Into the Badlands

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A mighty warrior and a young boy search for enlightenment in a ruthless territory controlled by feudal barons. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
First Aired: 2015-07-26 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 3 (show/hide)
16 Seven Strike as One2019-05-06
15 Requiem for the Fallen2019-04-29
14 Curse of the Red Rain2019-04-22
13 Black Lotus, White Rose2019-04-15
12 Cobra Fang, Panther Claw2019-04-08
11 The Boar and the Butterfly2019-04-01
10 Raven’s Feather, Phoenix Blood2019-03-25
9 Chamber of the Scorpion2019-03-24
8 Leopard Catches Cloud2018-06-17
7 Dragonfly's Last Dance2018-06-10
6 Black Wind Howls2018-06-03
5 Carry Tiger to Mountain2018-05-20
4 Blind Cannibal Assassins2018-05-13
3 Leopard Snares Rabbit2018-05-06
2 Moon Rises, Raven Seeks2018-04-29
1 Enter the Phoenix2018-04-22
Season 2 (show/hide)
10 Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire2017-05-21
9 Nightingale Sings No More2017-05-14
8 Sting of the Scorpion's Tail2017-05-07
7 Black Heart, White Mountain2017-04-30
6 Leopard Stalks in Snow2017-04-23
5 Monkey Leaps Through Mist2017-04-16
4 Palm of the Iron Fox2017-04-09
3 Red Sun, Silver Moon2017-04-02
2 Force of Eagle's Claw2017-03-26
1 Tiger Pushes Mountain2017-03-19
Season 1 (show/hide)
6 Hand of Five Poisons2015-12-20
5 Snake Creeps Down2015-12-13
4 Two Tigers Subdue Dragons2015-12-06
3 White Stork Spreads Wings2015-11-29
2 Fist Like a Bullet2015-11-22
1 The Fort2015-11-15
Season 0 (show/hide)
20 Inside Into the Badlands - Episode 62016-11-08
19 Inside Into the Badlands - Episode 52016-11-08
18 Inside Into the Badlands - Episode 42016-11-08
17 Inside Into the Badlands - Episode 32016-11-08
16 Inside Into the Badlands - Episode 22016-11-08
15 Inside Into the Badlands - Episode 12016-11-08
14 The Clippers2016-11-08
13 The Barons2016-11-08
12 Building the World of Into the Badlands2016-11-08
11 Anatomy of a Fight Episode 62015-12-20
10 Anatomy of a Fight Episode 52015-12-13
9 Anatomy of a Fight Episode 42015-12-06
8 Anatomy of a Fight Episode 32015-11-29
7 Anatomy of a Fight Episode 22015-11-22
6 Anatomy of a Fight Episode 12015-11-15
5 Fight Camp: The New Badlands2016-12-09
4 Fight Camp: The Heroines of Into the Badlands2016-12-09
3 Fight Camp: Bringing It All Together2015-07-26
2 Fight Camp: Creating Real Kung Fu2015-07-26
1 Fight Camp: The Master2015-07-26


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