Burn Notice

Covert intelligence operative Michael Westen has been punched, kicked, choked and shot. And now he's received a "burn notice", blacklisting him from the intelligence community and compromising his very identity. He must track down a faceless nemesis without getting himself killed while doubling as a private investigator on the dangerous streets of Miami in order to survive.
Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Drama | Thriller
First Aired: 2007-06-28 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 7 (show/hide)
13Reckoning (2)2013-09-12
12Sea Change (1)2013-09-05
11Tipping Point2013-08-22
10Things Unseen2013-08-15
9Bitter Pill2013-08-08
8Nature of the Beast2013-08-01
7Psychological Warfare2013-07-25
6All or Nothing2013-07-18
5Exit Plan2013-07-11
4Brothers in Arms2013-06-27
3Down Range2013-06-20
2Forget Me Not2013-06-13
1New Deal2013-06-06
Season 6 (show/hide)
18Game Change2012-12-20
17You Can Run2012-12-20
16Odd Man Out2012-12-13
15Best Laid Plans2012-12-06
14Down & Out2012-11-29
13Over the Line2012-11-15
12Means & Ends2012-11-08
11Desperate Measures2012-11-08
10Desperate Times2012-08-23
9Official Business2012-08-16
6Shock Wave2012-07-26
5Split Decision2012-07-19
4Under the Gun2012-07-12
3Last Rites2012-06-28
2Mixed Messages2012-06-21
1Scorched Earth2012-06-14
Season 5 (show/hide)
18Fail Safe2011-12-15
17Acceptable Loss2011-12-08
16Depth Perception2011-12-01
15Necessary Evil2011-11-17
14Breaking Point2011-11-10
13Damned If You Do2011-11-03
12Dead to Rights2011-09-08
11Better Halves2011-09-01
10Army of One2011-08-25
9Eye for an Eye2011-08-18
8Hard Out2011-08-11
6Enemy of My Enemy2011-07-28
5Square One2011-07-21
4No Good Deed2011-07-14
3Mind Games2011-07-07
1Company Man2011-06-23
Season 4 (show/hide)
18Last Stand2010-12-16
17Out of the Fire2010-12-16
16Dead or Alive2010-12-09
15Brotherly Love2010-12-02
14Hot Property2010-11-18
13Eyes Open2010-11-11
12Guilty as Charged2010-08-26
11Blind Spot2010-08-19
10Hard Times2010-08-12
9Center of the Storm2010-08-05
8Where There's Smoke2010-07-29
7Past & Future Tense2010-07-22
6Entry Point2010-07-15
5Neighborhood Watch2010-07-01
4Breach of Faith2010-06-24
3Made Man2010-06-17
2Fast Friends2010-06-10
1Friends and Enemies2010-06-03
Season 3 (show/hide)
16Devil You Know2010-03-04
15Good Intentions2010-02-25
14Partners In Crime2010-02-18
13Enemies Closer2010-02-11
12Noble Causes2010-02-04
11Friendly Fire2010-01-28
10A Dark Road2010-01-21
9Long Way Back2009-08-06
8Friends Like These2009-07-30
7Shot In The Dark2009-07-23
6The Hunter2009-07-16
5Signals and Codes2009-07-09
4Fearless Leader2009-06-25
3End Run2009-06-18
2Question And Answer2009-06-11
1Friends and Family2009-06-04
Season 2 (show/hide)
16Lesser Evil2009-03-05
15Sins of Omission2009-02-26
14Truth and Reconciliation2009-02-19
13Bad Breaks2009-02-12
12Seek and Destroy2009-02-05
11Hot Spot2009-01-29
10Do No Harm2009-01-22
9Good Soldier2008-09-18
8Double Booked2008-09-11
7Rough Seas2008-08-21
6Bad Blood2008-08-14
5Scatter Point2008-08-07
3Trust Me2008-07-24
2Turn and Burn2008-07-17
1Breaking and Entering2008-07-10
Season 1 (show/hide)
12Loose Ends (2)2007-09-20
11Loose Ends (1)2007-09-20
10False Flag2007-09-13
9Hard Bargain2007-08-23
8Wanted Man2007-08-16
7Broken Rules2007-08-09
6Unpaid Debts2007-08-02
5Family Business2007-07-26
4Old Friends2007-07-19
3Fight or Flight2007-07-12
1Burn Notice2007-06-28
Season 0 (show/hide)
1Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe2011-04-17

Anonymisiert (10/10 Sterne) 2019-03-19 20:16
Chris (8/10 Sterne) 2016-12-02 20:15
Zu much nice guy

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