Created by former Nickelodeon artist Jim Jinkins in 1990 and produced through Jinkins' production company, Jumbo Pictures Inc., Doug follows the life of an average kid named Doug Funnie. Doug and his family have just moved from their former residence in Bloatsburg, to the new town of Bluffington. There he meets Skeeter, Patti, Roger and Beebe, and his new life in a new town begins! Doug writes in his journal and sometimes even imagines himself as a superhero named Quailman to help him out with situations and decisions.
Genre: Animation | Children
First Aired: 1991-08-11 Status: Ended Length: 15 Min

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Season 8 (show/hide)
3Doug's Big Game2000-09-14
2Disney's One Too: Disney's Doug Shorts1999-09-06
1Doug Live!1999-03-15
Season 7 (show/hide)
31Doug's Marriage Madness1999-06-26
30Doug's Grand Band Plan1999-06-19
29Quailman VS the Little Rubber Army1999-06-12
28Doug's Adventures On-Line1999-06-05
27Doug: I, Rubbersuit1999-05-29
26Doug Plays Cupid1999-05-22
25Quailman VS the Triad of Terror1999-05-15
24Doug Cuts School1999-05-08
23Quailman: The Un-Quail Saga1999-05-01
22Patti's Dad Dilemma1999-04-24
21Quailman and the L.U.B.1999-04-17
20Doug: Beebe Goes Broke1999-04-10
19Quailman's Bad Hair Day1999-04-03
18Quailman and the Quintuple Quandary1999-03-17
17Doug's Best Buddy1999-02-27
16Doug's Sour Songbird1999-02-20
15Quailman VS the Quizzler1999-01-30
14Judy's Big Admission1999-01-09
13Quailman vs. the Whackhammer1999-01-02
12Quailman vs. the Annoying S.T.U.A.R.T.1998-12-12
11Doug's Concert Crisis1998-12-05
10Quailman vs. Supersport1998-11-28
9Doug and the Bluffington 51998-11-21
8Quailman Takes the Blame1998-11-14
7Doug's Dream House1998-11-07
6Doug: Night Of The Living Dougs1998-10-31
5Doug's In The Middle1998-10-10
4Quailman VII: Quaildad1998-10-03
3Doug Gets Right Back On!1998-09-26
2Doug's Older Woman1998-09-19
1Doug's Midnight Kiss1998-09-12
Season 6 (show/hide)
8Doug Gets It All1997-11-01
7Doug's Thanksgiving1997-11-22
6Doug's Dougapalooza1997-10-18
5Judy, Judy, Judy1997-10-11
4Doug: Quailman VI: The Dark Quail Saga1997-10-04
3Doug's Chubby Buddy1997-09-27
2Doug's Friend's Friend1997-09-20
1Doug's Secret of Success1997-09-13
Season 5 (show/hide)
26Doug On The Road1997-03-08
25Doug's Mural Mania1997-03-01
24Doug's Disappearing Dog1997-02-22
23Doug: Oh, Baby1997-02-15
22Doug's Hairy Situation1997-02-08
21Doug's Big Panic1997-02-01
20Doug's Minor Catastrophe1997-01-25
19Doug Gets Booked1997-01-18
18Doug Gets a Roomate1997-01-11
17Doug's Great Opportoonity1997-01-04
16Doug's Hot Dog1996-12-28
15Doug's Secret Christmas1996-12-14
14Doug Gets His Wish1996-12-07
13Doug: The Big Switch1996-11-30
12Doug's Movie Madness1996-11-16
11Doug's Brain Drain1996-11-23
10Doug Directs1996-11-09
9Doug's Big Comeback1996-10-19
8Doug's Bloody Buddy1996-10-26
7Doug's in Debt!1996-10-12
6Doug: A Limited Corporation1996-10-05
5Doug's Patti Beef1996-11-02
4Doug's Hoop Nightmare1996-09-28
3Doug Grows Up1996-09-21
2Doug's New School1996-09-14
1Doug's Last Birthday1996-09-07
Season 4 (show/hide)
24Doug's Christmas Story1993-12-12
23Doug's Halloween Adventure1993-10-30
22Doug's Bad Trip1994-06-19
21Doug Graduates1994-01-02
20Doug Way Out West1994-06-12
19Doug Throws a Party1993-12-26
18Doug's Sister Act1994-06-05
17Doug's in the Money1993-12-19
16Doug's Babysitter1994-05-29
15Doug Ripped Off!1993-12-05
14Doug's Brainy Buddy1994-05-22
13Doug's Treasure Hunt1993-11-27
12Doug Clobbers Patti1994-05-15
11Doug Runs1993-11-21
10Doug's Fan Club1994-05-08
9Doug's Birthday Present1993-11-14
8Doug's Mail Order Mania1994-05-01
7Doug En Vogue1993-11-07
6Doug Tips The Scale1994-04-24
5Doug Door to Door1993-10-10
4Doug & Patti Sittin' in a Tree1994-04-17
3Doug's Bum Rap1993-10-03
2Doug's Big Feat1994-04-10
1Doug's Math Problem1993-09-26
Season 3 (show/hide)
26Doug's Magic Act1993-07-11
25Doug's Great Beet War1993-07-11
24Doug's Garage Band1993-06-27
23Doug and the Yard of Doom1993-07-04
22Doug Is Hamburger Boy1993-06-20
21Doug's Shock Therapy1993-06-27
20Doug's Nightmare on Jumbo St.1993-06-13
19Doug Inc.1993-06-20
18Doug & The Little Liar1993-06-06
17Doug's Hot Property1993-06-13
16Doug's Monster Movie1993-05-30
15Doug's Cartoon1993-06-06
14Doug On First1993-05-23
13Doug's New Teacher1993-05-30
12Doug's Behind The Wheel1993-05-16
11Doug and the Weird Kids1993-05-23
10Doug Flies A Kite1993-05-09
9Doug's Huge Zit1993-05-16
8Doug's Big Brawl1993-05-02
7Doug's Career Anxiety1993-05-09
6Doug's Pet Capades1993-04-25
5Doug's Comic Collaboration1993-04-25
4Doug Rocks the House1993-04-18
3Doug is Slave for a Day1993-04-18
2Doug and Patti P.I.1993-04-11
1Doug's Fat Cat1993-04-11
Season 2 (show/hide)
26Doug's Lucky Hat1992-07-05
25Doug's Lost Weekend1992-12-06
24Doug's Dental Disaster1992-06-28
23Doug's Hot Ticket1992-11-15
22Doug Goes Hollywood1992-06-21
21Doug Pumps Up1992-11-29
20Doug Meets RoboBone1992-06-14
19Doug On The Trail1992-11-08
18Doug Wears Tights1992-06-07
17Doug's a Big Fat Liar1992-10-25
16Doug's Big News1992-05-31
15Doug Saves Roger1992-10-18
14Doug's a Genius1992-05-24
13Doug Battles The Rulemeister1992-10-11
12Doug's On His Own1992-05-17
11Doug's Derby Dilemma1992-11-01
10 Doug's Worst Nightmare1992-05-10
9Doug's On Stage1992-11-22
8Doug Meets Fentruck1992-05-03
7Doug's Dinner Date1992-10-04
6Doug's On TV1992-04-26
5Doug's Secret Admirer1992-09-27
4Doug VS The Klotzoid Zombies1992-04-19
3Doug's Got No Gift1992-09-20
2Doug's Secret Song1992-04-12
1Doug Takes the Case1992-09-13
Season 1 (show/hide)
25Doug Says Goodbye1991-11-03
24Doug's Fair Lady1991-12-08
23Doug Out in Left Field1991-10-27
22Doug is Quailman1991-11-24
21Doug Loses Dale1991-10-20
20Doug's Cookin'1991-11-17
19Doug's Runaway Journal1991-10-13
18Doug's Doodle1991-11-10
17Doug Needs Money1991-10-06
16Doug's Big Catch1991-11-03
15Doug On The Wild Side1991-09-29
14Doug Gets His Ears Lowered1991-10-27
13Doug's Cool Shoes1991-09-22
12Doug to the Rescue1991-10-06
11Doug's No Dummy1991-09-15
10Doug, Mayor for a Day1991-09-29
9Doug Didn't Do It1991-09-08
8Doug Can't Dig It1991-09-22
7Doug Rocks1991-09-01
6Doug Takes a Hike1991-09-08
5Doug's Big Nose1991-08-25
4Doug's Dog's Date1991-08-25
3Doug Gets Busted1991-08-18
2Doug Can't Dance1991-08-11
1Doug Bags a Neematoad1991-08-18
Season 0 (show/hide)
1Doug's 1st Movie1999-03-26

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