Grounded for Life

Having started procreating at a young age, Claudia and Sean aren't sure they're ready for parenthood - even after having three kids. This series tells the story of kids - as well as the adults - growing up. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy
First Aired: 2001-01-10 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 5 (show/hide)
13 Hello, Goodbye2005-01-28
12 Crazy2005-01-21
11 The Letters2005-01-14
10 Tom Sawyer2005-01-07
9 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?2004-11-19
8 Mystery Dance2004-11-12
7 I'm Looking Through You2004-11-05
6 Psycho Therapy2004-10-22
5 You Better You Bet2004-10-15
4 Day Tripper2004-10-08
3 One Is the Loneliest Number2004-10-01
2 Man, I Feel Like a Woman2004-09-24
1 The Policy of Truth2004-09-17
Season 4 (show/hide)
28 Space Camp Oddity2004-05-07
27 Get a Job2004-04-30
26 Pressure Drop2004-04-23
25 You're So Vain2004-04-16
24 The Cheat Is On2004-03-26
23 Beat on the Brat2004-03-19
22 It's Hard to be a Saint in the City2004-03-05
21 Pictures of Willy2004-02-27
20 Tombstone Blues2004-02-27
19 Me and Mrs. O2004-02-20
18 Racketman2004-02-20
17 Can't Get Next to You2004-02-13
16 I Think We're Alone Now2004-02-06
15 All Apologies2004-01-30
14 Communication Breakdown2004-01-23
13 My Ex-Boyfriend's Back2004-01-16
12 (She's Got) Kegs2004-01-09
11 Been Caught Stealing2003-11-21
10 Baby Come Back2003-11-14
9 Smells Like Teen Spirit2003-11-07
8 Ticket to Ride2003-10-31
7 Pay You Back with Interest2003-10-10
6 S.A.T. and Sympathy2003-10-03
5 I Just Paid to Say I Love You2003-09-26
4 I Right the Wrongs2003-09-19
3 All the Young Nudes2003-09-12
2 Your Father Should Know (2)2003-09-05
1 Your Father Should Know (1)2003-09-05
Season 3 (show/hide)
13 Part Time Lover2003-05-16
12 Oh, What a Knight2003-05-16
11 Tonight's the Night2003-05-09
10 Claudia in Disguise with Glasses2003-05-02
9 Welcome to the Working Week2003-04-25
8 Who Are You?2003-03-28
7 Cuts Like a Knife2003-03-14
6 Henry's Been Working for the Drug Squad2003-03-07
5 Just Like a Woman2003-02-28
4 Drive Me Crazy2003-02-28
3 Cat Scratch Fever2002-12-03
2 Mustang Lily2002-09-24
1 We Didn't Start the Fire2002-09-17
Season 2 (show/hide)
22 Oops!...I Did It Again2002-05-08
21 Dust in the Wind2002-05-01
20 I Fought the In-Laws2002-04-24
19 Eddie and This Guy with Diamonds2002-04-17
18 Swearin' to God2002-04-10
17 The Kids Are Alright2002-04-03
16 Relax!2002-03-27
15 Safety Dance2002-03-06
14 Eddie Said Knock You Out2002-02-20
13 Take It to the Limit2002-02-13
12 Don't Fear the Reefer2002-02-06
11 Mr. Roboto2002-01-30
10 We Are Family2002-01-23
9 Is She Really Going Out with Walt?2002-01-16
8 Let's Talk About Sex, Henry2002-01-02
7 I Saw Daddy Hitting Santa Claus2001-12-19
6 Smoke on the Daughter2001-12-12
5 Bang on a Drum2001-12-05
4 Rubber Sold2001-11-28
3 Don't Let Me Download2001-11-21
2 Dream On2001-10-03
1 Baby, You Can't Drive My Car2001-09-26
Season 1 (show/hide)
15 Love Child2001-05-23
14 Mrs. Finnerty, You've Got a Lovely Daughter2001-05-16
13 Loser2001-05-09
12 Jimmy Was Kung-Fu Fighting2001-05-02
11 Jimmy's Got a Gun2001-04-25
10 Catch Us If You Can2001-04-18
9 Eddie's Dead2001-04-04
8 Devil's Haircut2001-03-28
7 Like a Virgin2001-02-28
6 You Can't Always Get What You Want2001-02-21
5 Action Mountain High2001-02-07
4 Devil with a Plaid Skirt2001-01-31
3 I Wanna Be Suspended2001-01-24
2 In My Room2001-01-17
1 Lily B. Goode2001-01-10
Season 0 (show/hide)
11 Sibling Rilvary - Interviews with Jake Burbage and Griffin Frazen
10 Season 2 - Highlights
9 Season 2 - Bloopers
8 Kevin Corrigan - He Ain't Eddie, He's My Brother (A Brand New Interview with Kevin Corrigan)
7 From Ashes to Ashton - An Interview with Ashton Kutcher
6 Season 1 - Bloopers
5 Life with Lily - Interview with Lynsey Bartilson
4 Season 1 - Highlights
3 Meet the Finnertys - Interview with Donal Logue
2 Claudia: Not the Sitcom Mom - Interview with Megyn Price
1 Interview with Creators Mike Schiff and Bill Martin


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