Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

Tough on the outside, all heart on the inside, Onizuka turned to the life of a high school teacher for less excitement and action... or so he thought. GTO, a.k.a. Great Teacher Onizuka, is the racy story of Onizuka, a former motorcycle gang member who becomes a teacher to make a difference and... to meet girls? Using his street smarts to deal with colleagues, students and troublemakers, Onizuka finds that he too has many lessons to learn! (Quelle:
Genre: Animation | Comedy | Drama | Romance
First Aired: 1994-01-21 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 1 (show/hide)
43 Onizuka's Final Battle (Filler)2000-09-17
42 Old Wounds Revisited (Filler)2000-09-10
41 Confessions2000-08-27
40 Matters of the Heart2000-08-20
39 Alone in the Dark2000-08-13
38 Great Treasure Okinawa2000-07-30
37 Living Together2000-07-16
36 Self-Improvement: Fuyutsuki's Transformation2000-06-18
35 Wedding Bell Blues2000-06-11
34 Good Cop / Bad Cop (Filler)2000-06-04
33 Search and Rescue2000-05-28
32 The Law of Probability2000-05-14
31 Destination: Okinawa2000-05-07
30 Money Talks, GTO Walks2000-04-30
29 Studies in High Finance2000-04-23
28 Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong (Filler)2000-04-16
27 Agent To The Stars (Filler)2000-04-02
26 Onizuka Meets His Match (Filler)2000-03-19
25 Playing Doctor - GTO Style (Filler)2000-03-12
24 Compromising Positions2000-03-05
23 Superstition (Filler)2000-02-27
22 The Art of Demolition2000-02-20
21 Revolution Everywhere2000-02-13
20 Love Letters2000-02-06
19 Private Investigations2000-01-30
18 How to Dine and Dash2000-01-23
17 Falling for the Great Onizuka2000-01-16
16 Beauty + Brains = A Dangerous Mix1999-12-19
15 The Great Sacrifice1999-12-12
14 Between a Rock and a Hard Place1999-12-05
13 Only the Best Will Do1999-11-21
12 The Formula for Treachery1999-10-31
11 To Be Idolized by a Nation1999-10-17
10 Outside Looking In1999-09-22
9 Onizuka and the Art of War1999-09-22
8 Bungee Jumping Made Easy1999-09-08
7 The Mother of All Crushes1999-09-01
6 Conspiracies All Around1999-08-25
5 An Eye for an Eye, a Butt for a Butt1999-08-18
4 The Secret Life of Onizuka1999-08-11
3 Late Night Roof Diving1999-07-21
2 Enter Uchiyamada1999-07-07
1 The Legend Begins1999-06-30
Season 0 (show/hide)
5 Shonan Junai Gumi! 5 Forever Onibaku1997-01-24
4 Shonan Junai Gumi! 4 Hunting Death1996-05-24
3 Shonan Junai Gumi! 3 Runaway Angel of Hell1995-06-23
2 Shonan Junai Gumi! 21994-09-23
1 Shonan Junai-gumi!1994-01-21


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