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Perhaps the world’s only animated sketch comedy educational series, Histeria delivers lessons that stick – to your funny bone. Hosted by Father Time (voice of Frank Welker), the cartoon cast careens through time to deliver historical facts from Siberia to Sumeria, despite the efforts of Miss Information (voice of Laraine Newman), the claims of The World’s Oldest Woman (voice of Tress MacNeille) and the perpetually poopy diapers of the egg shaped Big Fat Baby (Luke Ruegger). Histeria comes complete with its own Kid Chorus to underscore the history lessons and often provide the impetus for some most unusual interactions with some of history’s most famous and infamous characters (and more opening theme songs than you can shake a Greek javelin at!). Among the voices of the recurring cast can be heard vocal luminaries like James Wickline, Rob Paulsen, Billy West, Paul Rugg and Nora Dunn. So get set for 52 fact-music-and-mirth-filled history lessons! (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Adventure | Animation | Children | Comedy | Documentary | Family | History | Musical
First Aired: 1998-09-14 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 2 (show/hide)
6 North America2000-10-01
5 The French Revolution2000-09-24
4 Big Fat Baby Theatre2000-03-31
3 Euro-Mania2000-03-24
2 Heroes of Truth and Justice2000-01-17
1 Histeria! Goes to the Moon2000-07-17
Season 1 (show/hide)
46 Histeria Around the World (2)1999-06-05
45 20th Century Presidents1999-05-22
44 Americana1999-05-15
43 Communuts1999-05-08
42 The Teddy Roosevelt Show1999-05-01
41 World War II1999-04-24
40 Music1999-04-17
39 The Dawn of Time1999-04-03
38 Better Living Through Science1999-03-27
37 Super Amazing Constitutions1999-03-20
36 Loud Kiddington's Ancient History1999-03-13
35 When America Was Young1999-03-06
34 Histeria Around the World (1)1999-02-27
33 Writers of the Purple Prose1999-02-20
32 Presidential People1999-02-13
31 History of Flight1999-02-02
30 Super Writers1998-11-21
29 Return to China1998-11-14
28 More Explorers1998-11-13
27 The Thomas Jefferson Program1998-11-07
26 Hooray for Presidents1998-11-07
25 Megalomaniacs1998-10-31
24 Inventors Hall of Fame (2)1998-10-30
23 Russian Revolution1998-10-24
22 Return to Rome1998-10-23
21 General Sherman's Campsite1998-10-17
20 Histeria Satellite TV1998-10-16
19 Around the World in a Daze1998-10-12
18 When Time Collides1998-10-10
17 The Wheel of History1998-10-09
16 The Terrible Tudors1998-10-08
15 Great Heroes of France1998-10-06
14 The Montezuma Show1998-10-02
13 Tribute to Tyrants1998-09-30
12 China1998-09-28
11 A Blast in the Past1998-09-26
10 The American Revolution (2)1998-09-25
9 Really Oldies But Goodies1998-09-24
8 The U.S. Civil War (2)1998-09-23
7 The Renaissance1998-09-22
6 The Know-It-Alls1998-09-21
5 The American Revolution (1)1998-09-18
4 The Wild West1998-09-17
3 The Attack of the Vikings1998-09-16
2 The U.S. Civil War (1)1998-09-15
1 Inventors Hall of Fame (1)1998-09-14

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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