Girls und Panzer

In this world, "Sensha-do", the military art of using tanks better known as "Tankery", is every bit important to a girl as flower arrangement and tea ceremonies. Nishizumi Miho is a new transfer student who wants nothing to do with Tankery. However, she is summoned before the Student Council President who forcibly enrolls her in the schools Tankery Course, with the ultimate goal of being part of the school's team in the National Tankery Tournament. To make matters worse, every single member of the team is eccentric. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Animation | Comedy
First Aired: 2012-10-09 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 1 (show/hide)
12 The Battle We Can't Back Down From!2013-03-25
11 The Battle Gets Fierce!2013-03-18
10 Classmates!2012-12-18
9 Last Ditch Effort!2012-12-11
8 We're Fighting Pravda!2012-12-04
7 Up Next is Anzio!2012-11-27
6 Our First Battle Comes To A Climax!2012-11-20
5 Veterans of Their Trade: Sherman Corps!2012-11-06
4 Commander Does Her Best!2012-10-30
3 We're Having a Match!2012-10-23
2 Tanks, We Ride Them!2012-10-16
1 Tankery, Here It Comes!2012-10-09
Season 0 (show/hide)
65 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Tanks from small and medium-sized countries2024-03-26
64 Commander War!2024-03-27
62 Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part 42023-10-06
61 Picture drama: Tank Talk!2013-09-25
60 Picture drama: It’s a Test of Courage!2013-09-25
59 Picture drama: Darjeeling-sama's Sayings (Part 2)2013-09-25
58 Picture drama: Cooking!2013-09-25
57 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Extra Edition (from 1st Heartful Tank Disc)2013-09-25
56 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Event Business Trip2013-09-25
55 Picture drama: I Will Campaign!2017-02-24
54 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Aiming2017-12-22
53 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Unique Amphibious Tanks2021-12-24
52 Daikon War!2021-12-24
51 Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part 32021-03-26
50 Understand in less than 1 minute! Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part 12019-06-15
49 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Spear and Shield2017-02-24
48 Dream Tank Match Picture Drama: Tank Trial!2018-02-22
47 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Glorious French Tanks2020-12-17
46 Taiyaki War!2020-02-27
45 Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part 22019-06-15
44 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Extra (from the big bluray box)2018-12-21
43 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Birth of a Tank2018-03-23
42 63rd Tank Road National High School Student Competition Summary2018-02-23
41 Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part 12017-12-09
40 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Selection University2016-05-27
39 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Japanese and Christie Suspension Tanks2016-05-27
38 Alice War!2016-05-27
37 Girls und Panzer in (about) 3 Minutes2015-11-21
36 Girls und Panzer: Der Film2015-11-21
35 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner - Italian Tanks2014-07-05
34 This Is the Real Anzio Battle!2014-07-05
33 Japan Sensha-Dō Federation News 22013-06-21
32 Japan Sensha-Dō Federation News 12013-06-21
31 Character Picture2013-06-21
30 Character Picture Isuzu Hana Ver. 32013-06-21
29 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner 062013-06-21
28 Banquet War!2013-06-21
27 Character Picture Reizei Mako Ver. 32013-05-28
26 Character Picture Akiyama Yukari Ver. 42013-05-28
25 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner 052013-05-28
24 Snow War!2013-05-28
23 Character Picture Akiyama Yukari Ver. 32013-04-24
22 Character Picture Takebe Saori Ver. 32013-04-24
21 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner 042013-04-24
20 Anglerfish War!2013-04-24
19 Character Picture Nishizumi Miho Ver. 32013-03-22
18 Character Picture Akiyama Yukari Ver. 22013-03-22
17 Character Picture Isuzu Hana Ver. 22013-03-22
16 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner 032013-03-22
15 Schoolship War!2013-03-22
14 Character Picture Reizei Mako Ver. 22013-02-22
13 Character Picture Takebe Saori Ver. 22013-02-22
12 Character Picture Nishizumi Miho Ver. 22013-02-22
11 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner 022013-02-22
10 Survival War!2013-02-22
9 Introductions 2!2012-12-25
8 Akiyama Yukari's Tank Corner 012012-12-21
7 Character Picture Takebe Saori2012-12-21
6 Character Picture Reizei Mako2012-12-21
5 Character Picture Nishizumi Miho2012-12-21
4 Character Picture Isuzu Hana2012-12-21
3 Character Picture Akiyama Yukari2012-12-21
2 Water War!2012-12-21
1 Introductions!2012-11-13


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