The Seven Deadly Sins

When a kingdom falls into the hands of tyrants, the deposed princess sets out on a quest to find a group of ancient evil knights to help her take back the kingdom. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Fantasy
Available at: Netflix (Can be changed/wrong by now. Report errors.)
First Aired: 2014-10-05 Status: Ended Length: 24 Min

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Season 4 (show/hide)
17 The Voice Calling Your Name2021-05-05
16 The Final Battle2021-04-28
15 Fated Brothers2021-04-21
14 Farewell, Seven Deadly Sins2021-04-14
13 The End of a Long Journey2021-04-07
12 We'll All Be Your Strength2021-03-31
11 The One Who Stands Against a God2021-03-24
10 The Salvation of the Sun2021-03-17
9 The Gathered2021-03-10
8 The Door to Hope2021-03-03
7 Hope, Conflict, and Despair2021-02-24
6 Rise Up Against Despair2021-02-17
5 A Sorrowful Blow2021-02-10
4 Victims of Holy War2021-02-03
3 Wholehearted Feelings2021-01-27
2 Encounter with the Unknown2021-01-20
1 From Purgatory2021-01-13
Season 3 (show/hide)
24 Rampaging Love2020-03-25
23 The One Twisted by Darkness2020-03-18
22 War-torn Britannia2020-03-11
21 Beginning of the Holy War2020-03-04
20 Child of Hope2020-02-26
19 The Holy War Accord2020-02-19
18 March of the Saints2020-02-12
17 Our Choices2020-02-05
16 Seven Deadly Sins End2020-01-29
15 To Our Captain2020-01-22
14 A New Threat2020-01-15
13 The Almighty vs. the Greatest Evil2020-01-08
12 Love is a Maiden's Power2019-12-25
11 The Hateful Cannot Rest2019-12-18
10 That Is Our Way of Life2019-12-11
9 The Cursed Lovers2019-12-04
8 The Doll Seeks Love2019-11-27
7 Deadly Sins Unite2019-11-20
6 We Call That Love2019-11-13
5 Emotional Maelstrom2019-11-06
4 The Ten Commandments vs. The Four Archangels2019-10-30
3 Those Without Light2019-10-23
2 Memories of the Holy War2019-10-16
1 The Light That Disperses Darkness2019-10-09
Season 2 (show/hide)
24 As Long As You Are Here2018-06-30
23 The Hero Rises!2018-06-23
22 Return of the Sins2018-06-16
21 Certain Warmth2018-06-09
20 In Search of Hope2018-06-02
19 Meliodas vs. The Ten Commandments2018-05-26
18 For Whom Does That Light Shine2018-05-19
17 Legendary Figures2018-05-12
16 Death Trap Labyrinth2018-05-05
15 A Horrifying Confession2018-04-28
14 Master of the Sun2018-04-21
13 Farewell, My Beloved Thief2018-04-14
12 Where Love is Found2018-03-31
11 Father and Son2018-03-24
10 What We Lacked2018-03-17
9 The Promise with the Loved One2018-03-10
8 The Druids' Holy Land2018-03-03
7 Where Memories Lead2018-02-24
6 The Great Holy Knight Atones For His Sins2018-02-17
5 Overwhelming Violence2018-02-10
4 The Ten Commandments on the Move2018-02-03
3 Sacred Treasure Lostvayne2018-01-27
2 Existence and Proof2018-01-20
1 Revival of the Demon Clan2018-01-13
Season 1 (show/hide)
24 The Heroes2015-03-29
23 Despair Descends2015-03-22
22 What I Can Do For You2015-03-15
21 The Looming Threat2015-03-08
20 The Courage Charm2015-03-01
19 The Fairy King Waits in Vain2015-02-22
18 Even If It Costs Me My Life2015-02-15
17 The First Sacrifice2015-02-08
16 The Legends, Provoked2015-02-01
15 Unholy Knight2015-01-25
14 A Reader of Books2015-01-18
13 The Angel of Destruction2014-12-28
12 Bloodcurdling Canon2014-12-21
11 Pent-up Feelings2014-12-14
10 The Vaizel Fighting Festival2014-12-07
9 Dark Pulse2014-11-30
8 The Fearsome Pursuer2014-11-23
7 A Touching Reunion2014-11-16
6 The Poem of Beginnings2014-11-09
5 Even If You Should Die2014-11-02
4 A Little Girl's Dream2014-10-26
3 Sin of the Sleeping Forest2014-10-19
2 The Sword of the Holy Knight2014-10-12
1 The Seven Deadly Sins2014-10-05
Season 0 (show/hide)
11 Great Charming Emission Special2021-01-06
10 Heroes' Frolic2018-11-16
9 The Seven Deadly Sins Movie: Prisoners of the Sky2018-08-18
8 Revival of the Commandments -Prologue-2018-01-06
7 Signs of Holy War - Form of Love2016-09-18
6 Signs of Holy War - Chasing The First Love2016-09-11
5 Signs of Holy War - Our Fighting Festival2016-09-04
4 Signs of Holy War - The Dark Dream Begins2016-08-28
3 The Jest of the Heroes ~Compilation Extra~2015-08-12
2 Side Story: Bandit Ban2015-06-17
1 SP 12.5 (New Years Special)2015-01-04


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