Charmed (2018)

Macy, Mel and Maggie are three college girls from Hilltowne with somewhat special qualities: magical powers. Thus, each one possesses the following abilities: Maggie, the youngest is very athletic and passionate and can read the thoughts of the people. Mel is a fervent lesbian activist capable of stopping time and Macy is working in the laboratory of the town's university and has telekinesis. Together they have the Power of Three, which they will have to use to face a multitude of challenges...
Genre: Drama | Fantasy
First Aired: 2018-10-14 Status: Continuing Length: 45 Min

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Season 3 (show/hide)
Season 2 (show/hide)
19Unsafe Space2020-05-01
18Don't Look Back in Anger2020-04-17
17Search Party2020-04-10
16The Enemy of My Frenemy2020-04-03
15Third Time's the Charm2020-03-27
14Sudden Death2020-02-28
13Breaking the Cycle2020-02-21
12Needs to Know2020-02-07
11Dance Like No One is Witching2020-01-31
10Curse Words2020-01-24
9Guess Who's Coming To SafeSpace Seattle2020-01-17
8The Rules of Engagement2019-12-06
7Past is Present2019-11-22
6When Sparks Fly2019-11-15
5The Truth about Kat and Dogs2019-11-08
4Deconstructing Harry 2019-11-01
3Careful What You Witch For2019-10-25
2Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead2019-10-18
1Safe Space2019-10-11
Season 1 (show/hide)
22The Source Awakens2019-05-19
21Red Rain2019-05-12
19Source Material2019-04-28
18The Replacement2019-04-21
16Memento Mori2019-03-24
15Switches & Stones2019-03-17
14Touched by a Demon2019-03-10
13Manic Pixie Nightmare2019-03-03
12You're Dead To Me2019-02-17
11Witch Perfect2019-01-27
10Keep Calm and Harry On2019-01-20
9Jingle Hell2018-12-09
8Bug a Boo2018-12-02
7Out of Scythe2018-11-25
6Kappa Spirit2018-11-18
5Other Woman2018-11-11
4Exorcise Your Demons2018-11-04
3Sweet Tooth2018-10-28
2Let This Mother Out2018-10-21

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