Fantastic Children

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A group of mysterious white-haired children has been spotted at different times and places in Europe for over 500 years. Always with the looks of 11 years old, they behave way more mature than they should be, never grow, and seem to have supernatural power. What they have kept being after is a girl, and all the connection they have is a picture with a crescent moon. Now, in the year of 2012, an athletic boy named Tohma is about to be involved in this centuries-long mystery. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Fantasy | Science Fiction
First Aired: 2004-10-04 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 1 (show/hide)
26 Demise and Then the Beginning2005-03-28
25 Into the Zone2005-03-21
24 The Truth About Thoma2005-03-14
23 Gherta2005-03-07
22 Come Flying2005-02-28
21 Dumas2005-02-21
20 Circling Life2005-02-14
19 Oath2005-02-07
18 Tragedy2005-01-31
17 Tina2005-01-24
16 Recurrence, Inside the Mist2005-01-17
15 Reminiscence2005-01-10
14 Locus2005-01-04
13 Memory of Girishia2004-12-27
12 Enma2004-12-20
11 Important Person2004-12-13
10 G-E-D Organisation2004-12-06
9 OSL2004-11-29
8 A Warm Home2004-11-22
7 The Children of Befort2004-11-15
6 Kokkuri Isle (Part 2)2004-11-08
5 Kokkuri Isle (Part 1)2004-11-01
4 Shinon2004-10-25
3 The Place I Want to Go2004-10-18
2 Wandering Feelings2004-10-11
1 From the Edge of Darkness2004-10-04
Season 0 (show/hide)
1 Fantastic Children Extended Ending2005-09-23


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