The Legend of Korra

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Avatar Korra, a headstrong, rebellious, feisty young woman who continually challenges and breaks with tradition, is on her quest to become a fully realized Avatar. In this story, the Avatar struggles to find balance within herself. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Children | Comedy | Drama | Family | Fantasy | Science Fiction
First Aired: 2012-04-14 Status: Ended Length: 23 Min

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Season 4 (show/hide)
13 Chapter Thirteen: The Last Stand2014-12-18
12 Chapter Twelve: Day of the Colossus2014-12-18
11 Chapter Eleven: Kuvira's Gambit2014-12-12
10 Chapter Ten: Operation: Beifong2014-12-05
9 Chapter Nine: Beyond the Wilds2014-11-28
8 Chapter Eight: Remembrances2014-11-21
7 Chapter Seven: Reunion2014-11-14
6 Chapter Six: The Battle of Zaofu2014-11-07
5 Chapter Five: Enemy at the Gates2014-10-31
4 Chapter Four: The Calling2014-10-24
3 Chapter Three: The Coronation2014-10-17
2 Chapter Two: Korra Alone2014-10-10
1 Chapter One: After All These Years2014-10-03
Season 3 (show/hide)
13 Chapter Thirteen: Venom of the Red Lotus2014-08-22
12 Chapter Twelve: Enter the Void2014-08-22
11 Chapter Eleven: The Ultimatum2014-08-15
10 Chapter Ten: Long Live the Queen2014-08-08
9 Chapter Nine: The Stakeout2014-08-01
8 Chapter Eight: The Terror Within2014-07-25
7 Chapter Seven: Original Airbenders2014-07-18
6 Chapter Six: Old Wounds2014-07-18
5 Chapter Five: The Metal Clan2014-07-11
4 Chapter Four: In Harm's Way2014-07-11
3 Chapter Three: The Earth Queen2014-06-27
2 Chapter Two: Rebirth2014-06-27
1 Chapter One: A Breath of Fresh Air2014-06-27
Season 2 (show/hide)
14 Chapter Fourteen: Light in the Dark2013-11-22
13 Chapter Thirteen: Darkness Falls2013-11-22
12 Chapter Twelve: Harmonic Convergence2013-11-15
11 Chapter Eleven: Night of a Thousand Stars2013-11-15
10 Chapter Ten: A New Spiritual Age2013-11-08
9 Chapter Nine: The Guide2013-11-01
8 Chapter Eight: Beginnings (2)2013-10-18
7 Chapter Seven: Beginnings (1)2013-10-18
6 Chapter Six: The Sting2013-10-11
5 Chapter Five: Peacekeepers2013-10-04
4 Chapter Four: Civil Wars (2)2013-09-27
3 Chapter Three: Civil Wars (1)2013-09-20
2 Chapter Two: The Southern Lights2013-09-13
1 Chapter One: Rebel Spirit2013-09-13
Season 1 (show/hide)
12 Chapter Twelve: Endgame2012-06-23
11 Chapter Eleven: Skeletons in the Closet2012-06-23
10 Chapter Ten: Turning the Tides2012-06-16
9 Chapter Nine: Out of the Past2012-06-09
8 Chapter Eight: When Extremes Meet2012-06-02
7 Chapter Seven: The Aftermath2012-05-19
6 Chapter Six: And the Winner is…2012-05-12
5 Chapter Five: The Spirit of Competition2012-05-05
4 Chapter Four: The Voice in the Night2012-04-28
3 Chapter Three: The Revelation2012-04-21
2 Chapter Two: A Leaf in the Wind2012-04-14
1 Chapter One: Welcome to Republic City2012-04-14
Season 0 (show/hide)
47 Creators' Favorite Scenes: Animatics — Endgame
46 Creators' Favorite Scenes: Animatics — Turning the Tides
45 Creators' Favorite Scenes: Animatics — When Extremes Meet
44 Creators' Favorite Scenes: Animatics — And the Winner is…
43 Creators' Favorite Scenes: Animatics — The Spirit of Competition
42 Creators' Favorite Scenes: Animatics — The Voice in the Night
41 Creators' Favorite Scenes: Animatics — The Revelation
40 Creators' Favorite Scenes: Animatics — Welcome to Republic City
39 The Legend of Korra: 2014 New York Comic-Con Panel Featurette
38 The Legend of Puppetbender: The Making of a Legend — The Untold Story, Part 2
37 Kuvira vs. Prince Wu
36 The Spirit of an Episode: Venom of the Red Lotus
35 The Spirit of an Episode: Enter the Void
34 The Spirit of an Episode: The Ultimatum
33 The Spirit of an Episode: Long Live the Queen
32 The Spirit of an Episode: The Stakeout
31 The Spirit of an Episode: The Terror Within
30 The Spirit of an Episode: Original Airbenders
29 The Spirit of an Episode: Old Wounds
28 The Spirit of an Episode: The Metal Clan
27 The Spirit of an Episode: In Harm's Way
26 The Spirit of an Episode: The Earth Queen
25 The Spirit of an Episode: Rebirth
24 The Spirit of an Episode: A Breath of Fresh Air
23 Feuding Spirits: Korra's Family
22 Inside the Book of Spirits
21 Kindred Spirits: Tenzin's Family
20 Scene Bending: Light in the Dark
19 Scene Bending: Darkness Falls
18 Scene Bending: Harmonic Convergence
17 Scene Bending: Night of a Thousand Stars
16 Scene Bending: A New Spiritual Age
15 Scene Bending: The Guide
14 Scene Bending: Beginnings, Part 2
13 Scene Bending: Beginnings, Part 1
12 Scene Bending: Peacekeepers
11 Scene Bending: Civil Wars, Part 2
10 Scene Bending: Civil Wars, Part 1
9 Scene Bending: The Southern Lights Scene 2
8 Scene Bending: The Southern Lights Scene 1
7 Scene Bending: Rebel Spirit Scene 2
6 Scene Bending: Rebel Spirit Scene 1
5 The Legend of Puppetbender: The Making of a Legend — The Untold Story2013-07-09
4 The Re-Telling of Korra's Journey2013-09-13
3 Republic City Hustle, Part 32013-08-23
2 Republic City Hustle, Part 22013-08-16
1 Republic City Hustle, Part 12013-08-09

Anonymisiert (7/10 Sterne) 2016-08-29 17:03
Super neue Sportart, Abwechslung und süße neue Welt,die klug gestaltet ist. Aber: schwacher Avatar, wenig tiefe Charachter.

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