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Monster Rancher is about a kid named Genki who gets sucked into his favorite videogame. There he meets Moochi, Holly, Suezo, Tiger, Golem and Hare, together they go on a journey find the Phoenix and stop Moo's diabolical plan. While Monster Rancher has a 3rd season, it will NOT be airing here in the U.S. Characters Genki: An 11 year-old corageous, athletic, but not too bright kid that was sucked into his video game. Holly: A girl that lost her father at a young age. Holly was born and raised in Monster World, and likes things to be peaceful so she wants to find the Phoenix to return the peace. Suezo: Holly's childhood companion monster. He goes with her on all her adventures to keep her safe. Golem: Once a protector of disks, Golem now travels with the group in search of the Phoenix. He might look big and mean but he really is a softy in the inside. Hare: Once a medal (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Thriller
First Aired: 1999-08-30 Status: Ended Length: 30 Min

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Season 3 (show/hide)
25 The Final Battle2001-10-07
24 Reunion2001-10-06
23 Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Most2001-10-05
22 Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Poritoka2001-10-04
21 Mum Mew Risks It All2001-10-03
20 Battling Granity2001-10-02
19 Golem's Cook-Off2001-10-01
18 Brothers, In The Greatest Four2001-09-30
17 Shogun The Mighty2001-09-29
16 Legend Of The Great White Most2001-09-28
15 The World Monster Cup - Naga Returns2001-09-27
14 Ghost Encounters Of The Pirate Kind2001-09-26
13 Pink Jam To The Rescue2001-09-25
12 Winner's Cup: The Fickle Finger Of Fate2001-09-24
11 Allan's Advice2001-09-23
10 All's Fare in Love and Taxis2001-09-22
9 Furred Suezo's M-1 Grand Prix Hero2001-09-21
8 Lost At Sea: The Disappearance Of The Mystery Disc2001-09-20
7 Disappearing Hare Line2001-09-19
6 Tiger and the Mandy Cup Challenge2001-09-18
5 The Powerful Wonder Brothers2001-09-17
4 Saved by a Hare2001-09-16
3 Battle for the Rookie Cup2001-09-15
2 Quest for the Legend Cup2001-09-14
1 Return to Monster Rancher2001-09-13
Season 2 (show/hide)
22 Blue Skies2001-02-16
21 Tears2001-02-13
20 Jill's Icy Secret2000-11-26
19 Durahan Dies At Daybreak2000-11-19
18 Magic Stone Mayhem2000-11-12
17 Renocraft, Slayer In The Sand2000-11-12
16 The Warriors From Outer Space2000-11-05
15 Tiger Meets His Match2000-11-05
14 Secret Of The Pendant Stone2000-10-29
13 Good-Bye Baku2000-10-29
12 Evil General Durahan's Challenge2000-10-22
11 Holly's Happy Birthday2000-10-22
10 Eve's Night2000-10-15
9 Battle With The Big Bad Four2000-10-15
8 The Town That Disappeared2000-10-08
7 Battle In The Meadow2000-10-08
6 Holly's Million Gold Smile2000-10-01
5 Amusement Park Ruins2000-10-01
4 Baby Bossy2000-09-24
3 Farewell, My Friend2000-09-24
2 Color Pandora, Guardian Of The Forest2000-09-17
1 Tiger's Battle With Destiny2001-01-30
Season 1 (show/hide)
26 Melcarba1999-12-02
25 The Warriors Of The Ruins1999-12-01
24 Undine's Lake1999-11-30
23 Our Friend Henger Forever1999-11-29
22 Don't Give Up, Ducken!1999-11-24
21 Run, Tiger, Run!1999-11-23
20 The Mocchi Cannon1999-11-22
19 My Name Is Pixie1999-11-18
18 Suezo's Secret Weapon1999-11-17
17 Underground Adventure1999-11-16
16 Great Battle At Sea1999-11-10
15 A New Departure1999-11-03
14 Holly's Rescue1999-11-01
13 Pixie's Defeat1999-10-18
12 Moo Revealed1999-10-12
11 Monol's Story1999-10-06
10 The Ruins' Secret1999-09-30
9 The Iron Bird1999-09-29
8 After The Rain1999-09-23
7 The Courageous Seven1999-09-22
6 Hare's Trick1999-09-14
5 Tiger Of The Wind1999-09-08
4 Eternal Worm1999-09-06
3 Guardian Of The Disks1999-09-01
2 I'm Mocchi!1999-08-30
1 In the Beginning!1999-08-30

Anonymisiert (10/10 Sterne) 2016-08-09 01:59
hab die serie komplett vergessen eig. alles an was ich mich noch erinnern kann dass die serie einer meiner lieblings serien ist/war. hab nur den namen damals vergessen und so auch den anime. aber ich weiƟ noch dass der anime richtig geil war!

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