Arrested Development

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Level-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs after his father is imprisoned. But the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job unbearable. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy
First Aired: 2003-11-02 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 5 (show/hide)
16The Fallout2019-03-15
15Courting Disasters2019-03-15
14Saving for Arraignment Day2019-03-15
13The Untethered Sole2019-03-15
12Check Mates2019-03-15
11Chain Migration2019-03-15
10Taste Makers2019-03-15
9Unexpected Company2019-03-15
8Premature Independence2018-05-29
6Emotional Baggage2018-05-29
5Sinking Feelings2018-05-29
4An Old Start2018-05-29
3Everyone Gets Atrophy2018-05-29
1Family Leave2018-05-29
Season 4 (show/hide)
14Off the Hook2013-05-26
13It Gets Better2013-05-26
11A New Attitude2013-05-26
10Queen B.2013-05-26
8Red Hairing2013-05-26
7Colony Collapse2013-05-26
6Double Crossers2013-05-26
5A New Start2013-05-26
4The B. Team2013-05-26
3Indian Takers2013-05-26
2Borderline Personalities2013-05-26
1Flight of the Phoenix2013-05-26
Season 3 (show/hide)
13Development Arrested2006-02-10
12Exit Strategy2006-02-10
11Family Ties2006-02-10
10Fakin' It2006-02-10
8Making a Stand2005-12-19
7Prison Break-In2005-12-12
6The Ocean Walker2005-12-05
5Mr. F2005-11-07
3Forget Me Now2005-10-03
2For British Eyes Only2005-09-26
1The Cabin Show2005-09-19
Season 2 (show/hide)
18Righteous Brothers2005-04-17
17Spring Breakout2005-04-10
16Meat the Veals2005-04-03
15Sword of Destiny2005-03-27
14The Immaculate Election2005-03-20
13Motherboy XXX2005-03-13
12Hand to God2005-03-06
11Out on a Limb2005-03-06
10Ready, Aim, Marry Me!2005-02-13
9Burning Love2005-01-30
8Queen for a Day2005-01-23
7Switch Hitter2005-01-16
6Afternoon Delight2004-12-19
5Sad Sack2004-12-12
4Good Grief2004-12-05
2The One Where They Build a House2004-11-14
1The One Where Michael Leaves2004-11-07
Season 1 (show/hide)
22Let 'Em Eat Cake2004-06-06
21Not Without My Daughter2004-04-25
20Whistler's Mother2004-04-11
19Best Man for the Gob2004-04-04
18Missing Kitty2004-03-28
17Justice Is Blind2004-03-21
16Altar Egos2004-03-17
15Staff Infection2004-03-14
14Shock and Aww2004-03-07
13Beef Consomme2004-02-15
12Marta Complex2004-02-08
11Public Relations2004-01-25
10Pier Pressure2004-01-11
9Storming the Castle2004-01-04
8My Mother, The Car2003-12-21
7In God We Trust2003-12-14
6Visiting Ours2003-12-07
5Charity Drive2003-11-30
4Key Decisions2003-11-23
3Bringing Up Buster2003-11-16
2Top Banana2003-11-09
Season 0 (show/hide)
29Season 4 Remix: Cinco de Cuatro III2018-05-03
28Season 4 Remix: Cinco de Cuatro II2018-05-03
27Season 4 Remix: Cinco de Cuatro I2018-05-03
26Season 4 Remix: Fast Company2018-05-03
25Season 4 Remix: Turning on Each Other2018-05-03
24Season 4 Remix: Dire Straights2018-05-03
23Season 4 Remix: Mixed Messages2018-05-03
22Season 4 Remix: Locked and Loaded2018-05-03
21Season 4 Remix: What Goes Around2018-05-03
20Season 4 Remix: Get on Up2018-05-03
19Season 4 Remix: Moving Pictures2018-05-03
18Season 4 Remix: Fun Night2018-05-03
17Season 4 Remix: Recurring Dreams2018-05-03
16Season 4 Remix: Modern Marvels2018-05-03
15Season 4 Remix: The Weak Become the Strong2018-05-03
14Season 4 Remix: One Degree of Separation2018-05-03
13Season 4 Remix: The Parent Traps2018-05-03
12Season 4 Remix: A Trial Run2018-05-03
11Season 4 Remix: Just Deserters2018-05-03
10Season 4 Remix: A Couple-A New Starts2018-05-03
9Season 4 Remix: Three Half Men2018-05-03
8Season 4 Remix: Re Cap'n Bluth2018-05-03
7"TV Land Awards" - The Future Classic Award
6The Museum of Television & Radio Cast Panel Discussion
5TV Land - "Arrested Development: The Making of a Future Classic"
4Ron Howard's Inside Look at Arrested Development Season 2
3Breaking Ground: Behind the scenes of Arrested Development
2Extended Pilot
1The Arrested Development Documentary Project2013-05-03


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