Bionic Six

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In the near future, Professor Sharp, head of the Special Projects Labs (SPL), creates a new form of technology to augment humans through bionics. His first subject was Jack Bennett, a test pilot who secretly acted as Sharp's field agent, Bionic-1. On a family ski vacation in the Himalayas, an alien spacecraft triggers an avalanche that buries the entire family, exposing them to the unusual radiation of a mysterious buried object. Jack frees himself but discovers his family in a comatose state. Theorizing that Jack's bionics protected him from the radiation, Professor Sharp implants bionic technology in the others, awakening them. Afterward, the family operates incognito as a publicly lauded team of adventuring superheroes, the Bionic Six. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Animation | Children | Family | Science Fiction
First Aired: 1987-04-19 Status: Ended Length: 20 Min

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Season 2 (show/hide)
43 That's All, Folks1987-11-12
42 The Return of Mrs. Scarab1987-11-11
41 Junk Heap1987-11-10
40 Bone of Contention1987-11-09
39 Love Note1987-11-06
38 Ready, Aim, Fired1987-11-05
37 The Monkey Has Landed1987-11-04
36 A Super Bunch of Guys1987-11-03
35 Call of the Bunji1987-11-02
34 Shadow Boxer1987-10-23
33 I Am the Viper1987-10-22
32 The Elemental1987-10-21
31 A Matter of Gravity1987-10-20
30 The Glitch1987-10-19
29 Scabracadabra1987-10-16
28 I, Scarab (2)1987-10-15
27 I, Scarab (1)1987-10-14
26 Triple Cross1987-10-13
25 Bottom of the Ninth Planet1987-10-12
24 The Fungus Among Us1987-10-09
23 The Secret Life of Wellington Forsby1987-10-08
22 Mrs. Scarab1987-10-07
21 Once Upon a Crime1987-10-06
20 Kaleidoscope1987-10-05
19 Scarabscam1987-10-02
18 Home Movies1987-10-01
17 Up and Atom1987-09-30
16 You've Come a Long Way, Baby!1987-09-29
15 Crystal Clear1987-09-28
14 Now You See Me...1987-09-25
13 The Case of the Baker Street Bionics1987-09-24
12 The Man in the Moon1987-09-23
11 Spin Out1987-09-22
10 A Clean Slate (2)1987-09-21
9 A Clean Slate (1)1987-09-18
8 Born to Be Bad1987-09-17
7 Pass/Fail1987-09-16
6 I Compute, Therefore I Am1987-09-15
5 Mindlink1987-09-14
4 The Hive1987-09-11
3 Music Power1987-09-10
2 Nightmare at Cypress Cove1987-09-09
1 Holidaze1987-09-08
Season 1 (show/hide)
22 House Rules1987-06-28
21 Masterpiece1987-06-28
20 The Perceptor File1987-06-21
19 1001 Bionic Nights1987-06-21
18 Crown of the Scarab King1987-06-14
17 Return of the Bunji1987-06-14
16 Extra Innings1987-06-07
15 Youth or Consequences1987-06-07
14 Nick of Time1987-05-31
13 Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.1987-05-31
12 Back to the Past (2)1987-05-24
11 Back to the Past (1)1987-05-24
10 Bionics On! The First Adventure1987-05-17
9 Just a Little Handicap1987-05-17
8 Brain Food1987-05-10
7 Happy Birthday, Amadeus1987-05-10
6 Family Affair1987-05-03
5 Radio Scarab1987-05-03
4 Klunk in Love1987-04-26
3 Eric Bats a Thousand1987-04-26
2 Enter the Bunji1987-04-19
1 Valley of Shadows1987-04-19


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