The Raccoons

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Follow the adventures of Bert Raccoon and his friends in the Evergreen Forest of Western Canada as they strive to thwart the industrialist actions of Cyril Sneer, a pink aardvark, and his pig henchmen. (Quelle:
Genre: Animation | Children | Comedy | Drama | Family
First Aired: 1980-12-17 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 5 (show/hide)
13 Go for the Gold1990-11-28
12 The One That Got Away1990-11-27
11 The Evergreen Election1990-11-26
10 Join the Club1990-11-23
9 The Wrong Stuff1990-11-22
8 Black Belt Bentley1990-11-21
7 Promises Promises1990-11-20
6 Endless Summer1990-11-19
5 Easy Money1990-11-16
4 End of the Line1990-11-15
3 Moving In1990-11-14
2 Stress Test1990-11-13
1 Cold Feet1990-11-12
Season 4 (show/hide)
13 The Headline Hunter1989-11-23
12 The Phantom of Sneer Mansion1989-11-21
11 Stealing the Show1989-11-20
10 Science Friction1989-11-17
9 Making the Grade1989-11-16
8 The Great Escape1989-11-15
7 The Family Secret1989-11-14
6 Spring Fever1989-11-13
5 Search and Rescue1989-11-10
4 A Catered Affair1989-11-09
3 Bully for You1989-11-08
2 The Sky's the Limit1989-11-07
1 Second Chance1989-11-06
Season 3 (show/hide)
13 Games People Play1988-11-23
12 Simon Says1988-11-22
11 Paper Chase1988-11-21
10 Trouble Shooter1988-11-18
9 The Evergreen Express1988-11-17
8 Strictly by the Book1988-11-16
7 Picture Perfect1988-11-15
6 Mom's the Word1988-11-14
5 Monster Mania1988-11-11
4 Life in the Fast Lane1988-11-10
3 The Chips Are Down1988-11-09
2 Paperback Hero1988-11-08
1 The Prism of Zenda1988-11-07
Season 2 (show/hide)
10 Time Trap1987-11-13
9 Courting Disaster1987-11-12
8 Read No Evil1987-11-11
7 Last Legs1987-11-10
6 The Artful Dodger1987-11-09
5 Stop the Clock1987-11-06
4 Power Trip!1987-11-05
3 Blast from the Past1987-11-04
2 The Sweet Smell of Success1987-11-03
1 Double Play1987-11-02
Season 1 (show/hide)
11 Gold Rush1986-01-09
10 Rumours1986-01-08
9 Cry Wolf1986-01-07
8 Opportunity Knocks1986-01-06
7 The Intruders1985-11-19
6 Buried Treasure1985-11-18
5 The Runaways1985-11-15
4 The Evergreen Grand Prix1985-11-14
3 A Night to Remember1985-11-13
2 Going it Alone1985-11-12
1 Surprise Attack1985-11-11
Season 0 (show/hide)
5 Run With Us (Theme from 'The Raccoons)2014-07-14
4 The Raccoons: Let's Dance1984-09-13
3 The Raccoons and the Lost Star1983-12-13
2 The Raccoons on Ice1981-12-20
1 The Christmas Raccoons1980-12-17


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