Fighting Beauty Wulong

The lead character, Mao Ran, a person of Chinese origin born and raised in Japan, has been trained in the secret martial art of her family by her drunken lecherous grandfather Master Mao Hun. Her grandfather has promised her that he'll tell her what happened to her parents to encourage her to train and fight. Without her knowledge, her grandfather signs her up to participate in a televised martial arts competition between female martial artists known as "Prime Mat". (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy
First Aired: 2005-10-02 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 2 (show/hide)
25 I'm with Mao's Fame on My Shoulder2006-10-01
24 Sad Color2006-09-24
23 Blue Night in Yokohama2006-09-17
22 What You Bestow Me2006-09-10
21 Accursed New Face2006-09-03
20 Barefoot Goddess2006-08-27
19 Sister2006-08-20
18 Hesitation and Concern2006-08-13
17 Man Nothing2006-08-06
16 Follow You2006-07-30
15 Man and Women2006-07-23
14 The Best Partners2006-07-16
13 Don't Fall Down Beauty2006-07-09
12 My Smart Skills2006-07-02
11 Pupil of Samsara2006-06-25
10 Unmerciful and Dangerous!2006-06-18
9 Invincible Beauty2006-06-04
8 My Revolution2006-05-28
7 Foreign People2006-05-21
6 Lucky to Meet You2006-05-14
5 So I Became Perplexed2006-05-07
4 Only to Farewell to All the Sorrow2006-04-23
3 Bite the Lips2006-04-16
2 Obsessed With You2006-04-09
1 What Are You Doing?2006-04-02
Season 1 (show/hide)
25 The Journey Song2006-03-26
24 Like a Demoness2006-03-19
23 Moebius' Eyes2006-03-12
22 Get Wild2006-03-05
21 Can't Erase The Loneliness2006-02-26
20 Stairway To Heaven2006-02-19
19 Wet Osaka2006-02-12
18 Cold Rain2006-02-05
17 Battlefield Madonna2006-01-29
16 High Pressure Girl2006-01-22
15 Dangerous Goddess2006-01-17
14 I Want To See You2006-01-01
13 Lady Navigation2005-12-25
12 Ride on Time2005-12-18
11 Gentle Demon2005-12-11
10 Incomplete Melody2005-12-04
9 Friends2005-11-27
8 No More Tears2005-11-20
7 A Twisted Heart2005-11-13
6 Unstoppable2005-11-06
5 A World for Two2005-10-30
4 Searching for Virtue2005-10-23
3 Two People in Peril2005-10-16
2 During Your Dream2005-10-09
1 Burden of the Invincible Sign!2005-10-02


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