The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima)

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Meet Louise, a budding magician. The students at the Tristein Academy call her "Zero Louise", due to her current record of zero successes with magic. In fact, her magic tends to go spectacularly wrong. Now, as an important test of her aptitude for magic, she must summon a familiar to be her servant. At this critical moment, she summons up all her magic and wishes for a familiar that is "devoted, beautiful and powerful", and gets... Hiraga Saito, an ordinary Japanese boy. It's difficult to say who is more surprised and dismayed, but the rules don't allow for second attempts. Louise is stuck with her strange familiar, and he with her. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Fantasy | Romance
First Aired: 2006-07-03 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 4 (show/hide)
12 The Familiar of Zero2012-03-24
11 Louise's Choice2012-03-17
10 Awakening of Calamity2012-03-10
9 Tabitha's Coronation2012-03-03
8 Escape Through the Sewer2012-02-25
7 Elves from the Desert2012-02-18
6 Trouble at the Outdoor Bath2012-02-11
5 The Maidens of De Ornierés2012-02-04
4 The Queen's Reward2012-01-28
3 The Incompetent King Gone Mad2012-01-21
2 Priestess in Aquileia2012-01-14
1 Louise of the Holy Land2012-01-07
Season 3 (show/hide)
12 Wings of Freedom2008-09-22
11 Captive in Alhambra2008-09-15
10 Mountain Pass on the Border2008-09-08
9 Tabitha's Little Sister2008-09-01
8 Pursuit Aboard the Ostland2008-08-25
7 The Sleipnir Ball2008-08-18
6 Forbidden Magic Powder2008-08-11
5 The Alluring Girls' Bath2008-08-04
4 The Conspicuous New Student2008-07-28
3 Return of the Hero2008-07-21
2 The Fairy of the Forest2008-07-14
1 The Familiar's Mark2008-07-07
Season 2 (show/hide)
12 The Farewell Wedding Ceremony2007-09-24
11 The Silver Pentecost2007-09-17
10 Enemy on the Snowy Alps2007-09-10
9 The Atonement of Flames2007-09-03
8 Crisis at the Institute of Magic2007-08-27
7 The Underground Secret Document2007-08-20
6 The Queen's Holiday2007-08-13
5 The Spy's Seal2007-08-06
4 The Three Vallière Sisters2007-07-30
3 The Priest's Sword2007-07-23
2 The Vow of Wind and Water2007-07-16
1 Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero2007-07-09
Season 1 (show/hide)
13 Louise The Void2006-09-25
12 Zero Treasure2006-09-18
11 Louise's Marriage2006-09-11
10 A Princess's Request2006-09-04
9 Louise's Change of Heart2006-08-28
8 Tabitha's Secret2006-08-21
7 Louise's Part-Time Job2006-08-14
6 A Thief's Identity2006-08-07
5 Tristain's Princess2006-07-31
4 A Maid's Crisis2006-07-24
3 Feverish Temptation2006-07-17
2 Peasant Familiar2006-07-10
1 Zero Louise2006-07-03
Season 0 (show/hide)
8 Countess Butterfly's Graceful Day: The Last Chapter2009-03-25
7 Countess Butterfly's Graceful Day: Chapter 22009-02-25
6 Countess Butterfly's Graceful Day: Chapter 12009-01-23
5 Countess Butterfly's Graceful Day: Prologue2008-12-25
4 Maid's Afternoon: The Last Night2008-11-21
3 Maid's Afternoon: Afternoon for Two2008-10-24
2 Maid's Afternoon: Whip of Love2008-09-25
1 Seductive Beach2008-12-25


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