Halt and Catch Fire

In the early 1980s a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy combine to confront the corporate behemoths of the time. Their personal and professional lives will be challenged by greed and ego while charting the changing culture in Texas' Silicon Prairie. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Drama
First Aired: 2014-06-01 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 4 (show/hide)
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4 Close to the Metal2014-06-22
3 High Plains Hardware2014-06-15
2 FUD2014-06-08
1 I/O2014-06-01
Season 0 (show/hide)
10 Set Tour With Lee Pace And Scoot McNairy
9 Tour of An '80s Startup
8 Joe's Strategic Benchmarks
7 History of Now
6 Inside Episodes 201-210
5 A Look at Season 22015-05-21
4 Inside Episodes 101-110
3 Setting the Fire: Research and Technology
2 Rise of the Digital Cowboys
1 Re-Making the 80s

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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