gohan, the Hunted1990-08-08
17Zarbon's Mission1990-08-01
16Piccolo vs. Everyone1990-07-18
15Guru's Gift1990-07-04
14Zarbon's Special Surprise1990-06-27
13The Past and the Future1990-06-20
12Vegeta Has a Ball1990-06-06
11Unexpected Problem1990-05-30
10The Prince Fights Back1990-05-23
9The Hunted1990-05-16
8Namek's Defense!1990-05-09
7Defying Orders1990-05-02
6Frieza Strikes!1990-04-25
5Brood of Evil1990-04-18
4A Friendly Surprise1990-04-11
3The Search Continues1990-04-04
2Look Out Below1990-03-21
1Held Captive1990-03-14
Season 1 (show/hide)
39Friends or Foes?1990-03-07
38Nursing Wounds1990-02-28
37Plans for Departure1990-02-21
36Picking Up the Pieces1990-02-14
34Krillin's Offensive1990-01-31
33Hero in the Shadows1990-01-24
32Spirit Bomb Away!1990-01-17
31Saiyan Sized Secret1989-12-20
30Goku vs. Vegeta1989-12-13
29Lesson Number One1989-12-06
28Goku's Arrival1989-11-29
27Nimbus Speed1989-11-22
26Nappa's Rampage1989-11-08
24The Power of Nappa1989-10-25
23Saibamen Attack!1989-10-18
22The Darkest Day1989-10-11
21Counting Down1989-09-27
20Goku's Ancestors (Filler)1989-09-20
19Defying Gravity1989-09-13
18The End of Snake Way1989-09-06
17Pendulum Room Peril (Filler)1989-08-30
16Plight of the Children (Filler)1989-08-16
15Dueling Piccolos (Filler)1989-08-09
14Princess Snake (Filler)1989-08-02
13Goz and Mez (Filler)1989-07-26
12Global Training (Filler)1989-07-19
11Terror on Arlia (Filler)1989-07-12
10A New Friend (Filler)1989-07-05
9The Strangest Robot (Filler)1989-06-28
8Gohan Goes Bananas!1989-06-21
7Day 11989-06-14
6No Time Like the Present1989-06-07
5Gohan's Rage1989-05-24
4Piccolo's Plan1989-05-17
3Unlikely Alliance1989-05-10
1The New Threat1989-04-26
Season 0 (show/hide)
24Resurrection 'F'2015-03-30
23Battle of Gods2013-03-30
22Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Chō Collaboration Special!!2013-04-07
21Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock2011-12-17
20Atsumare! Goku World1992-01-01
19Plan to Destroy the Saiyajin Remake2010-11-11
18Plan to Destroy the Saiyajins: Space Story (2)1993-07-01
17Plan to Destroy the Saiyajins: Earth Story (1)1993-07-01
16Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!2008-09-21
15The History of Trunks1993-02-24
14Bardock: The Father of Goku1990-10-17
13Wrath of the Dragon1995-07-15
12Fusion Reborn1995-03-04
10Broly: Second Coming1994-03-12
9Bojack Unbound1993-07-10
8Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan1993-03-06
7Super Android 13!1992-07-11
6Return of Cooler1992-03-07
5Cooler's Revenge1991-07-20
4Lord Slug1991-03-19
3The Tree of Might1990-07-07
2The World's Strongest1990-03-10
1Dead Zone1989-07-15

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