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Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro couldn't be more different. Nagisa is sporty and Honoka bookish, and while they attend the same school, they have very little in common - until one day, a shower of shooting stars brings two very unlikely visitors into their lives: Mippuru and Meppuru, refugees from the Garden of Light, which has been conquered by Darkness. Endowed with new and startling powers, Nagisa and Honoka become Cure Black and Cure White, magical defenders of the light - together, they are Futari Wa Pretty Cure. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Drama | Family | Fantasy | Mystery
First Aired: 2004-02-01 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 9 (show/hide)
2 On Fire! The Hot-Blooded Cure Sunny is Here!!2012-02-12
1 She's Born! The Perfect Smile, Cure Happy!!2012-02-05
Season 2 (show/hide)
47 Open the door! The story begins from here2006-01-29
46 Life-risking attack! Dark soldiers at maximum power!2006-01-22
45 Infinite darkness, eternal light2006-01-15
44 The day Hikari disappears, the day we search for tomorrow!2006-01-08
43 The final winter vacation! It's a special lesson for Zakennah!2005-12-25
42 A rink full of sweethearts? Slipping and falling into grave danger!2005-12-18
41 Deliver your spirit! A wandering present of courage!2005-12-11
40 Together, we are the best! Full-powered rippin' roarin' Nagisa and Ryouta!2005-12-04
39 Burn out! The young Lacrosse finalist!!2005-11-27
38 Goodbye, Honoka! Our bonds will intensify forever!2005-11-20
37 Nagisa's flying! Honoka's dancing! Feel the power of the harvest on the great stage!2005-11-13
36 Return to the pit! Polun and Lulun's great adventure2005-10-30
35 A seriously dangerous field trip! Lovely sliced fish has a dangerous smell2005-10-23
34 Friends on a journey! Zakennah on a field trip!?2005-10-16
33 Stock up your courage! Nagisa's troublesome birthday!!2005-10-09
32 Protect us from darkness! This world's most important smile!2005-10-02
31 Valdez reborn! Break through with teamwork at the last second!!2005-09-25
30 Do your best, Luloon! Weave the future with the power of light2005-09-18
29 No way...Seriously...Really? Porun's great babysitter strategy!2005-09-11
28 Veroune panic! The naughty ghost-hunting princess2005-09-04
27 Don't finish your homework yet! Pears and storms and Zakennah!2005-08-28
26 Losing Nagisa! Everyone is worried and greatly afraid!2005-08-21
25 Hikari's summer day, Sanae's reminiscence2005-08-14
24 Adolescent full throttle! Yuka-senpai and Nagisa's top deciding battle!2005-08-07
23 Rebound the dark powers! Hope uncovers a new power!2005-07-17
22 The horror of Baldez! Pretty Cure cornered2005-07-10
21 So soon? So often!? A forbidden encounter2005-07-03
20 Namida's farewell!? Rina's ponpoko tale2005-06-26
19 Hikari is worried! Nagisa's changing schools--Unbelievable!!2005-06-12
18 Camping, 'Hoy! Becoming reliant on Daddy?2005-06-05
17 What's this? A distressed Honoka's meeting for reading research papers2005-05-29
16 Nagisa's in high spirits! The lucky color is in the pink!2005-05-22
15 A senior's aspiration is a great close friend!2005-05-15
14 Go for it, Fuji-P-senpai! Nagisa's cheering flag of spirit2005-05-08
13 Nagisa's great parent-child battle? Neglecting a mother's heart?2005-05-01
12 Business prosperity! Welcome the Cafe's Plateau!2005-04-24
11 Big pinch! Don't hang your heart in this one-shot turnaround2005-04-17
10 On the verge of panic! Don't take this dangerous field trip practice seriously!2005-04-10
9 Do not disturb! Honoka's most important day2005-04-03
8 Let your worries drive off! Link Hikari's ties with everyone!2005-03-27
7 Fight, Nagisa! The prodigious power of housework at the scene of a fire2005-03-20
6 Be careful! Hikari's errand peril is a defeat2005-03-13
5 A gallant appearance! My name is Shiny Luminous2005-03-06
4 You are not alone! A premonition that two moods overlap2005-02-27
3 Could this be destiny? Porun and Hikari's approaching encounter2005-02-20
2 The freshman is a profound mystery! But she is really full of riddles2005-02-13
1 We are still Pretty Cure! The legend continues through thick and thin!2005-02-06
Season 1 (show/hide)
49 Fight for the Future2005-01-30
48 Evil vs. Evil2005-01-23
47 The Dark Zone Expedition2005-01-16
46 A New Year Debacle2005-01-09
45 Choir Chaos2004-12-26
44 A Holiday Visitor2004-12-19
43 Fergie's Birthday Brouhaha2004-12-12
42 Together, We Are One!2004-12-05
41 Losing Isn't An Option2004-11-28
40 Sleepover Nightmare2004-11-21
39 Patching It Up2004-11-14
38 Ryan's Solo Mission2004-10-31
37 Shaking Up Shakespeare2004-10-24
36 Guardian's Great Escape2004-10-17
35 You Call This A Date?2004-10-10
34 Running On Empty2004-10-03
33 Teamwork Saves The Day2004-09-26
32 Cheer Up, Porun2004-09-19
31 Porun on the Loose2004-09-12
30 Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm2004-09-05
29 Summer Ends with a Bang2004-08-22
28 Turning Up the Heat2004-08-15
27 A New Evil Gathers2004-08-08
26 Saying Goodbye is Never Easy2004-08-01
25 Return to the Garden of Light2004-07-25
24 Match Point! Pretty Cure Vs. Ilkubo2004-07-18
23 Summer Camp Fiasco2004-07-11
22 Puppy Pandemonium2004-07-04
21 The Truth About Kirea2004-06-27
20 A Double Dose of Smart2004-06-13
19 The Dark Zone's Secret Weapon2004-06-08
18 Midterm Mission2004-05-30
17 Cultivating Crushes2004-05-23
16 Practice Makes Perfect2004-05-16
15 We Need A Vacation2004-05-09
14 Spot the Fakes2004-05-02
13 Who's the New Student?2004-04-25
12 Darkness in Disguise2004-04-18
11 Fish Out of Water2004-04-11
10 Birthday Heist2004-04-04
9 Get Him Back! Operation Rescue!2004-03-28
8 The Pretty Cure Breakup2004-03-21
7 Lacrossed Wires2004-03-14
6 Mountains, Ogres and Bears2004-03-07
5 Is it Over Yet?2004-02-29
4 Mystery at the Museum2004-02-22
3 Who's the New T.A.?2004-02-15
2 Cleaning Up the City2004-02-08
1 What D' You Mean Transform?2004-02-01
Season 0 (show/hide)
2 Pretty Cure Max Heart: Friends of the Snow-Laden Sky2005-12-10
1 Pretty Cure Max Heart: The Movie2005-04-16


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