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Thirty years ago a strange phenomenon called "spacequake" devastated the center of Eurasia, claiming the lives of at least 150 million people. Since then, smaller spacequakes plague the world on an irregular basis. Shido Itsuka, a seemingly ordinary high schooler comes across a mysterious girl at the ground zero of a spacequake and learns from his sister Kotori she is one of the "Spirits" who are the real cause of the spacequakes that occur when they manifest themselves in the world. He also learns that Kotori is the commander of the airship Fraxinus, crewed by the organization Ratatoskr, and is recruited to make use of his mysterious ability to seal the Spirits' powers thus stopping them from being a threat to mankind. However, there is a catch: to seal to Spirit's power, I must make it fall in love with him and kiss her. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Animation | Comedy | Drama
Available at: Prime Video (Can be changed/wrong by now. Report errors.)
First Aired: 2013-04-06 Status: Continuing Length: 25 Min

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Season 5 (show/hide)
12 2024-06-26
11 2024-06-19
10 A Battlefield That Shouldn't Be Possible2024-06-12
9 A "Second" Date2024-06-05
8 The One Who Pulled the Trigger2024-05-29
7 The World Tree Sheds Leaves2024-05-22
6 The Three Magi2024-05-15
5 Mother Mio2024-05-08
4 The Spirit of Origin2024-05-01
3 The Spirit's Resurrection2024-04-24
2 Final Respite2024-04-17
1 Beginnings of War2024-04-10
Season 4 (show/hide)
12 Cycle of Salvation2022-06-24
11 Past Sins2022-06-17
10 Girl Time2022-06-10
9 Nightmare's Seduction2022-06-03
8 Key and Sword2022-05-27
7 Locked Memories2022-05-20
6 An Opened Heart2022-05-13
5 Fairy Tale2022-05-06
4 Space Spirit2022-04-29
3 What's Yours Is Mine2022-04-22
2 So Be It! 2D It Is!2022-04-15
1 Don't Panic. It's a Spirit's Trap.2022-04-08
Season 3 (show/hide)
12 Make Shido Itsuka Swoon2019-03-29
11 Angel of the Starry Night2019-03-22
10 Another World, Another Girl2019-03-15
9 Tengu City, Five Years Ago2019-03-08
8 Demon King of Descending Darkness2019-03-01
7 The Power Given2019-02-22
6 Crossroads2019-02-15
5 Despair Comes Crashing Down2019-02-08
4 Transformation2019-02-01
3 You're Natsumi2019-01-25
2 Can You Find Me?2019-01-18
1 The Seventh Spirit2019-01-11
Season 2 (show/hide)
10 Inversion2014-06-14
9 The Truth About Miku2014-06-07
8 The Promise to Keep2014-05-31
7 Gabriel2014-05-24
6 Girls' Music2014-05-17
5 Diva2014-05-10
4 Manifestation2014-05-03
3 Two Requests2014-04-26
2 Hurricane Children2014-04-19
1 Daily Life2014-04-12
Season 1 (show/hide)
12 That Which Cannot Be Forgiven2013-06-22
11 Countdown2013-06-15
10 Flame Spirit (Ifrit)2013-06-08
9 Frenzied Nightmare2013-06-01
8 Triple Capriccio2013-05-25
7 Visitors2013-05-18
6 Romantic Hot Springs2013-05-11
5 Frozen Ground2013-05-04
4 Sullen Rain2013-04-27
3 For the Sky and the Sword2013-04-20
2 Another Close Encounter2013-04-13
1 April 102013-04-06
Season 0 (show/hide)
5 Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen2020-11-13
4 Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet2020-08-14
3 Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment2015-08-22
2 Kurumi Star Festival2014-12-09
1 Date to Date2013-12-06


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