Crayon Shin-chan

Crayon Shin-chan is a popular yet controversial Japanese anime series. FUNimation made their dub more mature in content compared to the original. Shin is a 5-year-old boy who is constantly doing and saying inappropriate things, much to the dismay and annoyance of those around him, with hilarious results. Shin along with his family including his little sister Himawari and his dog Shiro, as well as his friends from kindergarten, ends up turning everyday situations into funny adventures. (Quelle:
Genre: Animation | Children | Comedy | Family
First Aired: 1992-04-13 Status: Continuing Length: 25 Min

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Season 4 (show/hide)
2 Time for Fire Safety / Masao! Our hero / Hiroshi remains hungry1995-01-16
1 New years day is so very busy! / Going skiing / The ski slope is a fuss1995-01-09
Season 3 (show/hide)
26 Easy Going Mom! / The lost kitten! / I go see a new car!1994-07-11
25 I run away from home! / I do my best at the swimming meet! / Im good at Pachinko!1994-07-04
24 Going to the zoo! / I be on a live broadcast! / Being a carpenter is tough!1994-06-27
23 I play with Dad! / Mountain climbing is tough! / The food section at the department store is fun!1994-06-20
22 I go to the Tokyo Dome! / Strict rules of the girl leader of the group of bad kids! / A love letter from the girl leader of a group of bad kids!1994-06-13
21 Good boy, Shin-chan! / I go bowling! / I take care of Sabu-chan!1994-06-06
20 Riding my bicycle to kindergarten is fun! / Mom will get her drivers license! / I go for a drive with Mom!1994-05-30
19 Changing wardrobes at the change of seasons! / Lunch is barbecued beef! / The racetrack is fun!1994-05-23
18 Special lessons in traffic rules! / I want to see an alien! / My autograph book!1994-05-16
17 I want to eat expensive sweets! / Miss Matsuzaka is tired! / Mom ran away from home!1994-05-09
16 I play house with the leader of the gang! / Mom has no drivers license! / Lets learn how to drive!1994-05-02
15 I beat you at gathering shellfish! / Dreadful payday! / Great stingy plan!1994-04-25
14 Setting my sights upon Love in calligraphy! / Cleaning up the Kotatsu! / It's the introduction to the Buri Buri movie!1994-04-18
13 Flower viewing is dangerous! / A long, tedious conversation is annoying! / I have a craving for Chinese noodles!1994-04-11
12 Edo Land - Tale of Fire! / Edo Land - Tale of Water! / I go out even though it is windy!1994-04-04
11 Dad is sick! / Putting on makeup is fun! / I get a brother!1994-03-21
10 I enjoy the art in a museum! / Im Kazama-kun! / I entertain the director!1994-03-14
9 Taking a bath by myself / It's a tricycle race! / Eat at a baikingu!1994-03-07
8 The softball tournament part 1 / The softball tournament part 2 / A divorce at the Nohara house!1994-02-28
7 Hatena is a mysterious cat! / Cleaning your ears feels good! / Misae's class reunion1994-02-21
6 Im changing my hairstyle! / Visiting Kazama-kun at his illness! / The chairman's house is a villa!1994-02-14
5 The lottery! / Lets go to a funeral! / A snowball fight1994-02-07
4 Playing at a girls school! / Call me Pencil Shin-chan / Im a impersonator1994-01-31
3 Ways to avoid being late / Masao's love / Lets make natto and rice!1994-01-24
2 Going for a Ski Trip / The activity after Skiing / My whole family is Skiing1994-01-17
1 Receiving Red Packets / Shopping With Red Packets Money / Here comes Grandparents!1994-01-10
Season 2 (show/hide)
26 Balloons Balloons / I found a Wallet / I go sightseeing with Granddad!1993-07-19
25 I cant sleep / Pool cleaning is fun / We Won a Trip to Guam1993-07-05
24 Playing with a bully again / Attending a wedding ceremony / A wedding party1993-06-28
23 Man can cook / Mummy got a toothache / Wedding outfit adventure1993-06-21
22 Asking a politician questions / Listening to big sister / Today is Fathers Day1993-06-14
21 Helping someone in trouble / Being a carpenter is tough / Shiro is missing1993-06-07
20 I hate to throw trash / Saleslady from Hell taking revenge / Revolving Sushi1993-05-31
19 Cutting grass / Teacher is sick / Visiting my teacher1993-05-24
18 I hate to keep toys / Night time is adults world / My book is bestseller1993-05-17
17 Setting out for a picnic / An incident during picnic / Do not play with fire!1993-05-10
16 Mothers strained back! / The saleslady from hell / Mothers day1993-05-03
15 festival / Kicking tin cans / Elevator girl1993-04-26
14 Daddy is drank / I am a detective / Go shopping with mummy1993-04-19
13 Sowing Seeds / Spending at the Grocery Store / A Face Without Eyebrows1993-04-12
12 A place for cherry blossom / Cherry blossom is fun / A Visit to daddy's office1993-03-29
11 Soccer practice / Soccer game / Earthquake!1993-03-22
10 Ordering pizza delivery / My friends hamster / Sunning my beddings1993-03-15
9 I play Badminton / Going on a field trip / Take a walk with Shiro1993-03-08
8 Its a girls festival / Going to swimming school / Training Shiro1993-03-01
7 Keep quiet in the library / Gearing for marathon / Marathon day1993-02-22
6 Lets buy some roasted red bean / A stay in our school / The night in our School1993-02-15
5 I caught a cold / Being a policeman is tough / Karaoke session1993-02-08
4 Bean Throwing Night / Mummy goes shopping / I love steamboat1993-02-01
3 I am a Model / A fun hot spring trip / Hot spring for everyone1993-01-25
2 Making lunch box is tough / Play Cooking / Helping at the bookstore1993-01-18
1 Ep.33 Have a Supper / Kite Flying is fun / Lets make a snowman1993-01-11
Season 1 (show/hide)
26 Lost at the Department Store / Cleaning the hen-house / Shichi-Go-San day1992-11-09
25 Duel with the Cockroach / Body check time! / Cleaning Daddy's Car1992-11-02
24 A Female College Students Work is Hard / I am Playing in a Ddrama / My Parents are Fighting1992-10-26
23 The Password is Misae / Competing with Stilts / I go to pick up Dad!1992-10-19
22 Hand-to-Hand Fighting with Mommy / Playing with Soap Bubbles / The Bookstore Once Again1992-10-12
21 Doing My Best In Sports Day / Running With Mommy / Winning a Relay1992-09-21
20 After Meal Toothpaste / Wet The Bed 3 Times / Dancing the Blues1992-09-14
19 A Typhoon Comes Around / Ending Up In A Duel / Issuing a Letter1992-09-07
18 Doing Baseball with Daddy / Nene-chan's Mama is Kind / Grandfather is Coming1992-08-31
17 Encountering Action Mask / Yoshinaga-sensei's Date / The Forgotten Shiro1992-08-17
16 Mommy's Nursing / Playing with a Bully / Going to a Temple Festival1992-08-10
15 Riding the Train / Rode the Train / Choosing a Sento1992-07-27
14 Mommy's Nap / Having an Ego / This time, Were Doing Fireworks1992-07-20
13 Sea Water Baths are Fun / Staying at a Luxurious Hotel / The Road Home is Long1992-07-13
12 Going to the Barbershop / Protecting My Treasure / Filming a Video1992-07-06
11 Feeding Shiro / Fighting Couples are Troublesome / A Parent-child Dragnet1992-06-29
10 A College Girl is My Friend / I Want a High-end Swimsuit / It's Pool Time1992-06-15
9 Not Getting in Dads Way / Playing with Clay / Standing and Reading in the Bookstore1992-06-08
8 Going for a Walk with Shiro / Building Shiro's House / I Hate Green Peppers1992-06-01
7 Disaster Drills Are a Nightmare / I found a Puppy / His Name is Shiro1992-05-25
6 Tidying Up / Raising Tadpoles / Bathing with Mom1992-05-18
5 Going to the Movies / A Good Boy's Present / Lending a Hand1992-05-11
4 The Sunflower Class Gang / Going on a Picnic1992-05-04
3 Watching Action Mask / School Lunch is Fun / Going to the Dentist1992-04-27
2 Tricycles are Fun / My Stomach Is Going to Burst / A Nightmare for Dad1992-04-20
1 Running an Errand / Mamas Mornings are Busy / Doodling1992-04-13
Season 0 (show/hide)
20 I'm going to a piano recital / We're going on a summer vacation
19 We are the three little pigs (Part 1) / We are the three little pigs (Part 2) / We all have a past
18 The whole family is going to Hawaii /The whole family is going to Hawaii 2 /We are going to Hawaii ... 3 /We are going to Hawaii ... 4 /We are going to Hawaii ... 5 /We are going to Hawaii .. .6
17 Shin-Chan Wars / Himawari is a princess / Mom gets a gray hair / Shin-Chan Wars 2 / Michi and Yoshirin move / In a career what counts is friendship / Shin-Chan Wars 3
16 We are the Happy Prince and the swallow Shinnosuke / We are going on a picnic / My sister kills them by being silent / Nene chooses a husband
15 Shinchanator is here / We spend the new year as a family / This game is as real as life itself / I'm going shopping with the grandparents / The Matsuzaka sisters celebrate the new year
14 Detective Nohara takes action / I know a kitchen genius / Detective Nohara takes action II / We clean up / Detective Nohara takes action III / We relive the past
13 I am Astro Shin-Chan / Dad also passes his thing / He is about to be born / That he is already here, that he is already born / The girl has already been born / Today he plays a potpourri of laughter
12 The Adventures of the Brave Pig - The Monster Castle
11 Momotaro is my friend / Don't stop the jokes / Snowy has a bad day / The seller from hell is back
10 The Adventures of Brave Pig III / The Adventures of Brave Pig IV / Shin-Chan Gets Dramatic / Shin-Chan Gets Dramatic 2 / Snowy Has a Hard Time / The Monkey and the Crab Meet
9 I play at being a taxi driver / Bodyguard Nohara / I have a great time in the machines / The mobster is a photographer / Ultrahero becomes more powerful / Mom has a stiff neck / Bodyguard Nohara II
8 We see Shin-Chan in prehistory (Part 1) / We see Shin-Chan in prehistory (Part 2) / They fight over the Jews / Boo-Chan declares himself / Snowy gets us drunk
7 A baby is going to be born / The last battle of Kuntam arrives / Once a year we have to clean up / I am a match seller / There is New Year's Eve dinner
6 Toy box / Miss Yoshinaga falls in love / Mom goes to yoga / My thing is climbing trees / Ultrahero is on the edge / Dad takes me on a trip / The adventures of the brave pig II1994-08-22
5 The promises to mom / I watch an Ultrahero movie / I love the Kuntam robot / It's the kindergarten Christmas party / I want Christmas presents / I travel to winter country
4 The robot Kuntam is invincible / We rehearse a play / I take care of the ogres from the story / Snowy meets his first love / We are between ninjas and samurai / We continue between ninjas and samurai
3 We are going abroad for the first time / For the first time I get on a plane / We arrived at the island of Guam / This island is a cane
2 Snowy has a dog's life / I have an adventure in a dream world / I'm going to see the CC Girls / Ultrahero is over / I travel with mom
1 Prologue/Lots of promises/Making rice cakes in kindergarten/It's warm in the kotatsu/I am the brave pig/We do general cleaning/We go shopping/Action Kamen special/Memories of the year/Extra features1992-12-28


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