Beyblade is an anime series about a group of kids battling with highly powerful spinning tops enchanted with sacred Bit-Beasts or spirits of mythical ideaology. The show focuses on the battles between Beyblading teams as they compete to become the world champions.
Genre: Action | Animation | Anime | Family
First Aired: 2001-01-08 Status: Continuing Length: 25 Min

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Season 11 (show/hide)
49The Greatest Tag Battle!2020-03-06
48The Strongest Formula!2020-02-28
47A Serious Intense Tag Battle!2020-02-21
46The Jet-Black Dread Gyro!2020-02-14
45Dragon's Ultimate Awakening!2020-02-07
44A Serious Showdown! wbba. VS HELL!2020-01-31
43Shine, Ashura!2020-01-24
42Super Speed! Super Spinning! Super Attack!2020-01-17
41Creation of The World! Big Bang Genesis!2020-01-10
40Shine! Master Smash!2020-01-03
39Revive! Diabolos!2019-12-27
38Aurora! Superior Turbo!2019-12-20
37Dragon vs. Genesis!2019-12-13
36Can It Be Broken!? The Infinite Lock System!2019-12-06
35Dragon vs. Apocalypse!2019-11-29
34Diabolos' Counterattack!2019-11-22
33Genesis Activates!2019-11-15
32Battle at Hell Tower!2019-11-08
31Serious Birth! Imperial Dragon!2019-11-01
30The Bey of Demise! Apocalypse!2019-10-25
29Assault! King of Hell - Arthur!2019-10-18
28Super Z! Aiga vs. Delta!2019-10-11
27Shine! My Gold Turbo!2019-10-04
26It's Serious! Drum Vs. Aiga!2019-09-27
25A Challenge to Aiga!2019-09-20
24Clash in The GT 3!2019-09-13
23Spin! Battle! Win!2019-09-06
22The Emerging Six! Battle Journey!2019-08-30
21Battle in the Sky!2019-08-23
20Airhead vs. God's Child!2019-08-16
19Flash! Shining Cross!2019-08-09
18The Most Sinister Art! Dread Bahamut!2019-08-02
17It's Time to Train in The Castle in The Sky!2019-07-26
16Bey of The Devil! Diabolos!2019-07-19
15Drum Vs. Delta!2019-07-12
14Serious Burst! Gold Turbo!2019-07-05
13I've Got This! Go, Shoot!2019-06-28
12Heavy Steel! Zwei Longinus!2019-06-21
11Serious Vs. Tricks!2019-06-14
10It's a Gatinko Battle in The Best Four!2019-06-07
9All-In! Judgement Joker!2019-05-31
8The Exciting Bey Carnival!2019-05-24
7Valt, I Challenge You!2019-05-17
6Explosive Speed! Grand Beat!2019-05-10
5Dragon Vs. Fafnir!2019-05-03
4The Fiery Grand Dragon!2019-04-26
3Seer-iously!? Wizard Fafnir2019-04-19
2Keep on Going! Bushin Ashura!2019-04-12
1Time to Get Serious,Ace Dragon!2019-04-05
Season 10 (show/hide)
51Bonds! Aiga vs Valt!!2019-03-25
50Aiga's Super Z Resonance!!2019-03-18
49Aiga vs Phi!!2019-03-11
48Our Beyblade!2019-03-04
47The God of Flames vs The God of Destruction!!2019-02-25
46Fly! Aerial Showdown!!2019-02-18
45Super Z Special Training: Savanna Chapter!!2019-02-11
44Super Z Special Training: Kingdom Chapter!!2019-02-04
43God of Destruction! Dead Phoenix!!2019-01-28
42Battle Royal! A Strategy for a Great Battle!!2019-01-21
41Hearts vs Phi!!2019-01-14
40Knight of the Wind, Air Knight!2019-01-07
39Aiga's Revenge From the Soul!!2018-12-24
38Explosive Birth! Super Z Achilles!!2018-12-17
37Super Z Clash! Showdown in the Demon Castle!!2018-12-10
36Aiga Battles the Darkness!!2018-12-03
35Flame God! Super Z Spriggan!!2018-11-26
34Fusion Bey! Eclipse!!2018-11-19
33Tremble!! Dead Gran's Trap2018-11-12
32Demon Castle, Dead Gran!!2018-11-05
31Rebirth! Super Z Valkyrie!!2018-10-29
30Aiga Goes Wild!2018-10-22
29Lord of the Underworld, Dead Hades!2018-10-15
28Valt vs. Aiga!!2018-10-08
27The Unrivaled Way!2018-10-01
26The Heated Up Battleship!!2018-09-24
25Super Dragon! Geist Fafnir!!2018-09-17
24Hero vs. Hero!!2018-09-10
23Fierce Battle! Protect the Beystar!!2018-09-03
22The Raging 3-way Bey Battle!!2018-08-27
21Joint Struggle! Tag Battle!!2018-08-20
20Ignite! Revive Phoenix2018-08-13
19Fierce Fighting! The Beyathlon!!2018-08-06
18A Super-Z Battle on a Ghost Ship!2018-07-30
17The Hero and Xcalibur!!2018-07-23
16Grand Voyage! Battleship Cruise!!2018-07-16
15Defeat Lui!!2018-07-09
14The Raging Dragon! Bloody Longinus!!2018-07-02
13Super Z Final match!2018-06-25
12The Strong Armed Hercules!2018-06-18
11Battle of Betrayal!2018-06-11
10Achilles VS Ragnaruk!!2018-06-04
9Rage of the Blazing Tornado!2018-05-28
8Transformation! Hell Salamander!!2018-05-21
7It Begins! The Longinus Cup!2018-05-14
6The White Tyrant! A Battle Royale!!2018-05-07
5Super Z Showdown! Valkyrie VS Longinus!!2018-04-30
4It's Decided! The Z Buster!!2018-04-23
3The Duel at Sunset!!2018-04-16
2Achilles VS Forneus!!2018-04-09
1This is a Transcended Bey!!2018-04-02
Season 9 (show/hide)
51Valt vs. Shu!!2018-03-26
50Enter the Final Battle!!2018-03-19
49Semi-finals! Battle of Destiny!!2018-03-12
48The Decisive Battle of Friendship!!2018-03-05
47The Ultimate Battle!2018-02-26
46Beyond the Limit! Free VS Lui!!2018-02-19
45Destruction God Spriggan!2018-02-12
44Super Evolution! Strike God Valkyrie!!2018-02-05
43Climax! Rival Great Clash!!2018-01-29
42BC Sol's Fierce Battle!!2018-01-22
41Iron Hammer! Twin Nemesis!!2018-01-15
40Tyrant! Beat Kukulcan!!2018-01-08
39The Underground Battle Emperor, Kurtz!2017-12-25
38A Deadly Weapon! Spriggan Requiem!!2017-12-18
37Let's Go! The God Bladers Cup!!2017-12-11
36Duel! Longinus VS Spriggan!2017-12-04
35Our Final Match!2017-11-27
34Full Power! Bound Attack!!2017-11-20
33The Finals! BC Sol VS New York Bulls!2017-11-13
32Peerless! Triple Impact!!2017-11-06
31Collapse! The Big 5's Wall!!2017-10-30
30Clash! Shoot to the Finals!!2017-10-23
29Fortress! Shelter Regulus!!2017-10-16
28Vampire! Deep Chaos!!2017-10-09
27Tokyo Battle! Real VS Rios!!2017-10-02
26Explosion! God Reboot!!2017-09-25
25Fighting Sword! Sieg Xcalibur!!2017-09-18
24Upheaval! The World League!!2017-09-11
23Challenge! The Infinite Beystadium!!2017-09-04
22Blast Jinnius Calling a Storm!2017-08-28
21Joshua VS Space Ninja2017-08-21
20Explosion! BC Sol!!2017-08-14
19Fire God! Red Eye!!2017-08-07
18Labyrinth! Black Dungeon!!2017-07-31
17Demon Cave! Snake Pit!!2017-07-24
16Finding Shu2017-07-17
15The Bird God Blader, Ghasem!!2017-07-10
14Charge! Maximum Garuda!!2017-07-03
13Twin Scythes! Double Strike!!2017-06-26
12Deathscyther's Rebirth!2017-06-19
11The Collapse of BC Sol!!2017-06-12
10Valt and Free2017-06-05
9Time God! Alter Kronos!!2017-05-29
8It Begins! The Europe League!!2017-05-22
7Reach It! The Top Team!!2017-05-15
6Severe Earthquake! BC Sol!!2017-05-08
5Demonic Attack! Kreis Satan!!2017-05-01
4Whirlwind! Tornado Wyvern!!2017-04-24
3Shock! Drain Fafnir!!2017-04-17
2Manly Spirit! Blaze Ragnaruk!!2017-04-10
1To the World! Valkyrie's Evolution!!2017-04-03
Season 8 (show/hide)
51 Final Showdown! Victory Valtryek!2017-03-27
50Old Rivals! Lui Versus Shu!2017-03-13
49Overthrowing the King!2017-03-20
48Semi-Finals! Spin Versus Speed!2017-03-06
47Star Battle!2017-02-27
46Battle for the Top! Valt vs Xander!2017-02-20
45Spryzen vs. Wyvron!2017-02-13
44Roar! Battle of the Beasts!2017-02-06
43Winged Launch!2017-01-30
42Jumbo Jormuntor! The Venomous Snake!2017-01-23
41Nepstrius' Trap!2017-01-16
40All in! Going Solo!2017-01-09
39Into the Vortex! Lost Spiral2016-12-26
38Battle to the Finish! Lost Luinor2016-12-19
37Next Stop, Team Finals!2016-12-12
36Ride-Out Rising!2016-12-05
35Primal Attack! Beast Betromoth!2016-11-28
34 The Beasts Bare Their Fangs!2016-11-21
33Mega Flames! Dual Sabers!2016-11-14
32Cyclone Power!2016-11-07
31Teachings of a Legend!2016-10-31
30The Winged Snake! Quetziko!2016-10-24
29Eye on the Prize!2016-10-17
28Mountains! Rivers! A Huge Stormy Adventure!2016-10-10
27Training Camp! The Biting Stadium!2016-10-03
26Let's Do This Thing! On to Nationals!2016-09-26
25The Mysterious Masked Blader!2016-09-19
24Full Strength, for Real!2016-09-12
23Lonely Doomscizor!2016-09-05
22Valtryek Awakens!2016-08-29
21A Battle of Friendship!2016-08-22
20Bring It Together! Chain Launch!2016-08-15
19Roktavor vs Unicrest!2016-08-08
18Team Battle! It's Off the Hook!2016-08-01
17Extreme Xcalius!2016-07-25
16A Group Lesson! Shakadera Special!2016-07-18
15A Fierce Battle! Valtryek Versus Spryzen!2016-07-11
14The Battle We Promised!2016-07-04
13Shu's Test!2016-06-27
12Shield Crash Menace!2016-06-20
11Spryzen's Despair!2016-06-13
10Get Over It! Trust in Valtryek!2016-06-06
9Wyvron in the Way!2016-05-30
8A Powerful Opponent! Hyper Horusood!2016-05-23
7The Flash Launch! It's Crazy Fast!2016-05-16
6Get Ready! Crash Course!2016-05-09
5Into the Darkness! Dark Doomscizor!2016-05-02
4Beyblade Club: Let's Get Started!2016-04-25
3Blast-Off! Rush Launch!2016-04-18
2Kerbeus: Guard Dog of the Underworld!2016-04-11
1Let's Go! Valtryek!2016-04-04
Season 7 (show/hide)
45The Bridge to the Future2013-06-13
44The All-Out Mid-Air Battle!2013-06-13
43Byakko's Roar2013-06-10
42Entering the Trap2013-06-04
41Doji's Stronghold2013-06-04
40The Legend and the Evil Combine2013-06-03
39A New Fight2013-05-28
38The Spirit's Blow2012-12-23
37Sublime! The Final Match2012-12-16
36Entrusted Emotions2012-12-09
35The Emperor of Ultimate Destruction, Bahamdia2012-12-02
34The Fated Rival Showdown2012-11-25
33A Pledge with Friends2012-11-17
32Hot-Blooded! Zero VS Takanosuke2012-11-11
31Getting Fired Up! The Finals2012-11-04
30Decided! The Best Eight2012-10-28
29The DNA Shutdown Coalition2012-10-21
28Neo Battle Bladers2012-10-14
27Evil Gene2012-10-07
26Fierce Fight! The Synchrom Battle2012-09-30
25Win! The Right to Challenge2012-09-23
24The Cruel Begirados2012-09-16
23Break the Iron Wall's Defense2012-09-09
22Roar! Orojya Revizer2012-09-02
21The Heated Battle of Friendship2012-08-26
20The Goreim's Iron Wall2012-08-19
19The Strongest Man Defence2012-08-12
18Clash! Zero VS Sakyo2012-08-05
17The Gargole's Trap2012-07-29
16The Pitch Black Dragon2012-07-22
15Assault! The Mysterious Blader2012-07-15
14Kraken Attack2012-07-08
13Terror! The Midsummer Beach2012-07-01
12Explosion! Flying Dragon Assault2012-06-24
11The Hawk Has Landed2012-06-17
10The Power of Bonds2012-06-10
9The Crimson Challenger2012-06-03
8The Miraculous Synchrom2012-05-27
7Revizer's Challenge!2012-05-20
6The Special Move of Flames2012-05-13
5Showdown! Revenge Match2012-05-06
4Defeat! Pirates Orojya!2012-04-29
3Fierce Training of Hell2012-04-22
2Zero-G Battle!2012-04-15
1The Dawn of a New Era!2012-04-08
Season 6 (show/hide)
52To the Future2012-04-01
51Light of Hope2012-03-25
50The Final Battle2012-03-18
49The Tenacious Hades2012-03-11
48The Tenacious Special Move2012-03-04
47Flash Sagittario2012-02-26
46An Inherited Light2012-02-19
45The Missing Constellation of the Four Seasons2012-02-12
44Nemesis VS L-Drago2012-02-05
43The Lost Kingdom2012-01-29
42Guided Fate2012-01-22
41To the Decisive Battle's Location2012-01-15
40Bonds of the Stars2012-01-08
39Diablo Nemesis2011-12-25
38Zeus's Barrier2011-12-18
37Gathering! The Legendary Bladers2011-12-11
36Gingka VS Chris2011-12-04
35The Four Spirits2011-11-27
34The Curse of Hades2011-11-20
33The Child of Nemesis2011-11-13
32Sagittario's Blow2011-11-06
31The God of Destruction, Resurrected!?2011-10-30
30Nemesis' Beat2011-10-23
29Quetzalcoatl, the Venus God2011-10-16
28The Monster's Identity2011-10-09
27The Lion Going into the Wilderness2011-10-02
26Orion's Whereabouts2011-09-25
25The Shapeless Blader2011-09-18
24Furious! The Two Big Battles2011-09-11
23The Battle of Beyster Island2011-09-04
22Bladers of the Four Seasons2011-08-28
21The Legend of Nemesis' Revival2011-08-21
20Dunamis, Guardian of the Shrine2011-08-14
19The Lion's Pride2011-08-07
18The Labyrinth of Mist Mountain2011-07-31
17I am the Champion!2011-07-24
16The New Striker is Complete!2011-07-17
15Destroyer Dome2011-07-10
14Rebirth! Team Dungeon2011-07-03
13Showdown! The Tower of Babel2011-06-26
12Kronos, The Saturn God2011-06-19
11Cosmic Tornado2011-06-12
10A New Roar!2011-06-05
9The Strongest Tag-Battle, the Gateway to Success2011-05-29
8The Crimson Flash2011-05-22
7Kenta's Determination2011-05-15
6The Qualifications of a Warrior2011-05-08
5Awakening! Anubius2011-05-01
4L-Drago Destroyer2011-04-24
3Lynx, the Mysterious Cat2011-04-17
2Legendary Blader2011-04-10
1Fragment of the Star2011-04-03
Season 5 (show/hide)
51Galaxy Heart2011-03-27
50Rampage! Horogium2011-03-20
49The Beast Unleashed2011-03-13
48The Beafowl's Trap2011-03-06
47The Fallen Emperor2011-02-27
46Enter! Hades City2011-02-20
45The Miraculous Spiral Force2011-02-13
44Conclusion! Ginga VS Damian2011-02-06
43Last Battle of the Spirit2011-01-30
42The Dragon Emperor Descends2011-01-23
41Final Countdown2011-01-16
40The Climactic DJ Battle!?2011-01-09
39The Hell Kerbecs2010-12-26
38The Mad Beafowl2010-12-19
37The Byxis of Destiny2010-12-12
36The Plot Begins to Move2010-12-05
35The Sign is NO.12010-11-28
34My Friend's Name is Zeo2010-11-21
33Violent! Ray Gil2010-11-14
32Explosive Fight! Tornado Battle2010-11-07
31Brazilian Trap2010-10-31
30The Daylight Street Battle2010-10-24
29Gravity Perseus2010-10-17
28Dark Aquila2010-10-10
27Overcome the Limits!2010-10-03
26L-Drago is Back2010-09-26
25The Destruction Axe2010-09-19
24Creeping Darkness2010-09-12
23The Battle's End!2010-09-05
22The Third Match of Cliff's Edge2010-08-29
21Destined Rivals2010-08-22
20Horuseus VS Striker2010-08-15
19The Shocking Wild Fang2010-08-08
18The Scorching Hot Lion2010-08-01
17We Meet Again! Wang Hu Zhong2010-07-25
16The Festival of Warriors2010-07-18
15Libra Departs for the Front!2010-07-11
14How Grand! The Cage Match2010-07-04
13The Wintry Land of Russia2010-06-27
12The Bey with a Hero's Name2010-06-20
11The 4000 Year Old Secret2010-06-13
10Lacerta's Will2010-06-06
9The World Championships Begin!2010-05-30
8The Third Man2010-05-23
7The Beylin Temple in the Sky2010-05-16
6Soar Into the the World2010-05-09
5Final Battle! Leone VS Eagle2010-05-02
4Ticket to the World2010-04-25
3A New ChallengeChallenge2010-04-18
2The Persistent Challenger2010-04-11
1Seeking a Legend2010-04-04
Season 4 (show/hide)
51Blader's Spirit2010-03-28
50The Furious Final Battle!2010-03-21
49Fierce Battle! Lion VS Dragon2010-03-14
48The Truth About Light and Darkness2010-03-07
47Bonds of Steel2010-02-28
46Libra Disappears2010-02-21
45Eagle Counterattacks2010-02-14
44Entrusted Emotions2010-02-07
43The Deck is Stacked2010-01-31
42The Dragon's Punishment2010-01-24
41The Serpent's Terror2010-01-17
40GO! Battle Bladers!2010-01-10
39Clash! The Fireblaze vs The Pegasus2009-12-27
38Run, Gingka!2009-12-20
37Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison2009-12-13
36Broken Wings2009-12-06
35L-Drago, on the Move2009-11-29
34Shine, Virgo!2009-11-22
33The Oath of the Phoenix2009-11-15
32The Stormy Battle Royal2009-11-08
31The Twin Gemios2009-11-01
30The Bewitching Pisces2009-10-25
29Kenta and Sora2009-10-18
28Dark Gasher's Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation2009-10-11
27Intruders in the Challenge Match2009-10-04
26Tsubasa Flies Into The Dark2009-09-27
25The Sniper Capricorn2009-09-20
24The Beautiful Eagle2009-09-13
23The Road to the Battle Bladers2009-09-06
22The Fearsome Libra2009-08-30
21Warriors on a Deserted Island2009-08-23
20Begin! The Survival Battle!2009-08-16
19Conquer the Tag-Team Battle!2009-08-09
18The Green Hades2009-08-02
17The Silver Pegasus2009-07-26
16The Magnificent Aries2009-07-19
15Mysterious Hyoma2009-07-12
14Memories of Ryo2009-07-05
13L-Drago Awakens!2009-06-28
12Infiltrate The Dark Nebula's Castle!2009-06-21
11Chase The Wolf!2009-06-14
10Heated Battle! Gingka Versus Kyoya2009-06-07
9Leone's Counterattack2009-05-31
8Merci's Dangerous Trap2009-05-24
7It's Our Special Move! Sagittario2009-05-17
6Aquario's Challenge2009-05-10
5Vengeful Gasher2009-05-03
4Charge! Bull Power!2009-04-26
3The Wolf's Ambition!2009-04-19
2Leone's Roar!2009-04-12
1Pegasus has Landed2009-04-05
Season 3 (show/hide)
52Beybattle for the Ages2003-12-29
51Brooklyn's Back2003-12-22
50Welcome to My Nightmare2003-12-15
49The Principles of Victory2003-12-08
48The Beyblading Spirit2003-12-01
47Now You're Making Me Mad2003-11-24
46The Return of Kai2003-11-17
45Max to the Max2003-11-10
44Refuse to Lose2003-11-03
43Sing Ming Ming Sing!2003-10-27
42When You Wish Upon a Star2003-10-20
41And Justice-Five For All2003-10-13
40Back to Basics2003-10-06
39Rebel Alliance2003-09-29
38Bega on the Rise2003-09-22
37The Bega Challenge2003-09-15
36Boris, the Blade Stops Here!2003-09-08
35Pros and Ex-Cons2003-09-01
34The Mysterious Mystel...2003-08-25
33Out of Their League2003-08-18
32Beyblade Idol2003-08-11
31Runaway Daichi2003-08-04
30Let The Games Begin... Again!2003-07-28
29And Then There Were Two2003-07-21
28Changing Gears2003-07-14
27What a Blast!2003-07-07
26Familiar Faces2003-06-30
25Max Attacks!2003-06-23
24Down Under, Thunder2003-06-16
23Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face-Off...2003-06-09
22Sibling Rivalry2003-06-02
21Under Pressure2003-05-26
20Burdens of a Champion2003-05-19
19One For All...Free For All2003-05-12
18Beyblade Like An Egyptian2003-05-05
17Same Old Dirty Tricks...2003-04-28
16Fire and Water2003-04-21
15Sleepless in Madrid2003-04-14
14Picking Up the Pieces2003-04-07
13Kenny's Big Battle2003-03-31
12When in Rome... Let It Rip!2003-03-24
11The Blame Game2003-03-17
10It's a Battle Royale...!2003-03-10
9Swiped on the Streets2003-03-03
8Roughing It2003-02-24
7Take Your Best Shot!2003-02-17
6You're the Man, Kai!2003-02-10
5A League of His Own2003-02-03
4We Were Once Bladebreakers...2003-01-27
3Invitation to Battle2003-01-20
2A Team Divided2003-01-13
1New Kid in Town2003-01-06
Season 2 (show/hide)
51Destiny of the Final Battle2002-12-30
50Clash Of The Tyson2002-12-23
49The Enemy Within2002-12-16
48Phoenix Falling2002-12-09
47Deceit From Above2002-12-02
46Black & White Evil Powers2002-11-25
45Zeo vs. Ozuma2002-11-18
44The Calm Before the Storm2002-11-11
43Kai's Royal Flush2002-11-04
42Fortunes Dear and Dire2002-10-28
41Who's Your Daddy?2002-10-21
40Squeeze Play2002-10-14
39The Bit Beast Bond2002-10-07
38The Fate Of The Spark Battle2002-09-30
37Beybattle at the Bit Beast Corral2002-09-23
36Friends and Enemies2002-09-16
35See No Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast2002-09-09
34Itzy Bey-Itzy Spider2002-09-02
33Rock Bottom!2002-08-26
32Lots of Questions... Few Answers2002-08-19
31Attack of the Rock Bit Beast2002-08-12
30Get a Piece of the Rock!2002-08-05
29Bad Seed in The Big Apple2002-07-29
28Hot Rock2002-07-22
27Building the Perfect Bit Beast!2002-07-15
26Cyber Dragoon Takes Control!2002-07-08
25Raising Kane!!2002-07-01
24Ghost in the Machine2002-06-24
23The Bigger The Cyber Driger... The Harder It Falls...2002-06-17
22Max Takes One for the Team2002-06-10
21The Battle Tower Showdown2002-05-27
20The Power Half Hour!!2002-05-20
19Their Own Private Battles2002-05-13
18When Friends Become Foes2002-05-06
17Hilary's Bey-B-Que2002-04-29
16Team Psykick's New Recruit2002-04-22
15Show Me the Bit-Beasts!2002-04-15
14Gideon Raises Gerry!2002-04-08
13Testing One, Two, Three2002-04-01
12Bring Me Dranzer2002-03-25
11The Evil Island of Dr. B2002-03-18
10The Island of No Return2002-03-11
9La Isla Bey-Nita2002-03-04
8Return of the Bladebreakers!2002-02-25
7The Reunion Begins2002-02-18
6The Magtram Threat2002-02-11
5Guess Who's Back in Town?2002-02-04
4Searching for Dragoon2002-01-28
3Unseen and Unleashed2002-01-21
2The Search for Mr. X2002-01-14
1Shot Down in Flames!2001-12-27
Season 1 (show/hide)
51Final Showdown!2001-12-24
50New and Cyber-Improved...2001-12-17
49A Wicked Wind Blows2001-12-10
48Victory in Defeat2001-12-03
47A Lesson for Tyson2001-11-26
46First Strike2001-11-19
45Breaking the Ice2001-11-12
44Losing Kai2001-11-05
43Live and Let Kai!2001-10-29
42Drawn to the Darkness2001-10-22
41Out of the Past2001-10-15
40Hot Battle in a Cold Town2001-10-08
39A Majestic Battle... A Majestic Victory?2001-10-01
38Olympia Challenge2001-09-24
37A Knight to Remember!2001-09-17
36Déjà Vu All Over Again2001-09-10
35When in Rome... Beyblade!2001-09-03
34Art Attack2001-08-27
33Last Tangle in Paris2001-08-20
32Darkness at the End of the Tunnel...2001-08-13
31London Calling2001-08-06
30Cruising for a Bruising2001-07-30
29Play It Again, Dizzi!2001-07-23
28Bottom of the Ninth2001-07-16
27The Battle of America2001-07-09
26Catch a Shooting All-Star!2001-07-02
25My Way or the Highway2001-06-25
24Viva Las Vegas2001-06-18
23Showdown in Vegas2001-06-11
22Blading with the Stars2001-06-04
21Practice Makes Perfect!2001-05-28
20It's All Relative2001-05-21
19Under the Microscope2001-05-14
18A Star is Born2001-05-07
17A Score to Settle2001-04-30
16My Enemy, My Friend2001-04-23
15Going for the Gold2001-04-16
14The Race is On!2001-04-09
13Crouching Lion, Hidden Tiger2001-04-02
12Adios Bladebreakers2001-03-26
11Bye Bye Bit Beast2001-03-19
10Battle in the Sky2001-03-12
9Showdown in Hong Kong2001-03-05
8Bladin' In the Streets2001-02-26
7Thirteen Candles2001-02-19
6Dragoon Storm2001-02-12
5Draciel of Approval2001-02-05
4The Qualifier Begins2001-01-29
3Take It to the Max2001-01-22
2Day of the Dragoon2001-01-15
1The Blade Raider2001-01-08
Season 0 (show/hide)
6White Tiger Arc: The Movie
5Blade Breaker Arc: The Movie
4All Starz Arc: The Movie
3Beyblade: Behind the Revolution2004-06-24
2Beyblade: Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader2010-08-21
1Beyblade The Movie: Fierce Battle2002-08-17

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