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At Alfea College, fairy warriors from all over the universe study to improve their supernatural powers. Bloom from planet Earth joins them upon discovery of her magical ability. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Children | Family | Fantasy
Available at: Prime Video (Can be changed/wrong by now. Report errors.)
First Aired: 2004-01-28 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 8 (show/hide)
26 Written in The Stars2019-09-17
25 The White Fox2019-09-16
24 Dyamond on Ice2019-09-15
23 Between the Earth and The Sea2019-09-14
22 The Secret of Harmony2019-09-13
21 Dance Contest on Melody2019-09-12
20 The Green Heart of Lynphea2019-09-11
19 Tower Beyond the Clouds2019-08-03
18 Valley of the Flying Unicorns2019-08-02
17 Dress fit for a Queen2019-08-01
16 The Sparx Festival2019-07-31
15 Mission for The Prime Stars2019-07-30
14 The Wishing Star2019-07-29
13 Valtor's Shadow2019-04-29
12 Surprise Party on Earth2019-04-28
11 Treasures of Syderia2019-04-26
10 Hydra Awakens2019-04-25
9 The Light of Gorgol2019-04-24
8 Into the Depths on Andros2019-04-23
7 Trapped on Prometia2019-04-22
6 Doom of the Lighthouse Star2019-04-21
5 Orion's Secret2019-04-19
4 PopStar!2019-04-18
3 Attack on the Core2019-04-17
2 A Kingdom of Lumens2019-04-16
1 Night of the Stars2019-04-15
Season 7 (show/hide)
26 The Power of the Fairy Animals2016-01-13
25 New Magic Harmony2016-01-12
24 The Golden Butterfly2016-01-11
23 The Secret of Alfea2016-01-08
22 The Kingdom of Diamonds2016-01-07
21 It's a Crazy, Crazy World!2016-01-06
20 Baby Winx2016-01-05
19 The Magix Rainbow2016-01-04
18 Banana Day2016-01-01
17 Lost in a Droplet2015-12-31
16 Back to Paradise Bay2015-12-30
15 The Magic Stones2015-12-29
14 Tynix Transformation2015-12-28
13 The Unicorn's Secret2015-08-15
12 A Fairy Animal for Tecna2015-08-08
11 Mission in the Jungle2015-08-08
10 Winx Trapped2015-08-01
9 The Fairy Cat2015-08-01
8 Back in the Middle Ages2015-07-25
7 Beware of the Wolf2015-07-25
6 Adventure on Lynphea2015-07-18
5 A Friend From the Past2015-07-18
4 The First Color of the Universe2015-07-11
3 Butterflix2015-07-11
2 Young Fairies Grow Up2015-07-04
1 The Alfea Natural Park2015-07-04
Season 6 (show/hide)
26 Winx Forever2014-08-04
25 Acheron2014-08-03
24 Legendary Duel2014-08-03
23 The Anthem2014-08-03
22 The Music Cafe2014-08-03
21 A Monster Crush2014-08-02
20 Stella's Big Party2014-08-02
19 Queen for a day2014-08-02
18 The Magic Totem2014-08-01
17 The Curse of Fearwood2014-08-01
16 Zombie Invasion2014-05-17
15 Mystery of Calavera2014-05-17
14 Mythix2014-04-07
13 The Fairy Godmother2014-03-31
12 Shimmer in the Shadows2014-03-24
11 Broken Dreams2014-03-17
10 The Secret Greenhouse2014-03-10
9 Shrine of the Green Dragon2014-03-03
8 Attack of the Sphinx2014-02-16
7 The Lost Library2014-02-16
6 Vortex Of Flames2014-01-12
5 The Golden Auditorium2013-12-15
4 Bloomix Power2013-12-15
3 The Flying School2013-11-03
2 The Legendarium2013-11-03
1 Inspiration of Sirenix2013-09-29
Season 5 (show/hide)
26 The Fall of Tritannus2013-04-24
25 Battle for the Infinite Ocean2013-04-23
24 Saving Paradise Bay2013-04-22
23 The Shark's Eye2013-04-19
22 Listen to Your Heart2013-04-14
21 A Perfect Date2013-04-07
20 The Problems of Love2013-03-31
19 The Singing Whales2013-03-31
18 The Devourer2013-03-17
17 Faraway Reflections2013-03-10
16 The Eclipse2013-03-03
15 The Pillar of Light2013-02-24
14 The Emperor Throne2013-02-17
13 A Magix Christmas2012-12-09
12 Sirenix2012-10-31
11 Test of Courage2012-10-30
10 Trix Tricks2012-10-29
9 The Empathy Gem2012-10-26
8 Secret of the Ruby Reef2012-10-25
7 The Shimmering Shells2012-10-24
6 The Power of Harmonix2012-10-23
5 The Lilo2012-10-22
4 The Sirenix Book2012-10-19
3 Return to Alfea2012-10-18
2 The Rise of Tritannus2012-10-17
1 The Spill2012-10-16
Season 4 (show/hide)
26 Ice and Fire (a.k.a. Duel in the Omega Dimension)2009-11-13
25 Morgana's Secret (a.k.a. Home at Last)2009-11-11
24 The Day of Justice (a.k.a. The Wizard's Trap)2009-11-09
23 Bloom's Trial (a.k.a. Bloom's Challenge)2009-11-06
22 The Frozen Tower (a.k.a. Aurora's Tower)2009-11-04
21 Sibylla's Cave (a.k.a. The Fairy of Justice)2009-11-02
20 The Gifts of Destiny (a.k.a. Diana’s Redemption)2009-10-30
19 In Diana's Kingdom (a.k.a. In the Amazon Forest)2009-10-28
18 The Nature Rage (a.k.a. Diana's Attack)2009-10-26
17 The Enchanted Island (a.k.a. Island Tricks)2009-10-21
16 A Virtual World (a.k.a. A Virtual Hideout)2009-10-19
15 Magic Lessons (a.k.a. The New Witch in Town)2009-10-16
14 The Perfect Number (a.k.a. Bringing Magic Back)2009-10-14
13 The Wizard's Attack (a.k.a. Roxy's Energy)2009-05-13
12 Dad! I'm a Fairy (a.k.a. The Pet's Pursuit)2009-05-11
11 Winx Club Forever (a.k.a. Superheroes)2009-05-08
10 Musa's Song (a.k.a. The Audition)2009-05-06
9 Nebula (a.k.a. Nebula's White Circle)2009-05-04
8 The White Circle (a.k.a. Hidden in the Country)2009-05-01
7 Winx Believix (a.k.a. I Believe in You)2009-04-29
6 A Fairy in Danger (a.k.a. A Fairy Found)2009-04-27
5 Mitzi's Present (a.k.a. Ogron's Spell)2009-04-24
4 Love & Pet (a.k.a. Magic Pets)2009-04-22
3 The Last Fairy on Earth (a.k.a. Winx on Earth)2009-04-20
2 The Tree of Life (a.k.a. Fear in Pixie Village)2009-04-17
1 The Fairy Hunters (a.k.a. Wizards of the Black Circle)2009-04-15
Season 3 (show/hide)
26 Fire and Flame (a.k.a. The Final Battle)2007-03-28
25 The Spell of the Elements (a.k.a. Valtor's Fury)2007-03-26
24 The Witches' Crypt (a.k.a. Seeking the Truth)2007-03-23
23 The Wizard's Challenge (a.k.a. The Water Stars)2007-03-21
22 The Crystal Labyrinth (a.k.a. Finding Your Way)2007-03-19
21 The Golden Kingdom (a.k.a. Beyond the Magic Dimension)2007-03-16
20 Little Big Shots (a.k.a. The Pixies Fight Back)2007-03-14
19 Biker Chick Wedding Crashers (a.k.a. Back to Solaria)2007-03-12
18 Day at the Museum (a.k.a. The Museum of Magic)2007-03-09
17 The Omega Mission2007-03-07
16 The Power Within (a.k.a. Building Hope)2007-03-05
15 The Island of Dragons (a.k.a. Dragon Quest)2007-03-02
14 Pay Back (a.k.a. Revenge!)2007-02-28
13 Point of No Return (a.k.a. Tecna's Sacrifice)2007-02-26
12 Tears From The Black Willow (a.k.a. A Journey to Lynphea)2007-02-23
11 Missing In Action (a.k.a. Facing the Enemy)2007-02-21
10 Attack of the Zombie Witches (a.k.a. Taking Over Cloudtower)2007-02-19
9 Operation Boyfriend Rescue (a.k.a. Breaking the Mark)2007-02-16
8 Dark Sky (a.k.a. Diaspro's Deception)2007-02-14
7 Royal Behavior (a.k.a. Heroes of the Past)2007-02-12
6 The Mermaid Queen (a.k.a. Aisha's Courage)2007-02-09
5 Mission To Tides (a.k.a. Andros in Danger)2007-02-07
4 Mirror Of Truth (a.k.a. Stella's Truth)2007-02-05
3 Pretty Pretty Princess (a.k.a. Monster's Escape)2007-02-02
2 Beauty Is A Beast (a.k.a. Valtor's Plan)2007-01-31
1 The Princess' Ball (a.k.a. The Perfect Dress)2007-01-29
Season 2 (show/hide)
26 The Ultimate Power Couple (aka The Phoenix Revealed)2005-07-14
25 Storming Shadowhaunt (aka Face to Face with the Enemy)2005-07-12
24 Desperately Seeking Bloom (aka Darkar's Prisoner)2005-07-07
23 Darkness And Light (aka The time for truth)2005-07-05
22 Last Resorts (aka Danger in the Wildland)2005-06-30
21 Trouble In Paradise (aka Charmix Power)2005-06-28
20 The First Charmix (aka Pixie Village)2005-06-23
19 Shadows In Bloom (aka Spy in the Shadows)2005-06-21
18 The Heart of Cloud Tower2005-06-16
17 Exchange Students (aka Twinning with the Witches)2005-06-14
16 The Fourth Witch (aka Hallowinx)2005-06-09
15 Magic in My Heart (aka The Show Must Go On!)2005-06-07
14 The Wrong Righters (aka Battle on Planet Eraklyon)2005-06-02
13 Gangs of Gardenia (aka Invisible Pixies)2005-05-31
12 Truth or Dare (aka Win-x Together!)2005-05-26
11 Homesick (aka Race Against Time)2005-05-24
10 Reaching for the Sky (aka Crypt of the Codex)2005-05-19
9 The Angel of Doom (aka Professor Avalon's Secret)2005-05-17
8 Party Monster (aka Party Crasher)2005-05-12
7 The Dark Tower (aka The Mysterious Stone)2005-05-10
6 My Boyfriend's Wedding (aka Runaway Groom)2005-05-05
5 Rescuing the Pixies (aka Magic Bonding)2005-05-03
4 Queen of Perfection (aka Princess Amentia)2005-04-28
3 Into the Under Realm (aka Rescue Mission)2005-04-26
2 Princess of Tides (aka Up to their old Trix)2005-04-21
1 Back to School (aka The Shadow Phoenix)2005-04-19
Season 1 (show/hide)
26 Fire and Ice (aka The Witches' Downfall)2004-03-03
25 The Great Witch Invasion (aka The Ultimate Challenge)2004-03-02
24 Battle for Alfea (aka The Witches' Siege)2004-03-01
23 The Search for the Flame (aka Power Play)2004-02-27
22 Mission to Cloud Tower (aka Storming Cloudtower)2004-02-26
21 The Frozen Palace (aka The Crown of Dreams)2004-02-25
20 Sparks of Hope (aka Mission to Domino)2004-02-24
19 The Army of Decay (aka The Fall of Magix)2004-02-23
18 Senior Witches Go to Earth (aka The Font of Dragon Fire)2004-02-20
17 Royal Heartbreak (aka Secrets Within Secrets)2004-02-19
16 The Nightmare Monster (aka Cold Spell)2004-02-18
15 Pushing the Envelope (aka Honour Above All)2004-02-17
14 Witch Trap (aka Bloom's Dark Secret)2004-02-16
13 Meant to Be (aka A Great Secret Revealed)2004-02-13
12 Miss Magix2004-02-12
11 Junior League (aka The Monster and The Willow)2004-02-11
10 Magical Reality Check (aka Bloom Tested)2004-02-10
9 Spelled (aka Betrayed!)2004-02-09
8 The Day of the Rose (aka A Friendship Sundered)2004-02-06
7 Grounded (aka Friends in Need)2004-02-05
6 Secret Guardian (aka Mission at Cloudtower)2004-02-04
5 Date With Disaster2004-02-03
4 The Voice of Nature (aka The Black-Mud Swamp)2004-02-02
3 Save the First Dance (aka Alfea College for Fairies)2004-01-30
2 More Than High School (aka Welcome to Magix!)2004-01-29
1 It Feels Like Magic (aka An Unexpected Event)2004-01-28
Season 0 (show/hide)
7 3rd Movie: The Mystery of the Abyss2014-10-10
6 2nd Movie: Magical Adventure2010-10-29
5 1st Movie: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom2007-11-30
4 4th Special: The Shadow Phoenix2011-10-16
3 3rd Special: The Battle for Magix2011-09-18
2 2nd Special: Revenge of the Trix2011-08-01
1 1st Special: The Fate of Bloom2011-06-27


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