Black Sails

“They’re not animals, they’re men starved of hope.” Its 1715, the apex of the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean. Its lawless territory, controlled by dozens of the most notorious pirates in history, the most feared of which is Captain Flint. The British Navy returns to shore, and as their threats loom, the real Flint emerges; a man driven by deep, complex, and even romantic motives. Its now war in the West Indies, and the waters of Nassau have never been bloodier. He allies with the daughter of a local smuggling kingpin Eleanor Guthrie, smooth talking rebel John Silver, vicious outlaw Charles Vane, legacy seeker Jack Rackham, silent assassin Anne Bonny, and a retired legend… Blackbeard. Blood, rebellion, war, love, honor, freedom. This dark, gritty drama shows the reality and cost of fighting for true freedom from the losers of history that were painted in the stories as monsters of their time. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | History
First Aired: 2013-12-23 Status: Ended Length: 57 Min

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1 Black Sails: An Inside Look2013-12-23


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