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Seven centuries have passed since the Earth plunged into darkness, seven centuries since the Jettator swore to regain from man his lost knowledge and freedom, all the Immortals took the oath, all except one. Who dominates the world, but soon an Immortal will come to confront him, his name is Quentin MacLeod, he is the Highlander. This animated series followed the adventures of Quentin MacLeod, the Last of the MacLeods. Set in a post apocalyptic world almost barren of technology and civilization. The Jettator's or Immmortals oath was to lay down their swords and when Kortan decided not to swear the oath so began the wait for the Highlander. It was contended by this series, which was made before Highlander Endgame that Kortan took Conner MacLeod's quickening. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Fantasy | Science Fiction
First Aired: 1994-09-18 Status: Ended Length: 22 Min

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Season 2 (show/hide)
27 Countdown1995-11-17
26 Ice Dwellers1995-11-08
25 Matsuda1995-11-21
24 Tricks of the Mind1995-11-20
23 Playing with Fire1995-11-14
22 Cult of the Immortal1995-11-15
21 The Double1995-11-13
20 Trick of the Light1995-11-10
19 The Revenge of the Shantytown1995-11-09
18 Isle of Grans1995-11-24
17 Eagle Valley1996-01-05
16 King of the Ants1995-11-23
15 The Survivors from Outer Space1995-11-16
14 Valka1995-11-22
13 The Blood of My Enemy1995-09-12
12 The Seige of the Dundees1995-10-04
11 Lord for a Day1995-09-22
10 Oblivion1995-10-03
9 Rage of the Hurricane1995-09-11
8 Orion's Reign1995-09-08
7 Dead Ringer1995-09-07
6 The Secret Prison1995-09-06
5 Orane1995-11-07
4 The Treasure in the Sand1995-11-06
3 The Price of Freedom1995-09-05
2 The Eye of Heaven1995-10-02
1 The Sword of Evil1995-09-21
Season 1 (show/hide)
13 The Setup1995-01-08
12 The Courage of Love1994-12-18
11 Fallout1994-12-11
10 The Valley of the Thorn Pods1994-12-04
9 The History Lesson1994-11-20
8 The Cursed1994-11-27
7 Exodus1994-11-06
6 The Suspended Village1994-10-30
5 The Sound of Madness1995-01-15
4 Melvyn the Magnificent1994-10-02
3 The Last Weapon1994-10-23
2 A Taste of Betrayal1994-09-18
1 The Last of the MacLeods1994-10-16
Season 0 (show/hide)
1 The Adventure Begins

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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