Doctor Who (2005)

Doctor Who (2005)

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The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in the TARDIS. The Doctor has a long list of friends and companions who have shared journeys along the way. Instead of dying, the Doctor is able to “regenerate” into a new body, taking on a new personality with each regeneration.
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Science-Fiction
First Aired: 2005-03-26 Status: Continuing Length: 50 Min

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Season 11 (show/hide)
10The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos2018-12-09
9It Takes You Away2018-12-02
8The Witchfinders2018-11-25
6Demons of the Punjab2018-11-11
5The Tsuranga Conundrum2018-11-04
4Arachnids in the UK2018-10-28
2The Ghost Monument2018-10-14
1The Woman Who Fell to Earth2018-10-07
Season 10 (show/hide)
12The Doctor Falls2017-07-01
11World Enough and Time2017-06-24
10The Eaters of Light2017-06-17
9Empress of Mars2017-06-10
8The Lie of the Land2017-06-03
7The Pyramid at the End of the World2017-05-27
4Knock Knock2017-05-06
3Thin Ice2017-04-29
1The Pilot2017-04-15
Season 9 (show/hide)
12Hell Bent (2)2015-12-05
11Heaven Sent (1)2015-11-28
10Face The Raven2015-11-21
9Sleep No More2015-11-14
8The Zygon Inversion (2)2015-11-07
7The Zygon Invasion (1)2015-10-31
6The Woman Who Lived (2)2015-10-24
5The Girl Who Died (1)2015-10-17
4Before The Flood (2)2015-10-10
3Under The Lake (1)2015-10-03
2The Witch's Familiar (2)2015-09-26
1The Magician's Apprentice (1)2015-09-19
Season 8 (show/hide)
12Death In Heaven2014-11-08
11Dark Water2014-11-01
10In the Forest of the Night2014-10-25
8Mummy on the Orient Express2014-10-11
7Kill the Moon2014-10-04
6The Caretaker2014-09-27
5Time Heist2014-09-20
3Robot of Sherwood2014-09-06
2Into the Dalek2014-08-30
1Deep Breath2014-08-23
Season 7 (show/hide)
13The Name of the Doctor2013-05-18
12Nightmare in Silver2013-05-11
11The Crimson Horror2013-05-04
10Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS2013-04-27
8Cold War2013-04-13
7The Rings of Akhaten2013-04-06
6The Bells of St John2013-03-30
5The Angels Take Manhattan2012-09-29
4The Power of Three2012-09-22
3A Town Called Mercy2012-09-15
2Dinosaurs on a Spaceship2012-09-08
1Asylum of the Daleks2012-09-01
Season 6 (show/hide)
13The Wedding of River Song2011-10-01
12Closing Time2011-09-24
11The God Complex2011-09-17
10The Girl Who Waited2011-09-10
9Night Terrors2011-09-03
8Let's Kill Hitler (2)2011-08-27
7A Good Man Goes to War (1)2011-06-04
6The Almost People (2)2011-05-28
5The Rebel Flesh (1)2011-05-21
4The Doctor's Wife2011-05-14
3The Curse of the Black Spot2011-05-07
2Day of the Moon (2)2011-04-30
1The Impossible Astronaut (1)2011-04-23
Season 5 (show/hide)
13The Big Bang (2)2010-06-26
12The Pandorica Opens (1)2010-06-19
11The Lodger2010-06-12
10Vincent and the Doctor2010-06-05
9Cold Blood (2)2010-05-29
8The Hungry Earth (1)2010-05-22
7Amy's Choice2010-05-15
6The Vampires of Venice2010-05-08
5Flesh and Stone (2)2010-05-01
4The Time of Angels (1)2010-04-24
3Victory of the Daleks2010-04-17
2The Beast Below2010-04-10
1The Eleventh Hour2010-04-03
Season 4 (show/hide)
13Journey's End (2)2008-07-05
12The Stolen Earth (1)2008-06-28
11Turn Left2008-06-21
9Forest of the Dead (2)2008-06-07
8Silence in the Library (1)2008-05-31
7The Unicorn and the Wasp2008-05-17
6The Doctor's Daughter2008-05-10
5The Poison Sky (2)2008-05-03
4The Sontaran Stratagem (1)2008-04-26
3Planet of the Ood2008-04-19
2The Fires of Pompeii2008-04-12
1Partners in Crime2008-04-05
Season 3 (show/hide)
13Last of the Time Lords (3)2007-06-30
12The Sound of Drums (2)2007-06-23
11Utopia (1)2007-06-16
9The Family of Blood (2)2007-06-02
8Human Nature (1)2007-05-26
6The Lazarus Experiment2007-05-05
5Evolution of the Daleks (2)2007-04-28
4Daleks in Manhattan (1)2007-04-21
2The Shakespeare Code2007-04-07
1Smith and Jones2007-04-01
Season 2 (show/hide)
13Doomsday (2)2006-07-08
12Army of Ghosts (1)2006-07-01
11Fear Her2006-06-24
10Love and Monsters2006-06-17
9The Satan Pit (2)2006-06-10
8The Impossible Planet (1)2006-06-03
7The Idiot's Lantern2006-05-27
6The Age of Steel (2)2006-05-20
5Rise of the Cybermen (1)2006-05-13
4The Girl in the Fireplace2006-05-06
3School Reunion2006-04-29
2Tooth and Claw2006-04-22
1New Earth2006-04-15
Season 1 (show/hide)
13The Parting of the Ways (2)2005-06-18
12Bad Wolf (1)2005-06-11
11Boom Town2005-06-04
10The Doctor Dances (2)2005-05-28
9The Empty Child (1)2005-05-21
8Father's Day2005-05-14
7The Long Game2005-05-07
5World War Three (2)2005-04-23
4Aliens of London (1)2005-04-16
3The Unquiet Dead2005-04-09
2The End of the World2005-04-02
Season 0 (show/hide)
155An Adventure in Space and Time: Behind the Scenes2013-11-21
154Twice Upon A Time2017-12-25
153Meet the Thirteenth Doctor2017-07-16
152Friend from the Future2016-04-23
151The Doctor: A New Kind of Hero2016-12-27
150Doctor Who Extra: The Return of Doctor Mysterio2016-12-29
149The Return of Doctor Mysterio2016-12-25
148The Husbands of River Song2015-12-25
147The Doctor's Meditation 2015-09-18
145Deep Breath Prequel2014-08-23
144Doctor Who Extra: The Husbands of River Song2015-12-25
143Doctor Who Extra: Last Christmas2014-12-25
142Last Christmas2014-12-25
141Doctor Who Extra: Death in Heaven2014-11-08
140Doctor Who Extra: Dark Water2014-11-01
139Doctor Who Extra: The Forest of the Night2014-10-25
138Doctor Who Extra: Flatline2014-10-18
137Doctor Who Extra: Mummy on the Orient Express2014-10-11
136Doctor Who Extra: Kill the Moon2014-10-04
135Doctor Who Extra: The Caretaker2014-09-27
134Doctor Who Extra: Time Heist2014-09-20
133Doctor Who Extra: Listen2014-09-13
132Doctor Who Extra: Robot of Sherwood2014-09-06
131Doctor Who Extra: Into the Dalek2014-08-30
130Doctor Who Extra: Deep Breath2014-08-23
129After Who Live2014-08-23
128Live Preshow2014-08-23
127Earth Conquest (The World Tour)2014-08-22
126The Ultimate Time Lord2014-08-19
125The Ultimate Companion2014-08-17
124Greatest Monsters and Villains (10) - The Daleks2013-11-17
123Greatest Monsters and Villains (9) - The Weeping Angels2013-11-17
122Greatest Monsters and Villains (8) - The Master2013-11-17
121Greatest Monsters and Villains (7) - The Silence2013-11-16
120Greatest Monsters and Villains (6) - The Cybermen2013-11-16
119Greatest Monsters and Villains (5) - The Ice Warriors2013-11-16
118Greatest Monsters and Villains (4) - The Clockwork Droids2013-11-15
117Greatest Monsters and Villains (3) - The Ood2013-11-15
116Greatest Monsters and Villains (2) - The Silurian2013-11-15
115Greatest Monsters and Villains (1) - The Judoon2013-11-15
114The Doctors Revisited: The Eleventh Doctor2013-11-14
113The Doctors Revisited: The Tenth Doctor2013-10-27
112The Doctors Revisited: The Ninth Doctor2013-09-29
111The Doctors Revisited: The Eighth Doctor2013-08-31
110The Doctors Revisited: The Seventh Doctor2013-07-27
109The Doctors Revisited: The Sixth Doctor2013-06-29
108The Doctors Revisited: The Fifth Doctor2013-05-26
107The Doctors Revisited: The Fourth Doctor2013-04-28
106The Doctors Revisited: The Third Doctor2013-03-31
105The Doctors Revisited: The Second Doctor2013-02-24
104The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor2013-01-27
103The Time of the Doctor: Behind the Lens2013-12-26
102Tonight's the Night2009-05-23
101Farewell to Matt Smith2013-12-25
100The Inforarium2013-09-24
99Rain Gods2013-09-24
98Clara and the TARDIS2013-09-24
97Tales from the TARDIS2013-11-18
96The Day of the Doctor: Behind the Lens2013-11-23
95The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot2013-11-23
94Doctor Who Explained2013-11-22
93The Last Day2013-11-20
92The Afterparty2013-11-23
91The Ultimate Guide (2013)2013-11-18
90The Science of Doctor Who (2013)2013-11-14
89The Companions2013-03-31
88Doctor Who at the Proms (2013)2013-08-26
87Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor2013-08-04
86Clarence and the Whispermen (The Name of the Doctor Prequel)2013-05-27
85She Said, He Said (The Name of the Doctor Prequel)2013-05-11
84The Time of the Doctor2013-12-25
83The Day of the Doctor2013-11-23
82The Night of the Doctor2013-11-14
81National Television Awards Sketch 20112011-01-26
80The Battle of Demon's Run — Two Days Later2013-03-25
79The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel2013-03-23
78An Adventure in Space and Time2013-11-21
77Vastra Investigates: A Christmas Prequel2012-12-17
76Doctor Who: Rewind - Trust your Doctor2011-04-23
75Doctor Who: P.S.2012-10-12
74Children in Need: The Great Detective2012-11-16
73Doctor Who in the U.S.2012-09-29
72Doctor Who in America2011-04-30
71The Last Day of the Ponds2012-09-29
70The Making of the Gunslinger (A Town Called Mercy Prequel)2012-09-09
69Asylum of the Daleks Prequel2012-09-02
68Meanwhile in the TARDIS (2)
67Meanwhile in the TARDIS (1)2010-11-09
66The Snowmen2012-12-25
65Pond Life (5): August2012-08-31
64Pond Life (4): July2012-08-30
63Pond Life (3): June2012-08-29
62Pond Life (2): May2012-08-28
61Pond Life (1): April2012-08-27
60The Destinations of Doctor Who2012-08-25
59The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who2012-08-18
58The Women of Doctor Who2012-08-11
57The Science of Doctor Who2012-08-04
56Good as Gold2012-05-24
55Up All Night2011-11-22
54Last Night2011-11-22
53First Night2011-11-22
52Good Night2011-11-22
51Bad Night2011-11-22
50The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe Prequel2011-12-06
49Best of the Christmas Specials2011-12-24
48Children in Need: The Doctor's Clothes2011-11-18
47The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe2011-12-25
46The Wedding of River Song Prequel2011-09-26
45Let's Kill Hitler Prequel2011-08-15
44A Good Man Goes to War Prequel2011-05-28
43The Curse of the Black Spot Prequel2011-04-30
42The Impossible Astronaut Prequel2011-03-25
41Doctor Who: A Celebration Concert2007-05-28
40Best of the Companions2011-09-03
39Best of the Monsters2011-08-27
38Death is the Only Answer2011-10-01
37Best of the Doctor2011-08-13
36Time (2)2011-03-18
35Space (1)2011-03-18
34A Christmas Carol2010-12-25
33Children in Need: A TARDIS Tea Party2010-11-19
32Doctor Who at the Proms (2010)2010-09-06
31Tardisode 13: Doomsday2006-07-01
30Tardisode 12: Army of Ghosts2006-06-24
29Tardisode 11: Fear Her2006-06-17
28Tardisode 10: Love And Monsters2006-06-17
27Tardisode 09: The Satan Pit2006-06-03
26Tardisode 08: The Impossible Planet2006-05-27
25Tardisode 07: The Idiot's Lantern2006-05-20
24Tardisode 06: The Age Of Steel2006-05-13
23Tardisode 05: Rise of the Cybermen2006-05-06
22Tardisode 04: The Girl In The Fireplace2006-04-29
21Tardisode 03: School Reunion2006-04-22
20Tardisode 02: Tooth And Claw2006-04-15
19Tardisode 01: New Earth2006-04-08
18The Ultimate Guide2010-04-17
17The End of Time (2)2010-01-01
16The End of Time (1)2009-12-25
14The Waters of Mars2009-11-15
13Planet of the Dead2009-04-11
12Proms Special: Behind The Scenes2009-01-01
11Doctor Who at the Proms2009-01-01
10Christmas Moments2008-12-26
9The Next Doctor2008-12-25
8Proms Special: Music of the Spheres2008-06-27
7Voyage of the Damned 2007-12-25
6Children in Need: Time Crash2007-11-16
5The Infinite Quest2007-06-30
4The Runaway Bride2006-12-25
3The Attack of the Graske2005-12-25
2The Christmas Invasion2005-12-25
1Children in Need: Born Again2005-11-18
Janine (9/10 Sterne) 2015-06-19 12:06
total Gaga und trotzdem macht es Sinn ;-)
Guest vergleicht die Serie mit: Torchwood 2017-09-08 19:17
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