Chronicles the rise to power of Mary Queen of Scots when she arrives in France as a 15-year-old, betrothed to Prince Francis, and with her three best friends as ladies-in-waiting. It details the secret history of survival at French Court amidst fierce foes, dark forces, and a world of sexual intrigue. (Quelle:
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | History
First Aired: 2013-10-17 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 4 (show/hide)
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10 Mercy2014-12-11
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8 Terror of the Faithful2014-11-20
7 The Prince of the Blood2014-11-13
6 Three Queens2014-11-06
5 Blood for Blood2014-10-30
4 The Lamb and the Slaughter2014-10-23
3 Coronation2014-10-16
2 Drawn and Quartered2014-10-09
1 The Plague2014-10-02
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8 Fated2013-12-12
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6 Chosen2013-11-21
5 A Chill in the Air2013-11-14
4 Hearts and Minds2013-11-07
3 Kissed2013-10-31
2 Snakes in the Garden2013-10-24
1 Pilot2013-10-17
Season 0 (show/hide)
1 A Preview to Season 22014-09-13

Anonymisiert (8/10 Sterne) 2017-02-20 16:20
Anonymisiert (7/10 Sterne) 2015-06-19 12:00
Spannende Story, ich würde die Serie besser finden, wenn man es nicht immer als historisch beschreiben würde, denn viel "echte" Geschichte ist da nicht drin

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