Käpt n Balu und seine tollkühne Crew (TaleSpin)

Baloo the Bear stars in an adventurous comedy of love and conflict with his friend Kit Cloudkicker. Rebecca Cunningham and her daughter Molly purchase Baloo's failing company. Baloo must fly transport runs to clear his debt while dodging Don Karnage and his sky pirates. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Children | Comedy | Drama | Family | Fantasy | Mystery
First Aired: 1990-09-07 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 1 (show/hide)
65 Flying Dupes1991-08-08
64 Bygones1991-05-03
63 The Incredible Shrinking Molly1991-04-08
62 Paradise Lost1991-02-25
61 Your Baloo's in the Mail1991-02-22
60 The Road to Macadamia1991-02-21
59 The Ransom of Red Chimp1991-02-20
58 The Sound and the Furry1991-02-13
57 Stuck on You1991-02-12
56 Mach One for the Gipper1991-02-11
55 Destiny Rides Again1991-02-08
54 Bullethead Baloo1991-02-07
53 Baloo Thunder1991-02-06
52 Pizza Pie in the Sky1991-02-05
51 Sheepskin Deep1991-02-04
50 Louie's Last Stand1991-01-31
49 In Search of Ancient Blunders1991-01-30
48 Jumping the Guns1991-01-21
47 Bringing Down Babyface1991-01-17
46 Flight School Confidential1991-01-10
45 Waiders of the Wost Tweasure1991-01-09
44 My Fair Baloo1991-01-07
43 Jolly Molly Christmas1990-12-20
42 Gruel and Unusual Punishment1990-12-04
41 Citizen Khan1990-12-03
40 For Whom the Bell Klangs (2)1990-11-28
39 For Whom the Bell Klangs (1)1990-11-27
38 The Time Bandit1990-11-23
37 Captains Outrageous1990-11-15
36 War of the Weirds1990-11-13
35 The Old Man and the Sea Duck1990-11-08
34 Save the Tiger1990-11-07
33 Flight of the Snow Duck1990-11-05
32 Last Horizons1990-11-01
31 Feminine Air1990-10-30
30 Double or Nothing1990-10-24
29 Whistlestop Jackson, Legend1990-10-22
28 A Baloo Switcheroo1990-10-16
27 The Balooest of the Bluebloods1990-10-15
26 A Spy in the Ointment1990-10-09
25 The Bigger They Are, the Louder They Oink1990-10-08
24 A Touch of Glass1990-10-05
23 A Star Is Torn1990-10-04
22 On a Wing and a Bear1990-10-03
21 A Bad Reflection on You (2)1990-10-02
20 A Bad Reflection on You (1)1990-10-01
19 For a Fuel Dollars More1990-09-28
18 The Golden Sprocket of Friendship1990-09-27
17 All's Whale That Ends Whale1990-09-26
16 Her Chance to Dream1990-09-25
15 Bearly Alive1990-09-24
14 Stormy Weather1990-09-21
13 The Idol Rich1990-09-20
12 Vowel Play1990-09-19
11 Polly Wants a Treasure1990-09-18
10 Molly Coddled1990-09-17
9 I Only Have Ice for You1990-09-14
8 Mommy for a Day1990-09-13
7 Time Waits for No Bear1990-09-12
6 It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck1990-09-11
5 From Here to Machinery1990-09-10
4 Plunder & Lightning (4)1990-09-09
3 Plunder & Lightning (3)1990-09-09
2 Plunder & Lightning (2)1990-09-09
1 Plunder & Lightning (1)1990-09-09
Season 0 (show/hide)
1 Plunder & Lightning1990-09-07

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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