American Dragon: Jake Long

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American Dragon is a coming of age comedy-action series about Jake Long, a 13-year-old Asian-American boy who strives to find balance in his life as a skateboard-grinding, New York 'tween while learning to master his mystical powers (in his secret identity) as the American Dragon, the protector and guardian of all magical creatures secretly living amidst the human world. (Quelle:
Genre: Action | Animation | Comedy | Family | Fantasy
First Aired: 2005-01-21 Status: Ended Length: 23 Min

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Season 2 (show/hide)
31 The Hong Kong Longs2007-09-01
30 Being Human2007-08-04
29 Furious Jealousy2007-07-07
28 Game On2007-07-01
27 Bite Father, Bite Son2007-06-17
26 A Ghost Story2007-06-16
25 Magic Enemy #12007-06-02
24 Nobody's Fu2007-05-12
23 Shaggy Frog2007-04-28
22 Siren Says2007-04-07
21 Young at Heart2007-03-24
20 Homecoming2007-03-10
19 Year of the Jake2007-02-18
18 The Love Cruise2007-02-03
17 Switcheroo2007-01-06
16 Hairy Christmas2006-12-16
15 The Rotwood Files2006-11-18
14 Supernatural Tuesday2006-10-28
13 Haley Gone Wild2006-09-30
12 Feeding Frenzy2006-09-23
11 Fool's Gold2006-09-16
10 A Befuddled Mind2006-09-09
9 Dreamscape2006-08-19
8 Hero of the Hourglass2006-08-12
7 Family Business2006-08-05
6 Breakout2006-07-29
5 Something Fishy This Way Comes2006-07-15
4 The Doppelganger Gang2006-07-08
3 The Academy2006-07-01
2 Half-Baked2006-06-24
1 Bring It On2006-06-10
Season 1 (show/hide)
21 The Hunted2006-01-29
20 Ring Around the Dragon2006-01-12
19 Keeping Shop2005-12-15
18 Fu and Tell & Flight of the Unicorn2005-11-03
17 Halloween Bash2005-10-22
16 Hong Kong Nights2005-09-08
15 Jake Takes the Cake2005-08-26
14 Eye of the Beholder2005-07-30
13 The Long Weekend2005-07-01
12 The Ski Trip2005-05-27
11 Shapeshifter2005-05-13
10 Bodyguard Duty2005-04-29
9 Dragon Summit2005-04-01
8 The Egg & The Heist2005-03-25
7 Professor Rotwood's Thesis2005-02-25
6 Adventures in Trollsitting & Fu Dog Takes a Walk2005-02-18
5 Act 4, Scene 152005-02-11
4 The Legend of the Dragon Tooth2005-02-04
3 The Talented Mr. Long2005-01-28
2 Dragon Breath2005-01-22
1 Old School Training2005-01-21

Anonymisiert (7/10 Sterne) 2016-08-09 02:19
ich verstehs nicht.. gibt es 2 serien davon oder wie? einmal wo er so ein dürrer lauch von drache ist und die andere wo er fülliger ist... hab echt ka das fickt mein kopf

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