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Best friends CeCe Jones and Rachel "Rocky" Blue have dreamed about becoming professional dancers ever since they were little girls. Their big break finally comes when the girls land roles as backup dancers on a local Chicago TV dance show, "Shake It Up, Chicago!". As the girls pop, lock, and learn challenging dance moves for each week's show, they revel in their newfound status but also quickly learn they'll need more than fancy footwork to match wits with the show's other dancers, notably the highly competitive siblings Gunther and Tinka. At the same time, with their best friend Deuce and Rocky's brother Ty, they must quickstep through the complex twists and turns of an average big-city high school as well as Windy City family life, including their obligation to babysit CeCe's mischievous younger brother, Flynn. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy | Family
First Aired: 2010-11-07 Status: Ended Length: 30 Min

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Season 3 (show/hide)
26 Remember Me2013-11-10
25 Haunt It Up2013-10-06
24 Loyal It Up2013-09-29
23 Stress It Up2013-09-15
22 My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up2013-08-25
21 Oui Oui It Up2013-08-04
20 Future It Up2013-07-28
19 Psych It Up2013-07-14
18 Opposites Attract It Up2013-06-23
17 Brain It Up2013-06-02
16 In the Bag It Up2013-05-12
15 Love and War It Up2013-04-28
14 Switch It Up2013-04-07
13 Forward and Back It Up2013-03-24
12 I Do It Up2013-03-17
11 Clean It Up2013-03-10
10 My Fair Librarian It Up2013-02-24
9 Ty It Up2013-02-17
8 Quit It Up2013-01-27
7 Oh Brother It Up2013-01-13
6 Home Alone It Up2012-12-09
5 Merry Merry It Up2012-12-02
4 Lock It Up2012-11-11
3 Spirit It Up2012-11-04
2 Funk It Up2012-10-28
1 Fire It Up2012-10-14
Season 2 (show/hide)
30 Made in Japan (3)2012-08-17
29 Made in Japan (2)2012-08-17
28 Made in Japan (1)2012-08-17
27 Embarrass It Up2012-08-12
26 Surprise It Up2012-08-05
25 Slumber It Up2012-07-29
24 Boot It Up2012-07-15
23 Rock and Roll It Up2012-07-01
22 Reality Check It Up2012-06-10
21 Wrestle It Up2012-06-03
20 Protest It Up2012-05-20
19 Tunnel It Up2012-05-13
18 Whodunit Up2012-04-15
17 Weird It Up2012-04-01
16 Parent Trap It Up2012-03-25
15 Judge It Up2012-03-11
14 Egg It Up2012-02-26
13 Copy Kat It Up2012-02-19
12 Split It Up2012-01-08
11 Apply It Up2011-12-18
10 Jingle It Up2011-12-11
9 Camp It Up2011-11-27
8 Auction It Up2011-11-20
7 Double Pegasus It Up2011-11-13
6 Review It Up2011-11-06
5 Doctor It Up2011-10-23
4 Beam It Up2011-10-09
3 Shake It Up, Up and Away2011-10-02
2 Three's a Crowd It Up2011-09-25
1 Shrink It Up2011-09-18
Season 1 (show/hide)
21 Throw It Up2011-08-21
20 Break It Up2011-07-24
19 Twist It Up2011-07-10
18 Model It Up2011-06-17
17 Vatalihootsit It Up2011-06-12
16 Sweat It Up2011-05-01
15 Reunion It Up2011-04-10
14 Hot Mess It Up2011-03-20
13 Glitz It Up2011-03-06
12 Heat It Up2011-02-27
11 Show It Up2011-02-20
10 Match It Up2011-01-23
9 Wild It Up2011-01-09
8 Hook It Up2010-12-19
7 Party It Up2010-12-12
6 Age It Up2010-12-09
5 Kick It Up2010-12-05
4 Add It Up2010-11-28
3 Give It Up2010-11-21
2 Meatball It Up2010-11-14
1 Start It Up2010-11-07
Season 0 (show/hide)
7 Contagious Love (music video)2013-02-19
6 Fashion Is My Kryptonite (music video)2012-07-20
5 Something to Dance For (music video)2012-03-06
4 Watch Me (music video)2011-06-21
3 Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off - The Results Show2012-10-21
2 Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off2012-10-19
1 Make Your Mark: The Ultimate Dance Off - Shake It Up Edition2011-10-14


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