In 2015, Los Angeles exists in a state of occupation. Some collaborate with the alien authorities and benefit from the new order, while others rebel and suffer the consequences. A family is torn by those opposing forces, making difficult choices as they balance keeping their family together with the struggle of the human race. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Science Fiction
First Aired: 2016-01-14 Status: Ended Length: 42 Min

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Season 3 (show/hide)
13 What Goes Around2018-07-25
12 Bonzo2018-07-18
11 Disposable Heroes2018-07-11
10 Sea Spray2018-07-04
9 The Big Empty2018-06-27
8 Lazarus2018-06-20
7 A Clean, Well-Lighted Place2018-06-13
6 The Emerald City2018-06-06
5 End of the Road2018-05-30
4 Hospitium2018-05-23
3 Sierra Maestra2018-05-16
2 Puzzle Man2018-05-09
1 Maquis2018-05-02
Season 2 (show/hide)
13 Ronin2017-04-06
12 Seppuku2017-03-30
11 Lost Boy2017-03-23
10 The Garden of Beasts2017-03-16
9 Tamam Shud2017-03-09
8 Good Intentions2017-03-02
7 Free Radicals2017-02-23
6 Fallout2017-02-16
5 Company Man2017-02-09
4 Panopticon2017-02-02
3 Sublimation2017-01-26
2 Somewhere Out There2017-01-19
1 Eleven.Thirteen2017-01-12
Season 1 (show/hide)
10 Gateway2016-03-17
9 Zero Day2016-03-10
8 In from the Cold2016-03-03
7 Broussard2016-02-25
6 Yoknapatawpha2016-02-18
5 Geronimo2016-02-11
4 Blind Spot2016-02-04
3 98 Seconds2016-01-28
2 A Brave New World2016-01-21
1 Pilot2016-01-14
Season 0 (show/hide)
2 Beyond the Wall
1 Behind the Wall


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