Little Charley Bear

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Little Charley Bear is an enchanting CGI infant series about an imaginative and playful bear called Charley. Under the watchful eye of his friend, the Narrator, this adorable little bear uses his imagination to play and go on adventures where he discovers new things about himself and the world around him through active role play. (Quelle:
Genre: Animation | Children
First Aired: 2011-01-10 Status: Ended Length: 7 Min

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Season 3 (show/hide)
13Charley And Caramel's Shop2012-02-01
12Charley And Bellarina On Ice2012-01-31
11Underwater Explorer Charley2012-01-30
10Charley's Birthday Surprise2012-01-27
9Choo Choo Charley2012-01-26
8Hide And Seek Charley2012-01-25
7Charley's Wonder Wellies2012-01-24
6Bear In The Woods2012-01-23
5Patient Charley2012-01-20
4Charley in Space2012-01-19
3Pirate Charley's Treasure2012-01-18
2Charley on His Toes2012-01-17
1Charley Makes It New2012-01-16
Season 2 (show/hide)
13A Bear For All Seasons
12Charley Bounces Nibblit
11Charley's Shadow
10The Charleysaurus
9Charley and His Band
8Bear and Baby Bird
7Charley Butters Up Caramel
6Blown Away Bear
5Super Strong Charley
4Charley's Dog Day
3Charley Over The Rainbow
2Charley Wishes
1Charley, Presents, Ballerina
Season 1 (show/hide)
26Mountain Rescue Midge2011-03-14
25Bear at Sea2011-03-11
24Charley Races Rivet2011-03-10
23Sandcastle for Caramel2011-03-09
22Midges Birthday2011-03-08
21Downhill Rivet2011-03-07
20Charley Snaps2011-03-04
19Charley Bear Sock Detective2011-03-03
18Art in the Park2011-03-02
17Castaway Charley2011-03-01
16Scarecrow Charley2011-02-28
15Monkeying With Midge2011-01-28
14Snow Place for Frozo2011-01-27
13Wild West Caramel2011-01-26
12Farmer Bear2011-01-25
11Ready Teddy Go2011-01-24
10Teddy on a String2011-01-21
9Charley Go Fish2011-01-20
8Big Top Bellarina2011-01-19
7Lights Shoes Nibblet2011-01-18
6Charley's Big Match2011-01-17
5Pop Star Charley2011-01-14
4Big Little Charley2011-01-13
3Charley on Safari2011-01-12
2Basketball Midge2011-01-11
1Teddy for Blast Off2011-01-10


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