Reaper - Ein teuflischer Job

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Throughout Sam's life, he always wondered why his mom and dad were so easy on him. Whether it was sports, school, career choices, or picking on his little brother Kyle, Sam always got away with everything. Because of it, he decided to drop out of college and take a dead beat job, wasting most of his time playing video games and wishing he could ask his co-worker Andi out. However, everything changes in Sam's life once he turns 21 and finds out the reason his parents let him get over was because they sold his soul to the devil before he was born. (Quelle:
Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Thriller
First Aired: 2007-09-25 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 2 (show/hide)
13 The Devil & Sam Oliver2009-05-26
12 Business Casualty2009-05-19
11 To Sprong, with Love2009-05-12
10 My Brother's Reaper2009-05-05
9 No Reaper Left Behind2009-04-28
8 The Home Stretch2009-04-21
7 The Good Soil2009-04-14
6 Underbelly2009-04-07
5 I Want My Baby Back2009-03-31
4 The Favorite2009-03-24
3 The Sweet Science2009-03-17
2 Dirty Sexy Mongol2009-03-10
1 ... A New Hope2009-03-03
Season 1 (show/hide)
18 Cancun2008-05-20
17 The Leak2008-05-13
16 Greg, Schmeg2008-05-06
15 Coming to Grips2008-04-29
14 Rebellion2008-04-22
13 Acid Queen2008-03-27
12 Unseen2008-03-20
11 Hungry for Fame2008-03-13
10 Cash Out2007-12-04
9 Ashes to Ashes2007-11-27
8 The Cop2007-11-13
7 Love, Bullets and Blacktop2007-11-06
6 Leon2007-10-30
5 What About Blob2007-10-23
4 Magic2007-10-16
3 All Mine2007-10-09
2 Charged2007-10-02
1 Pilot2007-09-25
Season 0 (show/hide)
9 Season 2 Deleted Scenes
8 Season 1 Deleted Scenes
7 Reaper Reunion2013-05-28
3 Season 1 Gag Reel
2 The Devil Made Me Do It
1 Unaired Pilot


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