A Certain Magical Index

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Set in Academy City, a city of scientifically advanced superhuman students, located to the west of Tokyo, in a world where magic is also real. Kamijou Touma's right hand, the Imagine Breaker, can negate all magic, psychic, or divine powers, but not his own bad luck. One day he finds a young girl, Index, hanging on his balcony railing. She turns out to be a nun from the Church of England, and her mind has been implanted with the Index Librorum Prohibitorum — all the magical texts the Church has removed from circulation. His encounter leads him to meet others from the secret world of science and magic and right into an adventure where science and magic collide. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Action | Animation | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Romance | Science Fiction
Available at: Netflix (Can be changed/wrong by now. Report errors.)
First Aired: 2008-10-05 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 3 (show/hide)
26 Son of God2019-04-05
25 Wings2019-03-29
24 List of Prohibited Books (Index)2019-03-22
23 Fuse=KAZAKIRI2019-03-15
22 Angel Power (Gabriel)2019-03-08
21 The Star of B'Tselem2019-03-01
20 A Reason to Protect2019-02-22
19 Misaka Worst2019-02-15
18 The Alliance of Independent Nations2019-02-08
17 DRAGON2019-02-01
16 The Governing Board2019-01-25
15 Spark Signal2019-01-18
14 Heroes2019-01-11
13 Curtana Original2018-12-28
12 Mercenaries2018-12-21
11 British Labyrinth2018-12-14
10 Sky Bus 3652018-12-07
9 Holy Mother Veneration2018-11-30
8 Saint Breakout2018-11-23
7 The Third Level2018-11-16
6 Super-espers2018-11-09
5 Dark Matter2018-11-02
4 The Dark Side of Academy City2018-10-26
3 The Document of C2018-10-19
2 The Right Seat of God2018-10-12
1 Unrest2018-10-05
Season 2 (show/hide)
24 Skill Out (Armed Gang)2011-04-01
23 Prewar2011-03-25
22 The Divine Retribution Spell2011-03-11
21 Testament (Learning Device)2011-03-04
20 Hound Dog (Hound Squad)2011-02-25
19 The Researcher (Amata Kihara)2011-02-18
18 Serial Number (Specimen Number)2011-02-11
17 Penalty Game2011-02-04
16 Rosary of the Appointed Time2011-01-28
15 Queen's Fleet2011-01-21
14 City of Water2011-01-14
13 Croce di Pietro (Apostolic Cross)2011-01-07
12 Belvedere (The Observatory)2010-12-24
11 Stab Sword2010-12-17
10 Shorthand (Stenographic Sourebook)2010-12-10
9 Route Disturb (Pursuit Inhibited)2010-12-03
8 The Daihasei Festival2010-11-26
7 Move Point (Coordinate Relocation)2010-11-19
6 Remnant (Wreckage)2010-11-12
5 Lotus Wand2010-11-05
4 Sheol Fear (Voice of the Magicbane)2010-10-29
3 The Amakusa Church2010-10-22
2 The Book of Law2010-10-15
1 The Last Day (August 31)2010-10-08
Season 1 (show/hide)
24 Imaginary Number School District - Five-Element Agency2009-03-19
23 Friends (Hyoka Kazakiri)2009-03-12
22 Golem (Stone Figure)2009-03-05
21 Counter Stop (Identity Unknown)2009-02-26
20 Virus Code (Final Signal)2009-02-19
19 Last Order (The End)2009-02-12
18 Replica (Impostor)2009-02-05
17 The Power of God (Archangel)2009-01-29
16 Toya Kamijo (Father)2009-01-22
15 Angel Fall (Angel Fall)2009-01-15
14 Weakest vs. Strongest (Strongest vs. Weakest)2009-01-08
13 Accelerator (One Way)2008-12-28
12 Level 6 (Absolute Ability)2008-12-21
11 Sisters (Sisters)2008-12-14
10 Mikoto Misaka (Sissy)2008-12-07
9 Deep Blood (Vampire Killer)2008-11-30
8 Ars Magna (Golden Transmutation)2008-11-23
7 The Science Cult (Misawa Cram School)2008-11-16
6 Imagine Breaker2008-11-09
5 Limit (12 o'clock)2008-11-02
4 Perfect Memory Ability2008-10-26
3 Necessarius (The Church of Necessary Evil)2008-10-19
2 Innocentius (The Witch Hunter King)2008-10-12
1 Academy City2008-10-05
Season 0 (show/hide)
9 A Certain Magical Index-tan VII2019-04-30
8 A Certain Magical Index-tan VI2018-12-26
7 To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan V2018-12-26
6 A Certain Magical Index Movie: The Miracle of Endymion Special2013-08-08
5 A Certain Magical Index Movie: The Miracle of Endymion2013-02-23
4 A Certain Magical Index-tan IV2011-06-22
3 A Certain Magical Index-tan III2011-01-26
2 A Certain Magical Index-tan II2009-05-29
1 A Certain Magical Index-tan2009-01-23

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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