Joan of Arcadia

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A drama about a typical family, the Girardis, facing atypical situations -- not the least of which is their teenage daughter Joan's sudden, unexpected conversations with God in such random forms as a cute boy, Goth kid, little girl or the school lunch lady. Joan must endeavour to balance the natural and supernatural elements of her life, often with little success. This is not the only major problem the family must face as her elder brother Kevin was paralysed from the waist down in a car accident. As a result, her younger brother Luke often feels that his needs are being ignored. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Fantasy
First Aired: 2003-09-26 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 2 (show/hide)
22 Something Wicked This Way Comes2005-04-22
21 Common Thread2005-04-15
20 Spring Cleaning2005-04-08
19 Trial and Error2005-04-01
18 Secret Service2005-03-04
17 Shadows and Light2005-02-25
16 Independence Day2005-02-18
15 Romancing the Joan2005-02-11
14 The Rise & Fall of Joan Girardi2005-01-28
13 Queen of the Zombies2005-01-14
12 Game Theory2005-01-07
11 Dive2004-12-10
10 Book of Questions2004-11-26
9 No Future2004-11-19
8 Friday Night2004-11-12
7 P.O.V.2004-11-05
6 Wealth of Nations2004-10-29
5 The Election2004-10-22
4 The Cat2004-10-15
3 Back to the Garden2004-10-08
2 Out of Sight2004-10-01
1 Only Connect2004-09-24
Season 1 (show/hide)
23 Silence2004-05-21
22 The Gift2004-05-14
21 Vanity, Thy Name Is Human2004-05-07
20 Anonymous2004-04-30
19 Do the Math2004-04-02
18 Requiem for a Third Grade Ashtray2004-03-12
17 No Bad Guy2004-02-27
16 Double Dutch2004-02-20
15 Night Without Stars2004-02-13
14 State of Grace2004-02-06
13 Recreation2004-01-16
12 Jump2004-01-09
11 The Uncertainty Principle2003-12-12
10 Drive, He Said2003-12-05
9 St. Joan2003-11-21
8 The Devil Made Me Do It2003-11-14
7 Death Be Not Whatever2003-11-07
6 Bringeth It On2003-10-31
5 Just Say No2003-10-24
4 The Boat2003-10-17
3 Touch Move2003-10-10
2 The Fire and the Wood2003-10-03
1 Pilot2003-09-26
Season 0 (show/hide)
27 Common Thread Table Read2006-11-28
26 A Tour of Joan's High School2006-11-28
25 The Making of Queen of the Zombies2006-11-28
24 Joan of Arcadia - A Look At Season Two2006-11-28
23 Commentary on S02E22 - Something Wicked This Way Comes2006-11-28
22 Commentary on S02E21 - Common Thread2006-11-28
21 Commentary on S02E08 - Friday Night2006-11-28
20 Commentary on S02E01 - Only Connect2006-11-28
19 God Gallery (Part 6)2005-05-10
18 God Gallery (Part 5)2005-05-10
17 God Gallery (Part 4)2005-05-10
16 God Gallery (Part 3)2005-05-10
15 God Gallery (Part 2)2005-05-10
14 God Gallery (Part 1)2005-05-10
13 Joan of Arcadia - A Look At Season One2005-05-10
12 The Creation of Joan of Arcadia2005-05-10
11 Commentary on S01E23 - Silence2005-05-10
10 Commentary on S01E22 - The Gift2005-05-10
9 Commentary on S01E13 - Recreation2005-05-10
8 Commentary on S01E12 - Jump2005-05-10
7 Commentary on S01E01 - Pilot2005-05-10
6 Deleted Scenes (Part 6)2005-05-10
5 Deleted Scenes (Part 5)2005-05-10
4 Deleted Scenes (Part 4)2005-05-10
3 Deleted Scenes (Part 3)2005-05-10
2 Deleted Scenes (Part 2)2005-05-10
1 Deleted Scenes (Part 1)2005-05-10


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