The Masked Singer

A top-secret singing competition in which celebrities face off against each other and appear in elaborate costumes with full facemasks to conceal their identities. American version of the popular Korean game show “King of Mask Singer”.
Genre: Game Show
First Aired: 2019-01-02 Status: Continuing Length: 45 Min

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Season 7 (show/hide)
11Season Finale2022-05-18
10Road to the Finals2022-05-11
9One Mask Hurrah - Round 3 Finals2022-05-04
8The Mask of Least Resistance - Round 32022-04-27
7Don't Mask, Don't Tell - The Good, The Bad & The Cuddly - Round 32022-04-20
6The Double Mask Off - Round 2 Finals2022-04-13
5Masking for a Duel - Round 22022-04-06
4Masking For It - The Good, The Bad & The Cuddly - Round 22022-03-30
3The Double Unmasking - Round 1 Finals2022-03-23
2Masks at Dawn - Round 12022-03-16
1Masks Back - The Good, The Bad & The Cuddly - Round 12022-03-09
Season 6 (show/hide)
15The Masked Singer Christmas Singalong2021-12-22
142 Hour Grand Finale (2)2021-12-15
132 Hour Grand Finale (1)2021-12-15
12Group B Finale2021-12-08
11Group A Finale2021-12-01
10Group B Semi-Final2021-11-17
9Group A Semi-Final2021-11-10
8Giving Thanks2021-11-03
7All-Time Countdown2021-10-25
6Time Warp2021-10-20
5Date Night2021-10-13
4House Party2021-10-06
3Group B Premiere2021-09-29
22 Night Season Premiere: Back to School (2)2021-09-23
12 Night Season Premiere: Group A Premiere (1)2021-09-22
Season 5 (show/hide)
10The Quarter Finals - Five Fan Favorites2021-05-12
9The Spicy 6 - The Competition Heats Up!2021-05-05
8The Sing-A-Long: The Maskie Awards2021-04-28
7Super 8 - The Plot Chickens!2021-04-21
6Group A Finals - In the Nick of Time!2021-04-14
5Group B Finals - The Ulti 'Mutt' Wildcard!2021-04-07
4Group B Wildcard Round - Rule of Claw!2021-03-31
3Group A Wildcard Round - Enter The Wildcards!2021-03-24
2Group B Premiere - Shamrock and Roll2021-03-17
1Season 5 Premiere - Return of the Masks2021-03-10
Season 4 (show/hide)
13The Season 4 Finale - Last Mask Standing2020-12-16
12Road to the Finals2020-12-16
11The Holiday Sing-a-Long2020-12-09
10The Semi Finals - The Super Six2020-12-02
9The Group C Finals - The Masks Give Thanks2020-11-26
8The Group B Finals - The Mask Chance Saloon2020-11-18
7The Group A Finals - The Masked Frontier2020-11-11
6The Group C Play Offs - Funny You Should Mask2020-11-04
5The Group C Premiere - Masked But Not Least2020-10-28
4The Group B Play Offs - Cloudy with a Chance of Clues2020-10-14
3The Group A Play Offs - Famous Masked Words2020-10-07
2The Group B Premiere - Six More Masks2020-09-30
1The Season Premiere - The Masks Return2020-09-23
Season 3 (show/hide)
18Couldn't Mask For Anything More: The Grand Finale!2020-05-20
17Road to the Finals2020-05-19
16A Day In the Mask: The Semi Finals2020-05-13
15A Quarter Mask Crisis: The Quarter Finals2020-05-06
14The Battle of The Sixes: The Final 62020-04-29
13The Mother Of All Final Face Offs (2)2020-04-22
12Sing-Along Spectacular2020-04-15
11The Mother Of All Final Face Offs (1)2020-04-08
10The Super Nine Masked Singer Special: Groups A, B & C2020-04-01
9Old Friends, New Clues: Group C Championships2020-03-25
8It Never Hurts to Mask: Group C Playoffs2020-03-18
7Last But Not Least: Group C Kickoff!2020-03-11
6Friends in High Places: Group B Championships2020-03-04
5Mask-Matics: Group B Playoffs2020-02-26
4A Brand New Six Pack: Group B Kickoff!2020-02-19
3Masking for a Friend: Group A2020-02-12
2The Playoffs: Group A2020-02-05
1The Season Kick off Mask Off: Group A2020-02-02
Season 2 (show/hide)
13Season Finale: And The Winner Takes It All and Takes It Off2019-12-18
12Road to the Finals2019-12-18
11Two Masks Take It Off: Holiday Semi-Finals2019-12-11
10A Pain in the Mask2019-12-10
9Clash of the Masks2019-12-04
8Mask and You Shall Receive2019-11-20
7Triumph Over Masks2019-11-13
5Mask Us Anything2019-11-06
4Once Upon a Mask2019-10-16
3Return of the Masks: Group D2019-10-09
2Return of the Masks: Group C2019-10-02
1Return of the Masks: Groups A & B2019-09-25
Season 1 (show/hide)
10Season Finale: The Final Mask is Lifted2019-02-27
9Road to the Finals2019-02-27
8Semi Finals: Double Unmasking2019-02-20
7All Together Now2019-02-13
6Touchy Feely Clues2019-02-06
5Mix and Masks2019-01-30
4Another Mask Bites the Dust2019-01-23
3Five Masks No More2019-01-16
2New Masks on the Block2019-01-09
1Season Premiere: Mask On Face Off2019-01-02
Season 0 (show/hide)
9The Masked Singer Sneak Peek2022-02-20
6The Masked Singer & Alter Ego Sneak Peek2021-09-12
3The Masked Singer Christmas Singalong2021-12-22
2Super Sneak Peek Season 42020-09-13
1Super Sneak Peek2019-09-15

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