ER - Emergency Room (E.R.)

ER follows the medical personnel and patients in the emergency room of Chicago's fictional County General Hospital. The doctors and nurses of County's ER confront the daily challenges of a busy urban hospital, including overcrowded waiting rooms, staffing shortages, and the impact of life-and-death decisions. While they teach the next generation of doctors, each must tackle the demands of their personal lives, at times unsuccessfully.
Genre: Drama
First Aired: 1994-09-19 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 15 (show/hide)
22And In the End...2009-04-02
21I Feel Good2009-03-26
20Shifting Equilibrium2009-03-19
19Old Times2009-03-12
18What We Do2009-03-05
16The Beginning of the End2009-02-19
15The Family Man2009-02-12
14A Long, Strange Trip2009-02-05
13Love is a Battlefield2009-01-22
12Dream Runner2009-01-15
11Separation Anxiety2009-01-08
10The High Holiday2008-12-11
9Let it Snow2008-12-04
8Age of Innocence2008-11-20
7Heal Thyself2008-11-13
6Oh, Brother2008-11-06
4Parental Guidance2008-10-23
3The Book of Abby2008-10-16
2Another Thursday at County2008-10-09
1Life After Death2008-09-25
Season 14 (show/hide)
19The Chicago Way2008-05-15
18Tandem Repeats2008-05-08
17Under Pressure2008-05-01
16Truth Will Out2008-04-24
15...As the Day She Was Born2008-04-17
14Owner of a Broken Heart2008-04-10
12Believe the Unseen2008-01-10
11Status Quo2008-01-03
10300 Patients2007-12-06
9Skye's the Limit2007-11-29
8Coming Home2007-11-15
6The Test2007-11-01
5Under the Influence2007-10-25
3Officer Down2007-10-11
2In A Different Light2007-10-04
1The War Comes Home2007-09-27
Season 13 (show/hide)
23The Honeymoon Is Over2007-05-17
22Sea Change2007-05-10
21I Don't2007-05-03
20Lights Out2007-04-26
19Family Business2007-04-19
18Photographs and Memories2007-04-12
17From Here to Paternity2007-02-22
16Crisis of Conscience2007-02-15
15Dying is Easy...2007-02-08
14Murmurs of the Heart2007-02-01
13A House Divided2007-01-11
12Breach of Trust2007-01-04
11City of Mercy2006-12-07
10Tell Me No Secrets...2006-11-30
9Scoop and Run2006-11-23
8Reason to Believe2006-11-16
6Heart of the Matter2006-11-02
5Ames v. Kovac2006-10-19
3Somebody To Love2006-10-05
2Graduation Day2006-09-28
Season 12 (show/hide)
2221 Guns2006-05-18
21The Gallant Hero and the Tragic Victor2006-05-11
20There Are No Angels Here2006-05-04
19No Place to Hide2006-04-27
18Strange Bedfellows2006-03-30
17Lost in America2006-03-23
16Out on a Limb2006-03-16
14Quintessence of Dust2006-02-09
13Body and Soul2006-02-02
12Split Decisions2006-01-12
11If Not Now2006-01-05
10All About Christmas Eve2005-12-08
9I Do2005-12-01
8Two Ships2005-11-17
7The Human Shield2005-11-10
6Dream House2005-11-03
5Wake Up2005-10-20
4Blame it on the Rain2005-10-13
3Man With No Name2005-10-06
2Nobody's Baby2005-09-22
1Cañon City2005-09-15
Season 11 (show/hide)
22The Show Must Go On2005-05-19
21Carter est Amoureux2005-05-12
20You Are Here2005-05-05
19Ruby Redux2005-04-28
18Refusal of Care2005-04-21
17Back in the World2005-03-24
16Here and There2005-02-24
15Alone in a Crowd2005-02-17
14Just As I Am2005-02-10
12The Providers2005-01-27
11Only Connect2005-01-20
9Twas the Night2004-12-09
8A Shot in the Dark2004-12-02
7White Guy, Dark Hair2004-11-18
6Time of Death2004-11-11
5An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy2004-11-04
3Try Carter2004-10-14
1One for the Road2004-09-23
Season 10 (show/hide)
20Abby Normal2004-04-29
19Just a Touch2004-04-22
18Where There's Smoke2004-04-08
17The Student2004-04-01
16Forgive and Forget2004-02-26
15Blood Relations2004-02-19
14Impulse Control2004-02-12
13Get Carter2004-02-05
11Touch and Go2004-01-08
7Death and Taxes2003-11-13
6The Greater Good2003-11-06
5Out of Africa2003-10-30
4Shifts Happen2003-10-23
3Dear Abby2003-10-09
2The Lost2003-10-02
1Now What?2003-09-25
Season 9 (show/hide)
21When Night Meets Day2003-05-08
20Foreign Affairs2003-05-01
19Things Change2003-04-24
18Finders Keepers2003-04-03
17The Advocate2003-03-13
16A Thousand Cranes2003-02-20
15A Boy Falling Out of the Sky2003-02-13
14No Strings Attached2003-02-06
13No Good Deed Goes Unpunished2003-01-30
12A Saint in the City2003-01-16
11A Little Help From My Friends2003-01-09
9Next of Kin2002-12-05
8First Snowfall2002-11-21
7Tell Me Where It Hurts2002-11-14
6One Can Only Hope2002-11-07
5A Hopeless Wound2002-10-31
4Walk Like a Man2002-10-17
2Dead Again2002-10-03
1Chaos Theory2002-09-26
Season 8 (show/hide)
21On the Beach2002-05-09
20The Letter2002-05-02
19Brothers and Sisters (1)2002-04-25
18Orion in the Sky2002-04-04
16Secrets and Lies2002-03-07
15It's All in Your Head2002-02-28
14A Simple Twist of Fate2002-02-07
13Damage Is Done2002-01-31
12A River in Egypt2002-01-17
11Beyond Repair2002-01-10
10I'll Be Home for Christmas2001-12-13
9Quo Vadis?2001-11-22
8Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain2001-11-15
7If I Should Fall from Grace2001-11-08
6Supplies and Demands2001-11-01
5Start All Over Again2001-10-25
4Never Say Never2001-10-18
3Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic2001-10-11
2The Longer You Stay2001-10-04
1Four Corners2001-09-27
Season 7 (show/hide)
21Where the Heart Is2001-05-10
20Fear of Commitment2001-05-03
19Sailing Away2001-04-26
18April Showers2001-04-19
17Survival of the Fittest2001-03-29
16Witch Hunt2001-03-01
15The Crossing2001-02-22
14A Walk in the Woods2001-02-15
13Thy Will Be Done2001-02-08
11Rock, Paper, Scissors2001-01-11
10Piece of Mind2001-01-04
9The Greatest of Gifts2000-12-14
8The Dance We Do2000-12-07
7Rescue Me2000-11-23
6The Visit2000-11-16
5Flight of Fancy2000-11-09
4Benton Backwards2000-11-02
3Mars Attacks2000-10-26
2Sand and Water2000-10-19
Season 6 (show/hide)
22May Day2000-05-18
21Such Sweet Sorrow2000-05-11
20Loose Ends2000-05-04
19The Fastest Year2000-04-27
18Match Made in Heaven2000-04-13
17Viable Options2000-04-06
16Under Control2000-03-23
15Be Patient2000-02-24
14All in the Family2000-02-17
13Be Still My Heart2000-02-10
12Abby Road2000-02-03
11The Domino Heart2000-01-13
10Family Matters2000-01-06
9How the Finch Stole Christmas1999-12-16
8Great Expectations1999-11-25
7Humpty Dumpty1999-11-18
6The Peace of Wild Things1999-11-11
5Truth & Consequences1999-11-04
4Sins of the Fathers1999-10-21
3Greene with Envy1999-10-14
2Last Rites1999-10-07
1Leave It to Weaver1999-09-30
Season 5 (show/hide)
22Getting to Know You1999-05-20
21Responsible Parties1999-05-13
19Rites of Spring1999-04-29
18Point of Origin1999-04-08
17Sticks and Stones1999-03-25
16Middle of Nowhere1999-02-25
15The Storm (2)1999-02-18
14The Storm (1)1999-02-11
13Choosing Joi1999-02-04
12Double Blind1999-01-21
11Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee1999-01-07
10The Miracle Worker1998-12-17
9Good Luck, Ruth Johnson1998-12-10
8The Good Fight1998-11-19
7Hazed and Confused1998-11-12
6Stuck on You1998-11-05
4Vanishing Act1998-10-15
3They Treat Horses, Don't They?1998-10-08
2Split Second1998-10-01
1Day for Knight1998-09-24
Season 4 (show/hide)
22A Hole in the Heart1998-05-14
21Suffer the Little Children1998-05-07
20Of Past Regret and Future Fear1998-04-30
19Shades of Gray1998-04-23
18Gut Reaction1998-04-16
17A Bloody Mess1998-04-09
16My Brother's Keeper1998-03-05
14Family Practice1998-02-05
13Carter's Choice1998-01-29
12Sharp Relief1998-01-15
11Think Warm Thoughts1998-01-08
10Do You See What I See?1997-12-18
9Obstruction of Justice1997-12-11
8Freak Show1997-11-20
7Fathers and Sons1997-11-13
6Ground Zero1997-11-06
5Good Touch, Bad Touch1997-10-30
4When the Bough Breaks1997-10-16
3Friendly Fire1997-10-09
2Something New1997-10-02
Season 3 (show/hide)
22One More for the Road1997-05-15
21Make a Wish1997-05-08
20Random Acts1997-05-01
19Calling Dr. Hathaway1997-04-24
18You Bet Your Life1997-04-17
15The Long Way Around1997-02-13
14Whose Appy Now?1997-02-06
13Fortune's Fools1997-01-30
12Post Mortem1997-01-23
11Night Shift1997-01-16
10Homeless for the Holidays1996-12-19
9Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies1996-12-12
8Union Station1996-11-21
7No Brain, No Gain1996-11-14
6Fear of Flying1996-11-07
4Last Call1996-10-17
3Don't Ask, Don't Tell1996-10-10
2Let the Games Begin1996-10-03
1Dr. Carter, I Presume1996-09-26
Season 2 (show/hide)
22John Carter, M.D.1996-05-16
21Take These Broken Wings1996-05-09
20Fevers of Unknown Origin1996-05-02
19Fire in the Belly1996-04-25
18A Shift in the Night1996-04-04
17The Match Game1996-03-28
16The Healers1996-02-22
15Baby Shower1996-02-15
14The Right Thing1996-02-08
13It's Not Easy Being Greene1996-02-01
12True Lies1996-01-25
11Dead of Winter1996-01-04
10A Miracle Happens Here1995-12-14
8The Secret Sharer1995-11-16
7Hell and High Water1995-11-09
6Days Like This1995-11-02
5And Baby Makes Two1995-10-19
4What Life?1995-10-12
3Do One, Teach One, Kill One1995-10-05
2Summer Run1995-09-28
1Welcome Back, Carter!1995-09-21
Season 1 (show/hide)
25Everything Old Is New Again1995-05-18
23Love Among the Ruins1995-05-04
22Men Plan, God Laughs1995-04-27
21House of Cards1995-04-06
20Full Moon, Saturday Night1995-03-30
19Love's Labor Lost1995-03-09
18Sleepless in Chicago1995-02-23
17The Birthday Party1995-02-16
16Make of Two Hearts1995-02-09
15Feb. 5 '951995-02-02
14Long Day's Journey1995-01-19
13Luck of the Draw1995-01-19
12Happy New Year1995-01-05
11The Gift1994-12-15
9ER Confidential1994-11-10
89½ Hours1994-11-10
7Another Perfect Day1994-11-03
6Chicago Heat1994-10-20
5Into That Good Night1994-10-13
4Hit and Run1994-10-06
3Going Home1994-09-29
2Day One1994-09-22
124 Hours1994-09-19
Season 0 (show/hide)
3Ambush (West Coast)1997-09-25

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