Flame Of Recca

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Recca was an average ordinary boy, who happened to like ninjas. One day as an dark and mysterious women enters his life, Recca finds that he has some extraordinary powers. Now he must use these powers to protect his friends and himself from a long lost brother, who holds a hatred against him. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Animation
First Aired: 1997-07-19 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 1 (show/hide)
42 Battle To The Death! Until Life Is Extinguished...1998-07-10
41 The Second Round! Recca vs. Kurei1998-07-03
40 A Wicked Woman's Trap. Angry Fujin1998-06-19
39 Mikagami's Fierce Battle. Heedless Hyomon Ken!1998-06-12
38 Fear! Reanimated Zombie!1998-05-29
37 Escape from Another Dimension! Battle in the Evil Place!1998-05-22
36 The Fire Dragons United! The Opponent Outside the Ring!1998-05-15
35 Girl's Invocation. Awakening the Fujin!1998-05-08
34 Fierce Fighting Fuko. Countless Injuries On Bare Skin!1998-05-01
33 Dragon Twins! The Stolen Move!1998-04-24
32 Invisible Enemy. Battle Against Fear!1998-04-17
31 Cursed Fire. Kurenai's Past!1998-03-28
30 Temptation of the Beautiful Women. The Deadly Duo!1998-03-21
29 Suspicious Tongues. Fear of the Kotodama!1998-03-14
28 Blazing Judgement. Setsuna Shun En!1998-03-07
27 Tears Shed Because of Girl's Hair!!1998-02-28
26 Mokuren has Returned! The Menace of the Human Tree.1998-02-21
25 Shock! Lightning Fast Conclusion!1998-02-14
24 The Call from the Monster, the Warrior from Hell1998-02-07
23 Desperate Trials!1998-01-31
22 Sudden Change of Buddha1998-01-24
21 Paper Dance. Breathing in Life!1998-01-17
20 Explosion! - The Secret of Maiden's Flower!!1998-01-10
19 The Iron Fist Fails! - Domon's Trump Card!!1997-12-20
18 Sword of Blood! - Tokiya - Tokiya in the Ring!!1997-12-13
17 Underground Death Tournament! - The Hokage Arrives!1997-12-06
16 Ready to Fight! - Recca's Challenge!!1997-11-29
15 The Curse of Time - Mother and Son!!1997-11-22
14 The Past Revived - The 400-Year-Old Truth!!1997-11-15
13 The Ultimate Flame! Legend of the Fire Dragons1997-11-01
12 Kurenai The Flame - The Angel of Death!!1997-10-25
11 The Five Fangs of Kogonanki!!1997-10-18
10 Clash of Flames - The Two Hokage!!1997-10-11
9 Demon Domon - His Unknown Power!!1997-10-04
8 The Room of the Dolls - Fuko's Desperate Struggle!!1997-09-27
7 Stone Guardian - The Game of Death!!1997-09-20
6 Fearful Fire Sorcerer - Kurei!!1997-09-13
5 The Shadow Ninja Clan - The Mystery of the Hokage!!1997-08-30
4 Labyrinth of Mirrors - The Flame of Death!!1997-08-16
3 The Water Swordsman - The Fang of Revenge!!1997-08-09
2 Wind And Fire - A Dangerous Seduction!!1997-08-02
1 The Princess and the Ninja - Awakening of the Power!!1997-07-19
Season 0 (show/hide)
1 Final Burning2004-06-10

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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