Kickers (1986)

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The Kitahara Kickers are a soccer who struggle to win a game, with a run of 22 consecutive losses. But then a newcomer joins the team, whose attitude brings back the passion for soccer that his teammates have forgotten. (Quelle:
Genre: Animation | Children | Family
First Aired: 1986-10-15 Status: Ended Length: 26 Min

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Season 1 (show/hide)
26 Defeat the Outlaw Group Jackals!1987-04-08
25 The Mystery of the Red Roses Given to Ayumi1987-04-01
24 The Lone Ace Striker1987-03-25
23 You Are a Shooting Star! Burn It Up Kickers1987-03-18
22 Go! The Fierce Battle With Our Rival Uesugi Has Begun1987-03-11
21 A Mysterious Team Appears! What a Big Battle Is That Second Game?1987-03-04
20 We Found It! Hakuhō's Eight-at-the-Back's Weakness1987-02-25
19 The Tournament's On! But There's Trouble With the Baseball Team1987-02-18
18 What's Wrong? Coach Leaves During the Match1987-02-11
17 Kickers' Very Stressful Valentine's Day!1987-02-04
16 Gee! An Outrageous Coach Has Arrived1987-01-28
15 Tetsuya's Special Report! The Kickers Feel Like Detectives1987-01-21
14 Don't Be Stupid! Go for a Double-Speed Shoot!!1987-01-14
13 Beat Off Computer Soccer!1987-01-07
12 Manabu and Akina Both Win! The Kickers Cheer for Them1986-12-31
11 Against Marriage!? Mamoru Receives a Strange Challenge1986-12-24
10 Uh, Kenta and Deco Get Sent Off! Struggling With Rough Play1986-12-17
9 In a Fix! Kickers Not Allowed to Kick the Ball1986-12-10
8 What's That, Kenta's Phantom Super Shoot1986-12-03
7 Get It! Soccer Ball of Friendship Flying in the Sky1986-11-26
6 That Can't Be! Is the Captain a Pervert?1986-11-19
5 We Won't Give Up! We'll Definitely Score One Goal!1986-11-12
4 Confrontation With Uesugi! Nanyo Match Kick-Off!!1986-11-05
3 Deco, Stop Playing Soccer!1986-10-29
2 The Slow Taichi Saved the Loser Team!1986-10-22
1 What's That! Is This Really the Soccer Club?1986-10-15
Season 0 (show/hide)
6 Alternative Ending
5 Our Legend1987-08-11
4 German Opening
3 Spanish Opening
2 Japanese Ending
1 Japanese Opening

Anonymisiert (3/10 Sterne) 2016-08-09 02:14
persönliche meinung (3-4 sterne) aber ich verstehe wieso viele den anime mögen ich gehör einfach nicht dazu. wers mag ist ok ich mags aber nicht

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