Nana (serie)

Nana Osaki is a guarded and ambitious young woman with a strong will and a rough past. She is the vocalist for a punk band called Black Stones and she desires fame and recognition more than anything else. Nana Komatsu is an outgoing and flighty young woman with a weak will and a stable past. Her life revolves around her desire to find love and marriage. The two meet for the first time while traveling to Tokyo - in pursuit of their respective dreams - and they later decide to be roommates. Although drastically different people, the two become very close and together they find out if their biggest dreams have room for their best friend. (Quelle:
Genre: Animation | Drama | Romance
Available at: Netflix (Can be changed/wrong by now. Report errors.)
First Aired: 2006-04-05 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 1 (show/hide)
47 Fireworks Display, Hachi and NANA2007-03-28
46 Reunion! Hachi and Shoji2007-03-21
45 Blast's First TV Performance2007-03-14
44 Blast vs. Trapnest2007-03-07
43 Blast, Guerrilla Live2007-02-28
42 NANA, Suddenly Fit2007-02-21
41 Blast Lodging Together2007-02-14
40 Blast, Debut!2007-02-07
39 Look, Hachiko2007-01-31
38 The Trigger of Fate2007-01-24
37 Hachi, High-Class Housewife2007-01-17
36 Blast's New Song!!2006-12-20
35 Reira's Loneliness2006-12-13
34 The Broken Strawberry Glass2006-12-06
33 Hachi's Choice2006-11-29
32 Don't Separate the Joined Hands2006-11-20
31 Hachi's Child, Pregnancy2006-11-15
30 Breakdown, NANA's Heart2006-11-08
29 The Problem of Expressing Love2006-11-01
28 Hachi and Nobu, Urgent Approach2006-10-25
27 Hachi's Desired Future2006-10-18
26 The Passing Hachi and NANA2006-10-10
25 A Capricious and Selfish Man2006-10-01
24 Hachi's Confused Heart2006-09-27
23 I Do Not Want to Pass Over to Anybody2006-09-20
22 Wish of July 7th, Hachi's Love2006-09-13
21 Dreams of a Suite Room2006-08-30
20 Sudden Development! Hachi's Fate2006-08-23
19 NANA's Prize2006-08-16
18 Hachi's Prayer, NANA's Thoughts2006-08-09
17 Trapnest, Live2006-08-02
16 NANA's Love Whereabouts2006-07-26
15 Blast, First Live2006-07-19
14 Family Restaurant of Shambles2006-07-05
13 Sachiko's Tears, Shoji's Determination2006-07-05
12 Urgent Approach! Shoji and Sachiko2006-06-28
11 Sachiko, Is This on Purpose?2006-06-14
10 The Handsome Youth, Shin, Appears!2006-06-07
9 Nobu Arrives in Tokyo! NANA's Song2006-05-31
8 Strawberry Glass and Lotus Flower2006-05-24
7 Yasu Appears! Room No. 7072006-05-17
6 Snowing in Tokyo! Nana and NANA2006-05-10
5 Ren's Dream, NANA's Thoughts2006-05-03
4 Nana's Love, NANA's Dream2006-04-26
3 Nana and Shoji, Love's Whereabouts2006-04-19
2 Love? Friendship? Nana and Shoji2006-04-12
1 Prologue: Nana and NANA2006-04-05
Season 0 (show/hide)
3 Episode 36.5: Junko's Room 32007-01-10
2 Episode 21.5: Junko's Room 22006-09-06
1 Episode 11.5: Junko's Room2006-06-21


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