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While the young Angelique lives out her days peacefully in her school, attacks from the monstrous Thanatos has been increasing everywhere else. Two Purifiers show up one day, men with the power to exterminate the Thanatos. One of them, Nyx, attempts to convince Angelique to join them in their work, as she has the power to be the only female Purifier. As Angelique hesitates, a Thanatos shows up in their school. Nyx and the other Purifier, Rayne, fight a losing battle. With her classmates falling prey to the Thanatos, and the Purifiers beaten to submission, Angelique's desire to save everyone awakens. She became the only female Purifier in their land of Arcadia, the one known as the "Queen's Egg". (Quelle:
Genre: Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Romance
First Aired: 2008-04-06 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 2 (show/hide)
13 An Eternal Arcadia2008-09-28
12 To The Sky...2008-09-21
11 Slumber in Celestizam2008-09-14
10 The Payment for Sin2008-09-07
9 Termination on the Snowy Plains2008-08-31
8 The Young Men's Resolve2008-08-24
7 A Night of Truth2008-08-17
6 Holy Rebellion2008-08-10
5 My Little Angie2008-08-03
4 The Tower of Dreaming Souls2008-07-27
3 Sword in Hand2008-07-20
2 The Melody of Encounters2008-07-13
1 Lost Light2008-07-06
Season 1 (show/hide)
13 Repatriation, And Then..2008-06-29
12 Imprisoment of Angelique2008-06-22
11 Dark Clouds2008-06-15
10 Rondo of Time2008-06-08
9 A Day Off In Wodon2008-06-01
8 Jinx2008-05-25
7 Seeds of Happiness2008-05-18
6 Pilgrimmage to the Holy Capital2008-05-11
5 Decisive Journey2008-05-04
4 The Black Attack2008-04-27
3 The Silver Knight2008-04-20
2 Under the Table2008-04-13
1 The Girl of Miracles2008-04-06


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