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The Atom Ant Show was one of many 30 minute cartoon programs produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, that were comprised of three cartoon shorts. The Atom Ant show featured Atom Ant, Precious Pup and The Hillbilly Bears. It made it's official debut on NBC's Saturday morning line-up in October of 1965 teamed up with another production from Hanna-Barbera, The Secret Squirrel Show and ran through 1968. The program currently finds it's TV home amongst other Hanna-Barbera Productions on the 24-hour Classic Cartoon network, Boomerang. Where it airs on occasion. (Quelle:
Genre: Animation | Children
First Aired: 1965-10-02 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 1 (show/hide)
78 HB: Buzzin Cuzzins1966-10-15
77 PP: A.M. Mayhem1966-10-15
76 AA: Rock-A-Bye Boo-Boo1966-10-15
75 HB: Gettin Paw's Goat1966-10-08
74 PP: Mascot Massacre1966-10-08
73 AA: Killer-Diller Gorilla1966-10-08
72 HB: Chipper Chirper1966-10-01
71 PP: Ski Sickness1966-10-01
70 AA: Mouse Rouser1966-10-01
69 HB: Saucy Saucers1966-09-24
68 PP: A Fiend in Need1966-09-24
67 AA: Up in the Air Squares1966-09-24
66 HB: Whirly Bear1966-09-17
65 PP: Pot Time Work1966-09-17
64 AA: Pteraducktyl Soup1966-09-17
63 HB: Speckled Heckler1966-09-10
62 PP: A Grapple for the Teacher1966-09-10
61 AA: Knight Fight1966-09-10
60 HB: Modern Inconvenience1966-02-12
59 PP: Dog Trained1966-02-12
58 AA: Nine Strikes You're Out1966-02-12
57 HB: Rabbit Rumble1966-02-05
56 PP: Oliver Twisted1966-02-05
55 AA: Go West Young Ant1966-02-05
54 HB: Rickety Rockety Racoon1966-01-29
53 PP: Pup Skip Jump1966-01-29
52 AA: Termighty Mean1966-01-29
51 HB: My Fair Hillbilly1966-01-22
50 PP: The Bird Watcher1966-01-22
49 AA: Bully For Atom Ant1966-01-22
48 HB: Leaky Creek1966-01-15
47 PP: Precious Bone1966-01-15
46 AA: Amusement Park Amazement1966-01-15
45 HB: Pooped Pops1966-01-08
44 PP: Butterfly Nut1966-01-08
43 AA: Dina-sore1966-01-08
42 HB: Do The Bear1966-01-01
41 PP: Girl Wirl1966-01-01
40 AA: Wild Wild Ants1966-01-01
39 HB: Slap Happy Grandpappy1965-12-25
38 PP: Bones and Groans1965-12-25
37 AA: Super Blooper1965-12-25
36 HB: Bricker Brats1965-12-18
35 PP: Test In The West1965-12-18
34 AA: The Big Gimmick1965-12-18
33 HB: War Games1965-12-11
32 PP: Lady Bugged1965-12-11
31 AA: Dragon Master1965-12-11
30 HB: Just Plane Around1965-12-04
29 PP: Sub-marooned1965-12-04
28 AA: How Now Bow Wow1965-12-04
27 HB: Courtin' Disaster1965-11-27
26 PP: Dog Tracks1965-11-27
25 AA: Mistaken Identity1965-11-27
24 HB: Judo Kudos1965-11-20
23 PP: Poodle Pandemonium1965-11-20
22 AA: Fastest Ant in the West1965-11-20
21 HB: Going, Going Gone Gopher1965-11-13
20 PP: Crook Out, Cook Out1965-11-13
19 AA: Gem-A-Go-Go1965-11-13
18 HB: Anglers Aweigh1965-11-06
17 PP: Queen of the Road1965-11-06
16 AA: Rambling Robot1965-11-06
15 HB: Goldilocks and the Four Bears1965-10-30
14 PP: Next Of Kin1965-10-30
13 AA: Nobody's Fool1965-10-30
12 HB: Picnic Panicked1965-10-23
11 PP: Bowling Pinned1965-10-23
10 AA: Atom Ant Meets Karate Ant1965-10-23
9 HB: Stranger Than Friction1965-10-16
8 PP: Bites and Gripes1965-10-16
7 AA: Ferocious Flea1965-10-16
6 HB: Woodpecked1965-10-09
5 PP: Precious Jewels1965-10-09
4 AA: Up and Atom1965-10-09
3 Hillbilly Bears: Detour for Sure1965-10-02
2 Precious Pupp: Doggone Dognapper1965-10-02
1 Atom Ant: Crankenshaft's Monster1965-10-02
Season 0 (show/hide)
2 Closing Credits
1 Opening Credits


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