Naruto Shippuden

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Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition, as well as to become Hokage, who is acknowledged as the leader and strongest of all ninja in the village. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy
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First Aired: 2007-02-15 Status: Ended Length: 23 Min

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Season 22 (show/hide)
42 Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 7: The Message2017-03-23
41 Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 6: The Outcome of the Secret Mission!2017-03-16
40 Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 5: The Last Mission2017-03-09
39 Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 4: The Kazekage's Wedding Gift2017-03-02
38 Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 3: Hot Springs and Food Pills2017-02-23
37 Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 2: A Full-Powered Wedding Gift2017-02-16
36 Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 1: Naruto's Wedding2017-02-16
35 Shikamaru's Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 5: Dawn2017-02-09
34 Shikamaru's Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 4: Cloud of Suspicion2017-02-02
33 Shikamaru's Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 3: Recklessness2017-01-26
32 Shikamaru's Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 2: Dark Clouds2017-01-19
31 Shikamaru's Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 1: The State of Affairs2017-01-12
30 Sasuke's Story, Sunrise, Part 5: The Last One2017-01-05
29 Sasuke's Story, Sunrise, Part 4: The Ketsuryūgan2016-12-22
28 Sasuke's Story, Sunrise, Part 3: Fūshin2016-12-15
27 Sasuke's Story, Sunrise, Part 2: Colosseum2016-12-08
26 Sasuke's Story, Sunrise, Part 1: The Exploding Human2016-12-01
25 Jiraiya / Kakashi2016-11-10
24 Gaara / Shikamaru2016-11-03
23 Sasuke / Sakura2016-10-27
22 Naruto / Hinata2016-10-20
21 Naruto Uzumaki!!2016-10-13
20 The Unison Sign2016-10-06
19 Naruto and Sasuke2016-09-29
18 The Final Battle2016-09-29
17 The Valley of the End2016-09-08
16 Congratulations2016-09-01
15 The Sharingan Revived2016-08-25
14 You Better...2016-08-18
13 The Two of Them...Always2016-08-11
12 Connecting Thoughts2016-08-04
11 A Special Mission2016-07-28
10 The Successor2016-07-21
9 Ashura's Determination2016-07-07
8 The Tumultuous Journey2016-06-30
7 Ashura and Indra2016-06-16
6 Ninshu: The Ninja Creed2016-06-09
5 The No. 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja2016-06-02
4 A Fabricated Past2016-05-26
3 Hagoromo and Hamura2016-05-19
2 Kaguya Otsutsuki2016-05-12
Season 21 (show/hide)
9 She of the Beginning2016-05-12
8 The Truth2016-04-28
7 Partner2016-04-21
6 The Darkness of Akatsuki2016-04-14
5 Moonlit Night2016-04-07
4 Shisui's Request2016-03-24
3 Pain of Life2016-03-17
Season 20 (show/hide)
26 The Genius (Filler)2016-03-10
25 Life is Born, Life Dies (Filler)2016-03-03
24 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Rival (Filler)2016-02-25
23 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ The Shinobi Unite (Filler)2016-02-18
22 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Comrade (Filler)2016-02-11
21 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Another Moon (Filler)2016-02-04
20 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ The Collision (Filler)2016-01-28
19 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ The Pursuer (Filler)2016-01-21
18 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ The Rogue Village (Filler)2016-01-14
17 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Variance of Strength (Filler)2015-12-24
16 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ To Each Their Own Way (Filler)2015-12-17
Season 17 (show/hide)
80 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Return (Filler)2015-12-10
79 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ The Caged Bird (Filler)2015-12-03
78 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ The Child of Prophecy (Filler)2015-11-26
77 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Either Rules or Friends (Filler)2015-11-19
76 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ It's Sealed By Power (Filler)2015-11-12
75 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ The Masked Man (Filler)2015-11-05
74 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ The Priorities (Filler)2015-10-22
73 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Team Jiraiya (Filler)2015-10-15
72 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Deploy: The Search Mission (Filler)2015-10-08
71 Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ The Failure Shinobi (Filler)2015-10-01
70 That Smile Again (Filler)2015-09-24
69 Killer Bee Rap Chronicles: Scroll of Earth (Filler)2015-09-17
68 Killer Bee's Rap Chronicles: Scroll of Heaven (Filler)2015-09-10
67 Where Tenten Belongs (Filler)2015-09-03
66 To the Dream World (Filler)2015-09-03
65 The Infinite Tsukuyomi2015-08-27
64 The Infinite Dream2015-08-20
63 To Rise Up2015-08-13
62 Naruto's Rival (Filler)2015-08-06
61 The Ones Who Will Inherit (Filler)2015-08-06
60 The Sage of the Six Paths2015-07-30
59 The Eight Inner Gates Formation2015-07-23
58 Papa's Springtime of Youth2015-07-09
57 The Green Wild Beast vs. Six Paths Madara2015-07-02
56 You're My Backup2015-06-25
55 The Formation of Team Minato (Filler)2015-06-11
54 The Two Mangekyō2015-06-04
53 The Brink of Death2015-05-28
52 Feelings Entrusted to the Future (Filler)2015-05-21
51 Neji's Judgment (Filler)2015-05-14
50 The Targeted Tailed Beast (Filler)2015-05-07
49 The Conspiracy Movement Begins (Filler)2015-04-30
48 The Backs of Two People (Filler)2015-04-23
47 The Cursed Puppet (Filler)2015-04-16
46 The Yamanaka Clan's Secret Ninjutsu (Filler)2015-04-09
45 My Own Place (Filler)2015-04-02
44 The Trapped Two (Filler)2015-03-26
43 TenTen's Troubles (Filler)2015-03-19
42 The Guts to Never Give Up (Filler)2015-03-12
41 Escape vs. Pursuit (Filler)2015-03-05
40 The Resolved One (Filler)2015-02-26
39 As a Taijutsu User (Filler)2015-02-19
Season 16 (show/hide)
51 Survival in the Desert of Evil (Filler)2015-02-12
50 The Night Before the Second Exam (Filler)2015-02-05
49 The One Fit To Be Leader (Filler)2015-01-29
48 Three Problems (Filler)2015-01-22
47 Chunin Exams, Begin! (Filler)2015-01-15
46 A New Chunin Exam (Filler)2015-01-08
45 A True Ending2014-12-25
44 One's True Heart2014-12-18
43 Madara Uchiha Rises2014-12-11
42 Hanabi's Decision (Filler)2014-12-04
41 The Adored Elder Sister (Filler)2014-12-04
40 My First Friend2014-11-27
39 The Kept Promise2014-11-20
38 I'm Always Watching2014-11-13
37 Obito Uchiha2014-11-06
36 A Heart Filled Up With Friends2014-10-30
35 Pursuing Hope2014-10-23
34 A Shinobi's Dream2014-10-16
33 Divine Tree2014-10-09
32 The Day of Naruto's Birth2014-10-02
31 An Opening2014-09-25
30 The Jinchuriki of the Ten Tails2014-09-18
29 Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto (Filler)2014-09-11
28 The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails! (Filler)2014-09-11
27 Kakashi vs. Obito2014-09-04
26 The New Three-Way Deadlock2014-08-28
25 Team Seven, Assemble!!2014-08-21
24 Something to Fill the Hole2014-08-14
23 Hole2014-08-07
22 Sasuke's Answer2014-07-31
21 My True Dream2014-07-24
20 The Warring States Period2014-07-10
19 Hashirama and Madara2014-07-03
18 The All-Knowing2014-06-19
17 Those Who Dance in the Shadows2014-06-12
16 The Ties That Bind2014-06-05
15 The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu2014-05-22
14 Kakashi's Resolve2014-05-15
13 Team Seven (Filler)2014-05-08
12 Jonin Leader (Filler)2014-04-24
11 The Night of the Tragedy (Filler)2014-04-17
10 Coup d'État (Filler)2014-04-10
9 An Uchiha ANBU (Filler)2014-04-03
8 Shinobi of the Leaf (Filler)2014-03-20
7 The Targeted Sharingan (Filler)2014-03-13
6 Their Own Paths (Filler)2014-03-06
5 Orochimaru's Test Subject (Filler)2014-03-06
4 The Rogue Ninja Orochimaru (Filler)2014-02-27
3 Hashirama's Cells (Filler)2014-02-20
2 Minato's Death (Filler)2014-02-13
1 The Mask That Hides the Heart (Filler)2014-02-06
Season 15 (show/hide)
28 The New Akatsuki (Filler)2014-01-30
27 Creeping Shadow (Filler)2014-01-23
26 World of Dreams2014-01-23
25 I'm in Hell2014-01-16
24 Obito and Madara 2014-01-09
23 Who Are You? 2013-12-19
22 The Secret of the Transportation Technique 2013-12-12
21 Orochimaru's Return 2013-12-05
20 Reanimation Jutsu: Release2013-11-28
19 I Will Love You Always2013-11-21
18 Izanagi and Izanami2013-11-14
17 The Izanami Activated2013-11-07
16 Kabuto Yakushi2013-10-31
15 To Each Their Own Leaf2013-10-24
14 Sibling Tag-Team2013-10-10
13 The Risks of the Reanimation Jutsu2013-10-03
12 The Will of Stone2013-09-26
11 Eyes That See Darkness2013-09-19
10 Promise of Victory2013-09-12
9 Two-Man Team2013-09-05
8 Kurama2013-08-29
7 Nine Tails2013-08-29
6 Four-Tails: King of the Sage Monkeys2013-08-22
5 Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki2013-08-15
4 The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble2013-08-08
3 The Five Kage Assemble2013-08-01
2 Madara Uchiha2013-07-25
1 Reinforcements Arrive2013-07-18
Season 14 (show/hide)
25 Run Omoi (Filler)2013-07-04
24 The Living Soul Inside the Puppet (Filler)2013-06-27
23 A Hole in the Heart - The Other Jinchuriki (Filler)2013-06-20
22 Shino vs. Torune! (Filler)2013-06-13
21 The Reanimated Allied Forces (Filler)2013-06-06
20 Lingering Snow (Filler)2013-05-30
19 Sorrowful Sun Showers (Filler)2013-05-23
18 Rain Followed by Snow, With a Chance of Lightning (Filler)2013-05-16
17 The Old Master and the Dragon's Eye (Filler)2013-05-09
16 Prologue of Road to Ninja (Filler)2013-05-02
15 The Fallen Castle (Filler)2013-04-25
14 An A-Rank Mission: The Contest (Filler)2013-04-18
13 Night of the Crescent Moon (Filler)2013-04-11
12 Fade into the Moonlight (Filler)2013-04-04
11 The Heart's Eye (Filler)2013-03-28
10 The Vengeful (Filler)2013-03-21
9 The Underworld Transfer Jutsu (Filler)2013-03-14
8 Ghosts from the Past (Filler)2013-03-07
7 Terror: The Steam Imp2013-02-28
6 Paradox2013-02-21
5 The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage2013-02-14
4 The Acknowledged One2013-02-07
3 Contact! Naruto vs. Itachi2013-01-31
2 A Father's Hope, A Mother's Love2013-01-24
1 Naruto Enters the Battle2013-01-17
Season 13 (show/hide)
35 Power - Episode 6 (Filler)2013-01-10
34 Power - Episode 5 (Filler)2012-12-20
33 Power - Episode 4 (Filler)2012-12-13
32 Power - Episode 3 (Filler)2012-12-06
31 Power - Episode 2 (Filler)2012-11-29
30 Power - Episode 1 (Filler)2012-11-22
29 The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo (Filler)2012-11-15
28 Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru (Filler)2012-11-08
27 One Worth Betting On (Filler)2012-11-01
26 Things You Can't Get Back (Filler)2012-11-01
25 User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand (Filler)2012-10-25
24 The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino (Filler)2012-10-18
23 Two Suns2012-10-11
22 The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!2012-10-04
21 The Allied Mom Force (Filler)2012-09-27
20 Aesthetics of an Artist (Filler)2012-09-20
19 White Zetsu's Trap (Filler)2012-09-13
18 Medic Ninja in Danger2012-09-06
17 Unison Sign2012-08-30
16 Attack of the Gedo Statue2012-08-23
15 A Message from the Heart2012-08-16
14 The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation2012-08-09
13 True Kindness2012-08-09
12 Mifune vs. Hanzo2012-08-02
11 Road to Sakura (Filler)2012-07-26
10 Golden Bonds2012-07-19
9 Forbidden Words2012-07-05
8 Battleground2012-06-28
7 The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden Leaf2012-06-21
6 The First and Last Opponent2012-06-07
5 An Old Nemesis Returns2012-05-31
4 Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu2012-05-24
3 Sai and Shin2012-05-17
2 War Begins2012-05-10
1 For My Friend2012-05-03
Season 12 (show/hide)
18 Schism (Filler)2012-04-26
17 Cracks (Filler)2012-04-19
16 Rivals (Filler)2012-04-12
15 Meeting (Filler)2012-04-05
14 Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!2012-03-29
13 The Artist Returns2012-03-22
12 Super S Rank Top Secret Mission2012-03-15
11 The Bridge to Peace2012-03-08
10 The Angelic Herald of Death2012-03-01
9 The Man Named Kisame2012-02-23
8 Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster!2012-02-16
7 Thank You2012-02-09
6 The Fourth Hokage's Death Match!2012-02-09
5 Target: Nine Tails2012-02-02
4 The Orange Spark2012-01-26
3 Naruto vs. The Nine Tails!2012-01-19
2 Killer Bee and Motoi2012-01-12
1 Land Ahoy! Is this the Paradise Island?2012-01-05
Season 11 (show/hide)
24 Naruto's Vow (Filler)2011-12-28
23 Kakashi, My Eternal Rival (Filler)2011-12-22
22 Kiba's Determination (Filler)2011-12-15
21 The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho (Filler)2011-12-08
20 Sai's Day Off (Filler)2011-12-01
19 Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade (Filler)2011-11-24
18 Friends You Can Count On (Filler)2011-11-10
17 The Kunoichi Of Nadeshiko Village (Filler)2011-11-03
16 Naruto's Favorite Student (Filler)2011-10-27
15 Naruto's Imposter (Filler)2011-10-20
14 The Girls' Get-Together (Filler)2011-10-13
13 The Closed Sea Route (Filler)2011-10-06
12 Revenge of the Shadow Clones (Filler)2011-09-29
11 Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell (Filler)2011-09-22
10 Fight, Rock Lee (Filler)2011-09-09
9 The Forgotten Island (Filler)2011-09-02
8 Battleship Island (Filler)2011-08-25
7 The Cursed Ghost Ship (Filler)2011-08-18
6 The Ninja of Benisu (Filler)2011-08-11
5 The Young Man and the Ocean (Filler)2011-08-04
4 The Five Kage's Decision2011-07-28
3 Storage2011-07-28
2 Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder2011-07-21
1 Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage2011-07-07
Season 10 (show/hide)
22 The Five Great Nations Mobilize2011-06-30
21 The Infiltrator2011-06-23
20 High-Level Shinobi2011-06-16
19 Two Fates2011-06-09
18 The Burden2011-06-02
17 Lost Bonds2011-05-26
16 Sakura's Resolve2011-05-19
15 Danzo Shimura2011-05-12
14 The Forbidden Ocular Jutsu2011-05-05
13 Danzo's Right Arm2011-04-28
12 As One's Friend2011-04-21
11 The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast2011-04-14
10 Sakura's Feelings2011-04-07
9 Declaration of War2011-03-31
8 Power of the Five Kage2011-03-24
7 Sasuke's Way of the Ninja2011-03-17
6 Lightning Storm2011-03-10
5 A Bitter Decision2011-03-03
4 Naruto's Appeal2011-02-24
3 Enter the Five Kage2011-02-17
2 Five Kage Summit's Eve2011-02-10
1 The Sixth Hokage Danzo2011-02-10
Season 9 (show/hide)
21 Drive Towards Darkness (Filler)2011-01-27
20 Team 10's Teamwork (Filler)2011-01-20
19 The Worst Three-Legged Race (Filler)2011-01-13
18 The Man Who Died Twice (Filler)2011-01-06
17 The Chronicles of Neji (Filler)2010-12-23
16 Kakashi's Love Song (Filler)2010-12-16
15 Naruto and the Old Soldier (Filler)2010-12-09
14 Sasuke's Paw Encyclopedia (Filler)2010-12-02
13 Tale of the Gutsy Teacher and Student Ninja - Part 2 (Filler)2010-11-25
12 Tale of the Gutsy Teacher and Student Ninja - Part 1 (Filler)2010-11-25
11 Ah, Medicinal Pill of Youth (Filler)2010-11-18
10 Animal District (Filler)2010-11-11
9 Deploy! Team TenTen (Filler)2010-11-04
8 Naruto Outbreak (Filler)2010-10-28
7 Gaara's Bond (Filler)2010-10-21
6 Naruto's School of Revenge (Filler)2010-10-14
5 Inari's Courage Put to the Test (Filler)2010-10-07
4 The Jōnin in Charge: Hatake Kakashi (Filler)2010-09-30
3 Iruka's Decision (Filler)2010-09-16
2 Iruka's Ordeal (Filler)2010-09-09
1 Rookie Instructor Iruka (Filler)2010-09-02
Season 8 (show/hide)
24 The Hero of the Leaf Village2010-08-26
23 The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki2010-08-19
22 Origin of Pain2010-08-12
21 Meeting2010-08-05
20 Search for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 2 (Filler)2010-07-29
19 Search for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 1 (Filler)2010-07-29
18 The Two Disciples2010-07-22
17 The Fourth Hokage2010-07-15
16 Planetary Devastation!2010-07-01
15 Confession2010-06-24
14 Nine-Tails Capture Complete2010-06-17
13 Crisis! Sage Mode Disappears2010-06-10
12 Explode! Sage Mode2010-06-03
11 The World Shall Know Pain2010-05-27
10 Surname Is Sarutobi! Given Name, Konohamaru!2010-05-20
9 Mystery of Pain2010-05-13
8 Pain vs. Kakashi2010-05-06
7 Power to Believe2010-04-29
6 Assault on the Leaf Village!2010-04-22
5 Surpassing the Master2010-04-15
4 The First Challenge2010-04-08
3 Decryption2010-04-08
2 Following the Master's Shadow2010-03-25
1 Somber News2010-03-25
Season 7 (show/hide)
8 Student and Teacher (Filler)2010-03-11
7 The Forbidden Jutsu Released (Filler)2010-03-04
6 Separation (Filler)2010-02-25
5 The Heir to Darkness (Filler)2010-02-18
4 Past of the Rogue Ninja (Filler)2010-02-11
3 The Successor's Wish (Filler)2010-02-04
2 Successor of the Forbidden Jutsu (Filler)2010-01-28
1 The Wanderer (Filler)2010-01-21
Season 6 (show/hide)
31 Eight-Tails vs. Sasuke2010-01-14
30 Battle of Unraikyo2010-01-07
29 Truth2009-12-24
28 Fate2009-12-17
27 The Mystery of Tobi2009-12-10
26 Demise2009-12-03
25 Activate, Amaterasu2009-11-26
24 The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan2009-11-19
23 The Longest Moment2009-11-19
22 Invitation to the Party2009-11-05
21 The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya2009-10-29
20 Meeting the Six Paths of Pain2009-10-22
19 Activate! Sage Mode2009-10-15
18 The Man Who Became God2009-10-08
17 Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain2009-10-08
16 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll (Part 2)2009-09-24
15 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll (Part 1)2009-09-24
14 Dusk2009-09-10
13 Disappearance2009-09-03
12 Art2009-08-27
11 Clash2009-08-20
10 The Hunt2009-08-13
9 Moving Out2009-08-06
8 Kakashi's Gaiden - The Battlefield of a Boy's Life! (Part 2)2009-07-30
7 Kakashi's Gaiden - The Battlefield of a Boy's Life! (Part 1)2009-07-30
6 Formation!2009-07-23
5 Jugo of the North Hideout2009-07-09
4 Keeper of the Iron Prison2009-07-02
3 Zabuza's Sword2009-06-25
2 The Eye of a Hawk2009-06-18
1 The Serpent's Pupil2009-06-11
Season 5 (show/hide)
24 The Place to Return To (Filler)2009-06-04
23 The Broken Promise (Filler)2009-05-28
22 Memory of Guilt (Filler)2009-05-21
21 Counterattack of the Curse Mark (Filler)2009-05-14
20 Camellia Guidepost (Filler)2009-05-07
19 Sworn Enemies Fighting Together (Filler)2009-04-30
18 Red Camellias (Filler)2009-04-23
17 The Battle Over the Barrier (Filler)2009-04-16
16 Crystal Style Shattered (Filler)2009-04-09
15 The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier (Filler)2009-04-09
14 Regroup! (Filler)2009-03-26
13 Everyone's Feelings (Filler)2009-03-26
12 Inside the Mist (Filler)2009-03-12
11 The Rampaging Tailed Beast (Filler)2009-03-05
10 The Target Appears (Filler)2009-02-26
9 The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflection (Filler)2009-02-19
8 The Unseeing Enemy (Filler)2009-02-12
7 The Two Charms (Filler)2009-02-05
6 A Night of Rain (Filler)2009-01-29
5 Connecting Hearts (Filler)2009-01-22
4 Encounter (Filler)2009-01-15
3 Orochimaru’s Hideout Discovered (Filler)2009-01-08
2 A Shinobi's Determination (Filler)2008-12-25
1 Compensation for Power2008-12-18
Season 4 (show/hide)
17 Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken!2008-12-11
16 When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own Grave2008-12-04
15 Shikamaru's Genius2008-12-04
14 Terrifying Secret2008-11-20
13 Kakuzu's Abilities2008-11-13
12 Target: Locked On2008-11-06
11 Team Ten2008-10-30
10 The Sad News2008-10-23
9 Last Words2008-10-16
8 Unfulfilled Scream2008-10-02
7 The Judgment2008-10-02
6 Climbing Silver2008-09-25
5 The Next Step2008-09-25
4 The Old Monk's Prayer2008-09-11
3 Under the Starry Sky2008-09-04
2 Akatsuki's Invasion2008-08-28
1 The Quietly Approaching Threat2008-08-21
Season 3 (show/hide)
18 My Friend (Filler)2008-08-14
17 Resonance (Filler)2008-08-07
16 Despair (Filler)2008-07-31
15 Moment of Awakening (Filler)2008-07-31
14 Everyone's Struggle to the Death (Filler)2008-07-24
13 Revived Souls (Filler)2008-07-10
12 Lockdown of Darkness (Filler)2008-07-03
11 The Jet-Black Signal Fire (Filler)2008-07-03
10 The Two Kings (Filler)2008-06-19
9 Teammate (Filler)2008-06-05
8 Contact (Filler)2008-05-29
7 Vicissitudes of Life (Filler)2008-05-22
6 A New Enemy (Filler)2008-05-15
5 Loneliness (Filler)2008-05-08
4 Robbed of Sleep (Filler)2008-05-08
3 Squirming2008-04-24
2 Wind2008-04-17
1 Nightmare2008-04-03
Season 2 (show/hide)
21 Title2008-04-03
20 The Power of the Uchiha2008-03-20
19 Reunion2008-03-20
18 The Picture Book's Story2008-03-13
17 Something Important…2008-03-06
16 Bonds2008-02-28
15 Infiltration: The Den of the Snake!2008-02-14
14 The Unfinished Page2008-02-07
13 The Consequence of Betrayal2008-01-31
12 The Secret of the Battle!2008-01-24
11 Sakura's Tears2008-01-17
10 Orochimaru vs. Jinchuuriki2008-01-10
9 The Top-Secret Mission Begins2007-12-20
8 Nine-Tails Unleashed2007-12-20
7 The Tenchi Bridge2007-12-13
6 Simulation2007-12-06
5 Untitled2007-11-29
4 The Fake Smile2007-11-29
3 An Unnecessary Addition2007-11-22
2 Formation! New Team Kakashi2007-11-15
1 The New Target2007-11-08
Season 1 (show/hide)
32 Return of the Kazekage2007-10-25
31 The Legacy2007-10-18
30 Aesthetics of an Instant2007-09-27
29 Kakashi Enlightened!2007-09-27
28 Beasts: Alive Again!2007-09-13
27 Impossible Dream2007-08-30
26 Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!2007-08-23
25 Three Minutes Between Life and Death2007-08-16
24 The Third Kazekage2007-08-09
23 Father and Mother2007-08-02
22 Chiyo's Secret Skills2007-08-02
21 Sasori's Real Face2007-07-26
20 Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!2007-07-19
19 Traps Activate! Team Guy’s Enemy2007-07-05
18 Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!!2007-06-21
17 The Death of Gaara!2007-06-07
16 The Secret of Jinchuriki2007-05-31
15 The Secret Weapon is Called…2007-05-24
14 Naruto's Growth2007-05-17
13 A Meeting With Destiny2007-05-10
12 The Retired Granny's Determination2007-05-03
11 The Medical Ninja's Student2007-04-26
10 Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons2007-04-19
9 The Jinchuriki's Tears2007-04-12
8 Team Kakashi, Deployed2007-04-12
7 Run, Kankuro2007-03-29
6 Mission Cleared2007-03-29
5 The Kazekage Stands Tall2007-03-15
4 The Jinchuriki of the Sand2007-03-01
3 The Results of Training2007-02-22
2 The Akatsuki Makes Its Move2007-02-15
1 Homecoming2007-02-15
Season 0 (show/hide)
14 OVA: The Day Naruto Became Hokage2015-08-07
13 Boruto: Naruto the Movie2015-08-07
12 Naruto Shippuuden 7: The Last2014-12-06
11 Jump Super Anime Tour 2013 Special2013-10-06
10 Naruto Shippuuden 6: Road to Ninja2012-07-28
9 Naruto vs. Konohamaru!!2011-07-30
8 Naruto, the Genie, and the Three Wishes, Believe It!2010-07-31
7 Naruto Shippuuden 5: Blood Prison2011-07-30
6 Naruto x Uniqlo2011-01-01
5 Shippu! Konoha-Gakuen Den2008-02-06
4 Naruto Shippuuden 4: The Lost Tower2010-07-31
3 Naruto Shippuuden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire2009-08-01
2 Naruto Shippuuden 2: Bonds2008-08-02
1 Naruto Shippūden the Movie2007-08-04

1 - 1 Die Heimkehr (TVNow)

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Anonymisiert (9/10 Sterne) 2014-12-16 19:46
Eine fantastische Fortsetzung von Naruto. Er ist inzwischen erwachsten geworden. -> Gute Charaktere/Story/Kämpfe
Anonymisiert vergleicht die Serie mit: Naruto (2002) 2016-08-09 01:54

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