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Donald Duck is in charge of his trio of rebellious teenage nephews, Huey (R) Louie (G) and Dewey (B), who make life difficult for him. Most of the time they're a pain, but their Uncle Donald still loves them. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Adventure | Animation | Children | Comedy | Family
First Aired: 1996-09-02 Status: Ended Length: 20 Min

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Season 1 (show/hide)
39 Feats of Clay1996-11-28
38 Stunt Double or Nothing1996-11-27
37 Captain Donald1996-11-26
36 Hero Today, Don Tomorrow1996-11-21
35 Cat & Louse1996-11-20
34 Hit the Road, Backwater Jack1996-11-19
33 Nosy Neighbors1996-11-14
32 Transmission: Impossible1996-11-13
31 Ducky Dearest1996-11-12
30 None Like It Hot1996-11-07
29 Gator Aid1996-11-06
28 The Boy Who Cried Ghost1996-10-31
27 Recipe for Adventure1996-10-30
26 Ducks by Nature1996-10-29
25 Take My Duck, Please1996-10-28
24 Huey Duck, P.I.1996-10-23
23 Snow Place to Hide1996-10-22
22 Shrunken Heroes1996-10-17
21 Long Arm of the Claw1996-10-16
20 Duck Quake1996-10-15
19 Heavy Dental1996-10-10
18 Can't Take a Yolk1996-10-09
17 Ducklaration of Independence1996-10-08
16 Unusual Suspects1996-10-03
15 Pardon My Molecules1996-10-02
14 Ready, Aim...Duck!1996-09-30
13 Koi Story1996-09-26
12 Return of the T-Squad1996-09-25
11 Phoniest Home Videos1996-09-24
10 Tasty Paste1996-09-19
9 The Late Donald Duck1996-09-18
8 The Germinator1996-09-16
7 Need 4 Speed1996-09-12
6 Pride Goeth Before the Fall Guy1996-09-11
5 All Hands on Duck!1996-09-09
4 Leader of the Quack1996-09-05
3 I.O.U. a U.F.O.1996-11-05
2 Island of the Not So Nice1996-09-04
1 The Really Mighty Ducks1996-09-02
Season 0 (show/hide)
1 House of Haunts1997-08-26

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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