A former media relations consultant to the President, Olivia Pope dedicates her life to protecting and defending the public images of our nation's elite. After leaving the White House, the power consultant opened her own firm, hoping to start a new chapter -- both professionally and personally -- but she can't seem to completely cut ties with her past. Slowly it becomes apparent that her staff, who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, can't quite fix the ones closest at hand -- their own. (Quelle:
Genre: Drama | Thriller
Available at: Disney+ (Can be changed/wrong by now. Report errors.)
First Aired: 2012-04-05 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 7 (show/hide)
18 Over a Cliff2018-04-19
17 Standing in the Sun2018-04-12
16 People Like Me2018-04-05
15 The Noise2018-03-29
14 The List2018-03-15
13 Air Force Two2018-03-08
12 Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself (1)2018-03-01
11 Army of One2018-02-08
10 The People v. Olivia Pope2018-02-01
9 Good People2018-01-25
8 Robin2018-01-18
7 Something Borrowed2017-11-16
6 Vampires and Bloodsuckers2017-11-09
5 Adventures in Babysitting2017-11-02
4 Lost Girls2017-10-26
3 Day 1012017-10-19
2 Pressing the Flesh2017-10-12
1 Watch Me2017-10-05
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16 Transfer of Power2017-05-18
15 Tick Tock2017-05-18
14 Head Games2017-05-11
13 The Box2017-05-04
12 Mercy2017-04-27
11 Trojan Horse2017-04-20
10 The Decision2017-04-13
9 Dead in the Water2017-04-06
8 A Stomach for Blood2017-03-30
7 A Traitor Among Us2017-03-23
6 Extinction2017-03-16
5 They All Bow Down2017-03-09
4 The Belt2017-02-16
3 Fates Worse Than Death2017-02-09
2 Hardball2017-02-02
1 Survival of the Fittest2017-01-26
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21 That's My Girl2016-05-12
20 Trump Card2016-05-05
19 Buckle Up2016-04-28
18 Till Death Do Us Part2016-04-21
17 Thwack!2016-04-07
16 The Miseducation of Susan Ross2016-03-31
15 Pencils Down2016-03-24
14 I See You2016-03-17
13 The Fish Rots from the Head2016-03-10
12 Wild Card2016-02-25
11 The Candidate2016-02-18
10 It's Hard Out Here for a General2016-02-11
9 Baby, It's Cold Outside2015-11-19
8 Rasputin2015-11-12
7 Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance2015-11-05
6 Get Out of Jail, Free2015-10-29
5 You Got Served2015-10-22
4 Dog-Whistle Politics2015-10-15
3 Paris Is Burning2015-10-08
2 Yes2015-10-01
1 Heavy Is the Head2015-09-24
Season 4 (show/hide)
22 You Can't Take Command2015-05-14
21 A Few Good Women2015-05-07
20 First Lady Sings the Blues2015-04-23
19 I'm Just a Bill2015-04-16
18 Honor Thy Father2015-04-02
17 Put a Ring on It2015-03-26
16 It's Good to Be Kink2015-03-19
15 The Testimony of Diego Muñoz2015-03-12
14 The Lawn Chair2015-03-05
13 No More Blood2015-02-19
12 Gladiators Don't Run2015-02-12
11 Where's the Black Lady?2015-02-05
10 Run2015-01-29
9 Where the Sun Don't Shine2014-11-20
8 The Last Supper2014-11-13
7 Baby Made a Mess2014-11-06
6 An Innocent Man2014-10-30
5 The Key2014-10-23
4 Like Father, Like Daughter2014-10-16
3 Inside the Bubble2014-10-09
2 The State of the Union2014-10-02
1 Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia2014-09-25
Season 3 (show/hide)
18 The Price of Free and Fair Elections2014-04-17
17 Flesh and Blood2014-04-10
16 The Fluffer2014-04-03
15 Mama Said Knock You Out2014-03-27
14 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang2014-03-20
13 No Sun on the Horizon2014-03-13
12 We Do Not Touch the First Ladies2014-03-06
11 Ride, Sally, Ride2014-02-27
10 A Door Marked Exit2013-12-12
9 YOLO2013-12-05
8 Vermont Is for Lovers, Too2013-11-21
7 Everything's Coming Up Mellie2013-11-14
6 Icarus2013-11-07
5 More Cattle, Less Bull2013-10-31
4 Say Hello to My Little Friend2013-10-24
3 Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington2013-10-17
2 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner2013-10-10
1 It's Handled2013-10-03
Season 2 (show/hide)
22 White Hat's Back On2013-05-16
21 Any Questions?2013-05-09
20 A Woman Scorned2013-05-02
19 Seven Fifty-Two2013-04-25
18 Molly, You in Danger, Girl2013-04-04
17 Snake in the Garden2013-03-28
16 Top of the Hour2013-03-21
15 Boom Goes the Dynamite2013-02-21
14 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot2013-02-14
13 Nobody Likes Babies2013-02-07
12 Truth or Consequences2013-01-31
11 A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar2013-01-17
10 One for the Dog2013-01-10
9 Blown Away2012-12-13
8 Happy Birthday, Mr. President2012-12-06
7 Defiance2012-11-29
6 Spies Like Us2012-11-15
5 All Roads Lead to Fitz2012-11-08
4 Beltway Unbuckled2012-10-25
3 Hunting Season2012-10-18
2 The Other Woman2012-10-04
1 White Hat's Off2012-09-27
Season 1 (show/hide)
7 Grant: For the People2012-05-17
6 The Trail2012-05-10
5 Crash and Burn2012-05-03
4 Enemy of the State2012-04-26
3 Hell Hath No Fury2012-04-19
2 Dirty Little Secrets2012-04-12
1 Sweet Baby2012-04-05
Season 0 (show/hide)
1 The Secret is Out2013-10-03

Anonymisiert (10/10 Sterne) 2016-02-09 19:27
bis ende staffel 4
Anonymisiert vergleicht die Serie mit: 24 (2001) 2018-06-29 13:51
Polit-Thriller-Serie mit Suchtpotential vom Allerfeinsten!

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