Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto is appointed Card Captor by the Guardian of the Seal, Kerberos, when she accidentally opens the magical book of Clow Cards and scatters them to the four winds. To protect the world from disaster she must capture all of the Clow Cards with the help of her friend Tomoyo and Kerberos.
Genre: Animation | Anime | Children | Fantasy
First Aired: 1998-04-07 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 4 (show/hide)
26Episode 262018-07-07
25Episode 252018-06-30
24Episode 242018-06-23
23Episode 232018-06-16
22Sakura's Clear Cards2018-06-10
21Sakura, the Mirror, and the Key of Memories2018-06-03
20Sakura, Rainbows, and Grandpa2018-05-27
19Sakura and Akiho's Lullaby2018-05-20
18Sakura and the Fire and Water Birds2018-05-13
17Sakura and the Crazy Sweets2018-05-06
16Sakura and Meiling's Friend2018-04-29
15Sakura's Nostalgic Viewing Party2018-04-22
14Sakura, the Shrine, and the Zoo2018-04-15
13Sakura and Welcome Back, Meiling2018-04-08
12Sakura and the Icy Ball-Sports Tournament2018-03-25
11Sakura and the Upside-down Penguin2018-03-18
10Sakura and the Sleep Labyrinth2018-03-11
9Sakura's Thrilling Aquarium Visit2018-03-04
8Sakura, the Clock, and a Hide-and-Seek Game2018-02-25
7Sakura and a Game of Tag in the Garden2018-02-18
6Sakura, the Rabbit, and the Song of the Moon2018-02-11
5Sakura Feels a Pull at the Flower Viewing2018-02-04
4Sakura and the Lovely Transfer Student2018-01-28
3Sakura's Heavy Rain Alert2018-01-21
1Sakura and the Room with No Exit2018-01-14
0Sakura and the Clear Cards2018-01-07
Season 3 (show/hide)
24Sakura and Her True Feelings2000-03-21
23Sakura Meets Clow Reed2000-03-14
22Sakura and the Past and Clow Reed2000-03-07
21Sakura and Shaoran and the Tsukimine Shrine2000-02-29
20Sakura's Most Favorite Person2000-02-22
19Sakura and Yukito and His Fading Power2000-02-15
18Sakura and the Snow-blowing Ski School2000-01-18
17Sakura and the Pool and the Big Wave2000-01-11
16Sakura and the Mysterious Fortune2000-01-04
15Sakura and Card and Present1999-12-21
14Sakura and her Precious Friend1999-12-21
13Sakura and Tomoyo and the Ball Trap1999-12-14
12Sakura and Double Trouble1999-11-30
11Sakura and Shaoran and the Elevator1999-11-16
10Sakura and Kero and a Candy Date??1999-11-09
9Sakura and Sakura in Wonderland1999-11-02
8Sakura and the Calendar of Memories1999-10-26
7Sakura and the Panic Bicycle1999-10-19
6Sakura's Sheep Warning!?1999-10-12
5Sakura and the Big Stuffed Doll1999-10-05
4Sakura and Shaoran and the Invisible Threads1999-09-28
3Sakura and the Dangerous Piano1999-09-21
2Sakura and the Awakened Key of Star1999-09-14
1Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student1999-09-07
Season 2 (show/hide)
11Sakura and the Last Judgement1999-06-22
10Sakura and the Last Clow Card1999-06-15
9Sakura and Kero and the Mysterious Teacher1999-06-08
8Sakura's Goodbye to Meiling1999-06-01
7Sakura and the Blacked Out School Arts Festival1999-05-25
6Sakura and Shaoran and a Sea of Sand1999-05-18
5Sakura and the Sakura in the Dream1999-05-11
4Sakura's Dizzy Fever Day1999-04-27
3Sakura's Merry Strawberry Hunt1999-04-20
2Sakura and Tomoyo's Vanished Voice1999-04-13
1Sakura and the Snowy New School Year1999-04-06
Season 1 (show/hide)
35Sakura's Wonderful Christmas1998-12-29
34Sakura and Yukito and the Daytime Moon1998-12-22
33Sakura's Cold Ice Skating1998-12-15
32Sakura, Kero, Shaoran and...1998-12-01
31Sakura and the Nameless Book1998-11-24
30Sakura and the Injured Card1998-11-17
29Sakura's Sweet Cooking1998-11-10
28Sakura and the Incantation Cards1998-11-03
27Sakura and the Shrine of Memories1998-10-27
26Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher1998-10-20
25Sakura and Another Sakura1998-10-13
24Sakura's Mini Great Adventure1998-10-06
23Sakura, Tomoyo and the Wonderful Song1998-09-29
22Sakura and Her Kind Father1998-09-22
21Sakura's Long Marathon1998-09-15
20Sakura and the Fighting Exchange Student1998-09-08
19Sakura and the Summer Vacation Homework1998-09-01
18Sakura, Yukito and the Summer Festival1998-08-18
17Sakura's Scary Courage Test1998-08-11
16Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories1998-08-04
15Sakura and Kero's Big Fight1998-07-21
14Sakura, Touya and Cinderella1998-07-14
13Sakura and the Elephant's Strength Contest1998-07-07
12Sakura's Endless Day1998-06-30
11Sakura, Tomoyo and the Big House1998-06-23
10Sakura and the Flowery Athletics Meet1998-06-16
9Sakura and the Mysterious Broach1998-06-02
8Sakura's Rival Appears!1998-05-26
7Sakura's First Challenge as a Thief!?1998-05-19
6Sakura and Her Mother's Memory1998-05-12
5Sakura and the Panda and the Cute Store1998-05-05
4Sakura's Exhausting Sunday1998-04-28
3Sakura's Heart-throbbing First Date1998-04-21
2Sakura's Wonderful Friend1998-04-14
1Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book1998-04-07
Season 0 (show/hide)
8Clear Card Arc: Recap2018-04-01
7Prologue: Sakura and the Two Bears2017-09-13
6Leave It to Kero! 2003-02-03
5Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura Video Diary 31999-09-25
4Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura Video Diary 21999-09-25
3Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura Video Diary! 11998-09-25
2Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card2000-07-15
1Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie1999-08-21

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