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This half-hour comedy chronicles the hilarious world of Christopher Titus and his totally messed-up poor white trash family. Between his drunken father, his dimwitted brother, and his goody-goody best friend, it's amazing Titus is alive, let alone engaged to a "normal" girl. Titus adapted Christopher Titus' stand-up routine in a novel way: each episode is narrated by Titus from a black & white "Neutral Space," from which he comments on the events as they unfold, punctuated by short, surreal flashbacks to his childhood and adolescence. The hilarious interplay between these three levels of narrative is sometimes amazingly complex and even contradictory, highlighting the exceedingly black nature of the show's humor. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Comedy | Drama
First Aired: 2000-03-20 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 3 (show/hide)
21 The Protector2002-08-12
20 Insanity Genetic (2)2002-08-05
19 Insanity Genetic (1)2002-08-05
18 The Visit2002-07-29
17 After Mrs. Shafter2002-07-29
16 Same Courtesy2002-03-20
15 The Session2002-03-06
14 Hot Streak2002-02-20
13 Bachelor Party2002-02-13
12 Too Damn Good2002-02-06
11 Into Thin Air2002-01-30
10 Tommy's Crush2002-01-23
9 Errrr2002-01-16
8 Grandma Titus2002-01-09
7 The Trial2002-01-02
6 Houseboat2001-12-19
5 Grad School2001-12-12
4 Shannon's Song2001-12-05
3 Tommy's Not Gay2001-11-28
2 Amy's Birthday2001-11-21
1 Racing in the Streets2001-11-14
Season 2 (show/hide)
24 The Wedding2001-05-22
23 The Pendulum2001-05-15
22 The Pit2001-05-08
21 Three Strikes2001-04-24
20 Private Dave2001-04-17
19 Hard Ass2001-04-10
18 Tommy's Girlfriend No. 22001-03-27
17 Gift of the Car Guy2001-03-13
16 Life Forward2001-02-27
15 NASCAR2001-02-20
14 Deprogramming Erin2001-02-13
13 The Smell of Success2001-02-06
12 Episode 272001-01-30
11 When I Say Jump2001-01-16
10 Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!2001-01-09
9 Last Noelle2000-12-19
8 The Reconcilliation2000-12-12
7 Tommy's Girlfriend2000-11-28
6 The Perfect Thanksgiving2000-11-21
5 Locking Up Mom2000-11-14
4 What's Up, Hollywood?2000-10-31
3 The Surprise Party2000-10-17
2 The Test2000-10-10
1 Titus Is Dead2000-10-03
Season 1 (show/hide)
9 Episode Eleven2000-05-22
8 Intervention2000-05-15
7 Mom's Not Nuts2000-05-08
6 Red Asphalt2000-05-01
5 Titus Integritous2000-04-17
4 The Breakup2000-04-10
3 Dave Moves Out2000-04-03
2 Dad Is Dead2000-03-20
1 Sex With Pudding2000-03-27
Season 0 (show/hide)
34 Titus Family | Homecoming2020-10-27
33 The TITUS Family Reunion Show2020-08-21
32 Season Three Bloopers (2)
31 Season Three Bloopers (1)
30 Honor Thy Father: An Interview With Stacy Keach
29 His Better Half: An Interview With Cynthia Watros
28 Brotherly Love: An Interview With Zack Ward2001-12-31
27 5th Annual End of the World Tour
26 Unauthorized (Unreleased New Show)
25 The Word Retard (Voice in My Head)
24 The Loser Trophy (Neverlution)
23 The Karate Incident (Voice In My Head)
22 The Attack Dog Incident (Voice In My Head)
21 Terrorism
20 Stand Up Comedy (Live Gotham Comedy Club)
19 Space Shuttle
18 Perscription Drug Medication
17 Late Term (Neverlution)
16 I Suck as a Parent
15 How To Destroy A Comedian (Voice In My Head)
14 Brutal Divorce, Comedy as Catharsis, Family & Suicide
13 Church of the Epic Fail (Voice in My Head)
12 Angry Pursuit of Happiness (Bring on Armageddon)
11 Angry Pursuit of Happiness (Badass Species)
10 10 Years Ago
9 I was a Teenage Darth Vader (Voice in my Head)
8 22 Year LateTerm Abortion
7 My Day Where I Didn't Get Punched in the Face Before 6pm
6 Christopher Titus Friends Love Their Pain (Uncensored Clip)
5 Christopher Titus - World's Worst Babysitter
4 Christopher Titus - Priest
3 Can You Believe I Got Fired From The Suicide Hotline
2 Rehearsal Footage
1 Hard Laughs Featurette

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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